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How to hire full stack developers from India?

How to hire full stack developers from India?

Today, India is far beyond just the hotspot for software development organizations. It has an impressive pool of developers synonymous with words like young, talented, and ambitious. Well, there are a plethora of reasons that have led to these flourishing times in India, but our favorite is the language proficiency and dedication of the developers.

Tech giants, along with small to medium-sized businesses, are dealing with the famous ‘great resignation.’ Naturally, therefore, the companies need developers that are talented yet affordable. In this need to hire vetted developers, the rise of on-boarding full-stack developers tops the list. And what do you think is the best place to employ low-paying star developers? It’s, of course, India.

But the major problem is organizations don’t know how and where to hire full-stack developers from India! So, we thought to curate this blog and answer your questions with definitive solutions. This blog will help everyone that needs to hire one full-stack developer or an entire team. We understand how daunting the task of hiring full stack developers from India can be, and we want to make things simple for you.

The business world, especially the software development market, is highly fluid. Therefore, the hiring process for the right resource takes four to five months. We know that is long! But we have a solution for that problem too, where you can hire the right full-stack developers along with a quality auditor and project manager at the price of a developer. No, it’s not clickbait. You will find this solution by the end of the blog. So now, don’t get excited and skip to the future; it’s a journey. Enjoy every step.

Why must the organizations only hire full stack developers that fit your team’s thought process and business goals?

When you do not consider hiring a well-fitted full-stack developer, you can push your team members towards conflict. It can be differences of opinions, no collaboration, etc. Worst case, it can cause you immense loss of money. And we are not even going toward the long-lasting lousy impression it will cause to your brand value.

If you wish to go the right way, here are a few things you can consider before hiring the right developer,

  • Ensure the full-stack developer of your choice has basic knowledge of libraries and tools.
  • Is well-aware of the fundamentals of computer science
  • Is compatible with your team

What skills must a full-stack developer have?

Here are a few critical developers’ skills,

Problem-solving capability

The everyday job of a developer involves a lot of problem-solving. Therefore, they must be compatible in,

  • Break down the completed milestone into the simpler ones
  • Use the knowledge gained from previous projects
  • Take feedback positively and frequently

Attention to details

With problems also comes errors; the developer must be quick to spot the mistakes and perform at the optimum level. Here are a few more things to look after,

  • Identify the bugs in detailed code
  • Recognize the codes in their errors
  • Point out mistakes in the teammate's code

Great Communication skill

Software development is a process where excellent and clear communication is vital.

Therefore, any full-stack developer must have the ability to,

  • Interpret the written communication
  • Interpret briefs
  • Interact smoothly verbally
  • Understand the client’s language

Time management skills

Another thing that defines the credibility of a developer is its competency to meet deadlines. Your chosen developer must be able to.

  • Manage to allocate enough time to tasks
  • Know the task priorities
  • Schedule briefs and tasks efficiently

Technical Aptitudes

Since we are talking about full-stack developers, technical knowledge is a must. And we are talking about,

  • Data structure knowledge
  • Good with algorithms
  • Well-aware of the frameworks and platforms

Good Team member

Apart from being an excellent full-stack developer, your resource must be good with other team members and get along with them. Your full-stack developer must understand the need to,

  • Smoothly make the decisions as a group
  • Be regular with meetings and work on better productivity
  • Be a good listener

Excellent in programming concept

Not every resource you hire will be brilliant in programming concepts. Yes, they can learn, but you need to go for the ones that,

  • Has deep knowledge of full-stack
  • Is aware of scripting language
  • Conditional logic

What are the Non-technical aspects to consider while hiring a full-stack developer?

Here comes the how part of our topic. Consider the following things to hire an excellent full-stack developer.

  • A perfect job description

When you send out a perfect job description, it allows the potential clients to analyze the organization’s requirements and your expertise. It will also inform them about the aptitude, knowledge, and experience you are looking for.

Please note that the developer you are looking for must have at least some knowledge of the things related to full-stack. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble screening the wrong applicants and enhance your time to hire.

  • Be clear with roles and responsibilities. 

Even though you are hiring for a particular requirement or, in this case, a full-stack developer, it is always better to be clear about the roles and responsibilities they will have to go through. Apart from technical duties, some of the other things they will be responsible for are,

  1. Modifications to the application
  2. Fixing errors and debugging codes
  3. Give support whenever needed
  4. Do all that is required to validate code and software
  5. Craft reports
  6. Evaluate interfaces
  7. Meet deadlines
  8. Quick feedback implementation

Where to find the right full-stack developers?

There are hundreds of places where you can find experienced full-stack developers. Like job portals, LinkedIn, on-shoring, etc. But do they come with any guarantee or assurance? Unfortunately, NO. But there is a way to get the long-term guarantee you want with your resource.  It is offshoring. There are a lot of firms that will offer you your desired developers at affordable prices. Not just that but you can pay them on an hourly basis and not worry about spending unnecessarily on the onboarding. Clarion Technologies is one such firm.

Remember at the beginning of the blog we mentioned how you can get a developer, an auditor, and a project manager at the cost of a developer? Well, that is possible with Clarion Technologies vEmployee model. It offers the features like,

  • Part-time supervisor and quality auditor
  • Easy ramp-up and ramp-down of the team
  • At least 4 years of experience of the developers
  • Full control over your team
  • Ensured transparency


Hiring a full stack developer can be both an easy path or a daunting task; it all depends on your choices. If you go with a dedicated firm that offers the kind of full-stack developers you want, nothing and no one can prove detrimental to your project. And if you hire from some unwarranted source, we cannot imagine what the result can be. Therefore, we suggest you go with a valuable and trusted firm. Clarion Technologies offer top 5% hand-picked developers that work as your extended arm and help you achieve your desired result. You can contact us for any query; we will be glad to help you.

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