The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Public Cloud Provider

Chances are you have considered moving some or all of your business to the Cloud. Have you wondered whether your preferred public Cloud provider will be the right choice for your business?

While there are a lot of cloud providers available in the market, each one offers a unique set of features and benefits. Each public cloud provider also has its own pricing structure. Therefore, selecting the right cloud provider can get quite overwhelming. Choosing the wrong provider can put the businesses and customers at risk. There is no one answer to the best cloud provider because the selection clearly depends on the business requirements and the goals.

In this handy guide, you will find –

  • A brief introduction to the benefits of adopting the public Cloud
  • Business case for moving to the Cloud
  • Risks and costs involved in choosing an incorrect Cloud Provider
  • A crisp 13-point practical checklist for choosing the right public Cloud