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Technology Review | December 27, 2018

Top 3 JavaScript Frameworks to look out for in 2019

JavaScript frameworks are among the most favored platforms for web development in today’s day and age. You probably must’ve got a chance to Read more
Technology Review | December 26, 2018

7 Advantages of ReactJS for Building Interactive User Interfaces

Building interactive user faces, no matter the development platform is an undoubtedly tedious and tricky task. It takes tireless effort, complete Read more
Technology Review | December 20, 2018

Best ASP.NET Tools to Build Mind-blowing Web Applications

Can you imagine Picasso trying to create his beautiful paintings without the brushes or the paints? Or Michelangelo for that matter trying to sculpt Read more
Infographics | December 20, 2018

The Top PHP Frameworks to work in 2019

PHP, one of the most popular scripting languages in the world have evolved immensely since the first code snippets that appeared in HTML files. This Read more
Mobile Apps | December 19, 2018

The Ultimate Mobile UI Design Trends that will Rock 2019

It’s almost the end of the year. Christmas is just a few days away and the week after that we’ll all be welcoming the New Year 2019! Read more
Technology Review | December 18, 2018

Why Xamarin is Your Best Pick for Building Cost-Effective Mobile Apps

The world is rapidly changing and so is technology. Today’s world is all about mobility. Naturally, mobility is a top priority for businesses and so Read more
Technology Review | December 14, 2018

PHP7: A New Revolution in PHP Web Development

PHP 7 clearly has introduced the tech world to some amazing features. This blog gives you a low down on the revolutionary PHP 7! Read more
Mobile Apps | December 10, 2018

Battle of the Frameworks: Ionic vs. Xamarin vs. React

Conventionally, Android applications are developed in Java, and iOS applications are written in Swift and Objective-C. However, you often need to Read more
Web Development | November 23, 2018

Server-Side Rendering VS. Client-Side Rendering: A Quick Comparison to Help You Improve the Usability of Your Web Application

Do you remember the simpler times when most web pages displayed only static content? When web pages were just plain web pages, with little or no way Read more
Application Testing | November 20, 2018

The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses on Improving Quality with Automation Testing

In this quality-obsessed world, it is hard to ignore the value of Software Testing. Yet, the time and cost constraints caused due to fast-paced Read more
Web Development | October 29, 2018

Support for PHP 5.X ends in 2 months! What next?

The support for PHP 5.X will stop receiving security updates for their servers exposing the PHP5.X ecosystem to several security perils. After this, Read more
Outsourcing Tips | October 18, 2018

Top 10 PHP Development Companies In India

PHP has managed to remain the most preferred technology for web development, despite the emerging technologies popping up every year. As a result, Read more
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