How Do I Hire Web API Developers in India?

How Do I Hire Web API Developers in India?

Why does good web development also include creating reliable APIs? Many businesses need good developers to create a functional website. They take care of aspects like network security, web content development, etc. So why are APIs important; why do businesses need an API developer?

When a web API developer designs an API (application programming interface), it works as a middle man. The API interacts between various applications, programs, and features. Then what is the difference between software and an API? APIs are used by software and software is used by users. APIs present information to software, in a way that the software understands.

How do you find the best web API developer and select the most talented among them? Businesses can search for an API developer who can create an API, which is in line with the vision of the company and its goal. Businesses use hundreds of different APIs, many are third-party APIs. Third-party APIs enable startups to add features. It also enables startups easy and secure access to data.

With the rise of IT, the prominence of web developers became evident. Over the next couple of decades, India will overtake the U.S. to become a nation with the largest number of software developers, as per a study by Goldman Sachs. As compared to the U.S., companies prefer hiring Indian developers for their talent. The rates are much more affordable in India than their counterparts in U.S. and Europe.

The popularity of APIs has increased so much that nearly 83 percent of IT leaders consider APIs to be the most valuable element of business strategy, as per a study by a software provider company. Businesses want better technologies for devices, apps, and programs. They want to focus on automating and improving user experience.

Businesses need web developers, to use API to provide the best application functionalities. An API for example can be used to provide language translation or change the screen to dark mode. Another common example of an API is "log-in using Facebook/Twitter/Google" on many websites. Every time the application loads, it uses the API to check whether the user is already logged in with a social media platform. If not, a pop-up opens where they are must log in with that social media profile. This is just the tip of an iceberg; an API has way more potential than this. It is used to set functions, allow data access, and interact with external components.

Companies want to hire API developers who are flexible and dynamic innovators. Exciting technologies such as microservices are a rage in web development. Companies want to use it to improve scalability, flexibility, and security.

Big companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, and others, have adopted microservices to interact and coexist with traditional architecture. Microservices can help small businesses to become agile and adjust quickly to changing market needs. API Architecture like REST, SOAP, and RPC are the most popular API architectures in use today.

How to Find an API Developer Who has the Right Skill Set That You Need?

The demand for professional developers is skyrocketing. In an API-driven, interconnected world, API developers should provide a solid foundation upon which businesses can grow.

1. Coding/ Programming APIs

Most people working with APIs spend 29.5 percent of their time on API coding and programming, as per a survey published on Statista. Companies need API developers to understand what business capabilities does the API brings to support a good user experience. Good coding and programming should also address the service level concerns. With low API response time and fast API performance speed, data protection, and downstream systems integrity is the holy grail for any company.


2. Testing and Monitoring

API testing and API monitoring are used to maintain internal APIs. Both are part of the software quality assurance (QA) stage. They help API providers ensure that their APIs are doing what they're supposed to do and fulfilling consumers' expectations. For example, sites using APIs to automate inventory management, an API performance issue can cause delays in order leading to delay in all stages of order processing, impacting returns.

APIs, like any other program, are vulnerable to bugs and other issues. API testing is therefore as critical as other software testing. With possibly hundreds or thousands of users, a problem with your API might be amplified. It makes sense to have a robust approach to API testing in order to maintain software quality.

3. Cross-Platform Applications

Businesses want to reach a wide number of people with cross plat form applications. Businesses want their mobile app to work seamlessly on all platforms Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Flutter is the most popular cross-platform framework used by global developers, according to a survey published on Statista. Flutter is used by 42% of software developers.  


4. Multiple Coding Languages

The programming language a developer selects is dependent on several factors. These factors include developer's experience with the language, the frameworks available for API building, and how active both the support and the community are.

Around 95% of the websites on the internet use Javascript as per a survey by W3 techs. JavaScript has a core language, it has flexibility and can easily integrate with third-party content providers like Twitter and Facebook via an API. Knowing multiple languages is an advantage as developers can use any modern coding language.

5. Designing API

Businesses with high design maturity experience better quality outcomes. Developers should support good design throughout the API creation process. Good API design leads to better web development. Here are some ways in which businesses can ensure API developers make their coding efficient. 


6. Private, Partner, and Public APIs

Both public and private APIs have advantages, and it is up to businesses to determine which is most useful. To get the most out of your business, you can employ a combination of both of these methods. API management providers/specialists can also assist in identifying the best paths for your company, not only in developing a strategy but also the implementation.

7. Payment Processing APIs

Among the developers, the majority of them, which is nearly 69% use third-party APIs, as per a survey by developer economics. When it comes down to payment API flexibility, a payment gateway offers features that will improve the overall checkout experience.

APIs are used in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, hospitality, transportation, financial services, payment wallets, food tech, and fintech. APIs for payment gateways are a hot topic. They offer a unified customer experience by allowing customers to make purchases on the company's website.

What You Will Gain from Hiring an API Developer?

1. Flexibility

Companies can become more versatile with what they provide to clients with API interfaces. APIs are made for services that are tailored to the specific requirements of their clients. As a result, businesses may provide customers with solutions that make their lives easier.

2. Ease of Adoption

Over the previous few decades, the technology industry has seen numerous advancements in networking. Each advancement has resulted in increased agility. APIs are a significant advancement to access even the most sophisticated applications and data sets. 

3. Automation

APIs have been used to link services and apps together. A recent approach to API automation, on the other hand, is all about understanding APIs' underlying competitive advantages. API automation can help you expedite digital transformation, boost innovation, and introduce your most valuable services to new markets across the globe.

Hire an API Developer According to Your Requirements

You'll be able to select the ideal API developer and set a reasonable budget if you clearly define the project requirements. Additionally, it will make it easier for you to express your needs clearly, and let the developer understand your requirements.

The project's relevance to the design, code, and functioning of the website, or to both, is one of the most important factors to consider. Here are a few scenarios in which you might need an API developer.

  • Get quick, dependable, and satisfactory solutions with specialists for efficient API development and API integration services by fusing contemporary approaches with cutting-edge technology.
  • Hire an API programmer with extensive expertise in creating feature-rich, scalable, and secure APIs that meet your demands and objectives.
  • To make your application more useful and in line with current market trends, get API developers to incorporate contemporary features and functionalities.

You can find developers and staffing firms according to your needs and then continue with the interview, screening, and other key hiring processes. This approach is reasonably priced, and hiring engineers in this manner allows you to save valuable time, effort, and resources.

Additionally, the likelihood of finding the ideal developer has improved with sites like LinkedIn, Clutch, and Glassdoor, where you can find developer profiles and outsourcing agencies to verify their work through the reviews they received from clients.

You can expect your developers to keep everyone up-to-date on their actions since they work on future initiatives for your company. This implies that they might be asked to explain technical ideas to non-technical coworkers.

You ought to consider how they have streamlined domain knowledge. Strong bonds will be forged and a productive working environment will be facilitated with a collaborative environment by helping other coworkers understand complex issues. This will increase output overall and cost you less money.

Hiring a full-time employee may be preferable if you anticipate that maintaining or updating your website regularly will take a significant amount of time. It can be an expensive purchase, but it also ensures that you have a person on hand in case something goes wrong.

What Can Clarion Technologies Offer?

As a "Preferred Digital Transformation Partner" for SMEs around the world, Clarion is a perfect solution for firms looking for an out-sourcing partner as it is a CMMI level 3 firm. We are acknowledged and accredited by Clutch as the Top Software Developers in India for providing excellent services using cutting-edge technologies.

Our managed services and managed capacity models are uniquely combined in the vEmployee Model. In addition to our highly skilled development team, we also provide a Project Manager for efficient execution, a Testing Professional for Quality Audit, and a variety of In-House Experts for Guidance. The full package is at the Developer's cost.

At Clarion, we know that providing outstanding software development services involves more than coding. Our remote developers are well-educated and experienced in cutting-edge technology.

You may rest easy knowing that, whether you're hiring a single virtual employee or an entire team of developers, the experts you've chosen are well-versed in a variety of business models.

Their primary areas of interest are web and mobile development, the Internet of Things, cloud strategy and development, applications testing, analytics, business intelligence, and agile project management. Clarion has worked on numerous projects for more than 1000 clients in Europe and North America in industries like digital media, e-commerce, healthcare, e-learning, and travel & hospitality.

Conclusion - These are the most important things that businesses need to consider while hiring an API developer. We can help in finding the right person as per your expectations. To reach us contact us and we will get right back to you asap. We will make sure all of your problems are taken care of with the best possible solutions.


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