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Being one of the top-rated software testing companies, Clarion Technologies has managed to deliver hundreds of quality-assured software to the global clientele.

We leverage our potential and deliver top-quality software testing services and QA services.



Our software testing services

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Our functional testing is one of the many software testing services we offer. It validates the software system and ensures that every single necessity of the application is attained. Our experienced team of testers performs functional testing to majorly take care of user interface, database, security, APIs client, and other similar functions of the applications.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing 

Performance testing is an ensured technique or software testing service to overcome the issues like higher load time, non-responsiveness, and instability. Our vetted testers do quality checks and software behaviour analysis via performance testing. This helps us to deliver streamlined, precise, and smarter solutions.

Security Testing

Security Testing

With the help of our software testing services, we spot the possible vulnerabilities of your existing application. This is achieved by performing security testing with every single release. We are powered by a team of extravagant testers that execute risk assessment and penetration testing to save you from any malicious attack.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

When multiple functions of an application run parallel, it gets important to monitor the behaviour of the application. Therefore our software testing services perform an in-depth analysis of the patterns and identify the possible issues at an early stage. This makes a way for a flawless product.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Since Clarion is reckoned as one of the best software testing services companies, we go above and beyond to explore the possibilities of compatibility testing. Our testers test every solution thoroughly in multiple browsers, operating systems, devices, etc. So when you hire an offshore software tester with us, you are bound to get top-notch quality. 

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

An ideal mobile app is an amalgamation of scalability, security, and multi-platform support. Our mobile app software testing services involve cross-platform, functional, and non-functional testing. It is powered by manual as well as automation concepts for varied mobile applications. 

Technology Stack and Tools

Clarion Technologies is a Software testing services company that believes in the diversity of technology and tools. Therefore we ensure to cover the maximum technology stacks and tools. 

Why Clarion Technologies for QA Testing Services?

Clarion offers reliable software testing services to make your product high-performing and seamless. Hire an offshore software tester team that is advanced well aware of the latest trend and technologies. As a leading software testing Services Company in India, we ensure to craft innovative and tailor-made services.

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    Multiple project deliveries

    Clarion has successfully delivered software testing services to clientele clients spread across the countries like the US, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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    Good customer rating

    90% of our customers have rated us four and above out of 5

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    High Team Strength

    The average experience of our software testers is more than four years, and we have a higher team strength

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    Certified Developers

    Our software testers for hire are certified and understand the unique needs and of the clients from various domains. 

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    Self-learning KRA

    Every software tester in Clarion gets 20 hours per quarter for learning purposes. 

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    Technology Training and Library

    Clarion encourages and arranges training for the tester to learn new technologies every day.

Key Benefits

Clarion Technologies excels in delivering well-executed and assured software solutions in accordance with our customer’s needs. No matter what the size of your organization or project is. Our skilled testers ensure to deliver software testing services that are next to perfection. With our profound software testing services and QA services, some of the other benefits businesses get are,

Certified Testers

One of the reasons that our software testing services are unmatched is because we have a huge pool of certified testers. Our professionals keep themselves updated and offer real-time knowledge to every project. This helps them to stay confident and ahead of the competition.

No Freelance Resource

We are a software testing services company that believes in over-delivering. Hence to make everything flow in a driven way, Clarion Technologies offer testing professional that work ull time. When you hire an offshore software tester with us, they work as a unified team and deliver the solution that you desired.

Unique Approach

We run on a unique approach that is driven by customer-centricity and agility. Our proficient testers are well aware of the latest technologies and trends. They are competent and adaptive which helps them to provide best-in-class services.


As a software testing services company, our driven and agile approach allow us to monitor and tackle various operations simultaneously that too cost and time efficiently. It is also comprised of DevOps practices that enhance the entire process.

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What Clients Have To Say

Awards and Recognition

We pride ourselves on winning because it reflects the work we do.


Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

What are software testing services?

Software testing is nothing but a process that identifies the issues or bugs in the software development process. There are a lot of software testing services for various parts of the development. Some of these services are performance and load testing, mobile application testing, usability testing, security testing, compatibility testing, etc.

Why choose Clarion Technologies for software testing services?

Clarion Technologies has been one of the leading software testing services companies for the last 2+ decades. This gives us an advantage as we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients that deal in multiple industry domains. In addition, our certified testers are highly competent to offer QA services that are unparalleled. 

What do you aim with your software testing services and QA services?

It’s not a secret that Clarion Technologies is a proud software testing services company that is highly customer-centric. With every project, we aim to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations with our best-in-class software testing services. 

What is the difference between Quality Assurance and software testing?

Quality assurance and software testing and often confused with each other because despite being different they both aim to attain a bug-free and high-performing application. However, the basic difference is; quality assurance is the process that prevents software from assuring high quality. Software testing on the other hand is the process that finds the bugs and issues in the software. 

What is your typical team size for every project?

Since every project is different the need of testers also varies from time to time. But we do have a huge pool of certified testers that will tirelessly work for you.

Do you sign NDA for privacy?

Clarion believes in respecting the privacy and security of its clients. Hence, we do sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA to keep things secure and confidential.

What if I am not satisfied with the software tester?

Although it’s most unlikely if you’re not satisfied with your assigned software tester regarding their performance, your first point of contact would be our service manager, who mediates, understand the issues, and suggest a favourable solution to them. If required, it’s also possible to change your tester.

Will I be able to communicate directly with the software tester?

Clarion believes in complete transparency. Hence, you have full control over time, and you can easily communicate with your team members.

How much does a software tester cost?

The cost of a software tester depends on various factors. Such as the experience of the developers, the size of the project, complexity, etc.

How to choose a reliable software testing services company in India?

For any business that is looking for the best and most reliable software testing services company in India, then there are a few things that you need to consider before signing the one. Here is the checklist,
  • Industry experience that ranges from 10 —15 years at least
  • Have delivered 100+ apps
  • A strong team of Vue.JS developers
  • Has clients across the globe
  • Offer risk-free trial before signing in

Why should I hire an offshore software tester from Clarion Technologies?

When you hire an offshore software tester from Clarion Technologies, you get the benefits like,
  • An opportunity to work with a dedicated team that is from one of the most trusted Vue.JS development companies in India
  • Total control over your team
  • Cost-effective services
  • Certified and highly experienced testers

How long will it take to assign a tester for my project?

Since we have a huge in-house team we assign you a suitable tester at the earliest. Our testers are productive from day one.


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