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A blog about software development best practices, how-tos, and tips from practitioners.

Mobile Apps | August 24, 2016

Ecommerce mobile apps - the inevitable step in ecommerce

Today, eCommerce has become a natural extension of the retail experience and is continuing to grow at a phenomenal pace. Read more
Web Development | August 05, 2016

Video strategy for eCommerce sites

eCommerce sites have been working hard to make the online shopping experience better for consumers. From the latest designs, fast and easy Read more
Outsourcing Tips | August 01, 2016

The 8 things that make vemployee relationship different

Customers are the most valuable part of any business. After all, it is they who are the directly impact the success rate of any business. Read more
Mobile Apps | July 14, 2016

Rapid mobile app development – what you need to know and why?

As the mobile ecosystem continues to grow, app development emerges as a crucial component fuelling its growth. While initially mobile app development Read more
Cloud | July 08, 2016

The cloud migration process demystified

Organizations today are rapidly leaning in towards cloud technologies. A survey conducted by RightScale revealed that 93% of those surveyed were Read more
Agile | July 05, 2016

Combining devops with agile

The days of complete compartmentalization in software development and implementation are possibly drawing to a close. Read more
Agile | June 13, 2016

Using agile to manage the 5 main challenges in a multi-project, offshore software services firm

Over the past few years, Agile methodology has become an integral part of software development to ensure timely deliveries by responding efficiently Read more
Web Development | May 23, 2016


A survey (by SitePoint) on some of the most popular PHP frameworks saw that Yii is amongst the top 5 most used PHP frameworks. Read more
Application Testing | May 12, 2016

Load testing for your ecommerce site

Today, the Internet is home to some of the biggest businesses. According to market research firm Statistica, in 2016 global eCommerce sales are Read more
Outsourcing Tips | April 12, 2016

Here is how the programmers at Clarion keeps themselves updated with the latest technologies

We have often said that, at Clarion, technology is the thread that binds us together. Over the years, one thing that has been very apparent in our Read more
Web Development | April 04, 2016

Best practices to integrate payment gateway into your ecommerce website

The eCommerce market is maturing at a phenomenal pace with consumers becoming more comfortable with online purchases. Read more
Web Development | March 21, 2016

Everything you wanted to know about testing your e-commerce site – ideas, testing plan and tools

In December 2014, Amazon came under fire as a glitch in software saw hundreds of articles on the website being sold for just 1 pound. From Read more