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A blog about software development best practices, how-tos, and tips from practitioners.

Cloud | August 16, 2019

Azure Cloud Service – The Best Cloud Platform For Your Enterprise

As most enterprises across the globe recognized great success with Azure, let us explore the reasons to adopt Azure. Read more
Cloud | August 16, 2019

What Does Salesforce Cloud Do?

Do you want to know what Salesforce does beyond being the top CRM in the world. Read it here. Read more
Web Development, Outsourcing Tips | August 14, 2019

How to Hire PHP developers with first-rate skillsets

Read this blog to know how you can hire PHP developers with advanced skills quick and efficiently. Read more
Agile | August 08, 2019

How to break down the requirements for an Agile Project Management

Do you work in agile? Read this blog to know how to break down the requirements for an agile project management process. Read more
Software Testing | August 02, 2019

Adopting Agile Methodology for UX Design

Read this blog to know how UX testing plays vital role in software development lifecycle. Read more
Drupal Developer | August 02, 2019

Drupal Layout Builder: A New Authoring Experience

Read this blog to know about Drupal Layout Builder and how it is changing the web designing experience. Read more
Technology Review | August 01, 2019

What is Ruby on Rails? – A brief Walk-through

To get a handle on what is Ruby on Rails and how it differs from other frameworks, here is a brief overview. Read more
Agile | July 26, 2019

How To Access Work-Item(s) From Team Foundation Server 2018

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server is a powerful tool for version controlling specially and project management in general. Read this blog to know how Read more
Mobile Apps | July 26, 2019

Evaluating Design Patterns for Mobile Development

Design patterns have gained a greater influence on mobile app development. Here we analyzed five design patterns. Read more
Technology Review | July 26, 2019

All you need to know about - Inotify

This blog explains Inotify, a file change notification mechanism with a real-time example. Read more
Web Development, Mobile Apps | July 19, 2019

MVC vs Flux vs Redux – The Real Differences

This blog compares MVC vs Flux vs Redux to help you create effective, sensible and scalable application architecture. Read more
Web Development | July 19, 2019

NGINX PHP FPM Setup for High Traffic Web Sites

NGINX webserver is responsible for hosting the highest-traffic sites on the web. Here is the setup for configuring NGINX PHP-FPM on Ubuntu. Read more
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