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Cross Platform Application Development: Benefits and Technology

Cross Platform Application Development: Benefits and Technology

Answer us this,

Why would you create applications for specific platforms, when you can accommodate both iOS and Android with less work and fewer expenses?

Well don’t get us wrong, applications built for specific platforms do have their benefits, but aren’t the cost, time, and effort effective solutions are something that we root for the most?

And that time, cost, and effective solution is nothing but Cross-platform application development.

According to the research, around 42% of the developers in the world use cross-platform or frameworks to develop the applications. This doesn’t come as a shock to us because we know why is this happening. And through this blog, we are about to enlighten you too about the deepest aspects of cross-platform development.

So, jump on this cross-platform bandwagon with us!

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Imagine you are traveling across the world. Now every country has its unique currency. You cannot use Indian rupees in Australia or American dollars in the UK. Right?

The same is with mobile applications development. Android, iOS, and Windows have their unique coding. And for an application to run, it must match the coding of these platforms.

This was very time and effort-consuming. Developers would spend time on making three or four applications for a single business.

Fortunately for us, the technology evolved and we were blessed with cross-platform mobile app development.

To be specific, cross-platform mobile app development refers to the process of developing an application that would be fit to run on multiple platforms of smartphones. Meaning, same code could be used for the applications that run on all the platforms.

Statista says, over 98% of the mobile users in the world use either Android or iOS as their core operating system. Hence it is wise and natural that businesses aim to build solutions that satisfy the needs of both these groups. Yes, there is more than one way to do that, but if you are thinking of any other way rather than cross-platform application development then you will be possibly choosing the expensive path.

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Why Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

We all know mobile app development is a lucrative field. If we believe the analysts, the mobile application industry revenue might surpass 500 billion dollars by 2021. This boom came due to many technical evolutions and cross-platform application is one of them.

With its unique offerings, the cross-platform application opened the doors for million possibilities and zillion benefits. Here are some major benefits and reasons why people choose cross-platform mobile application development.

1. The joy of using the same application

There are high chances that most of us have multiple devices. We might be using an Android phone and have a tablet based on iOS, a desktop, etc.

Now how would you feel to have different experiences and unfamiliarity of the same application when run on a different device? It would kill the vibe, wouldn’t it?

As the user, we want to get similar characteristics and feel familiar with the UI and UX of the application. And this is what cross-platform mobile app development does. It allows you the joy of using the same application on any and every device.

2. Faster time to market

Since there is no need to make different applications for different platforms, developers can build and publish the applications on multiple app stores simultaneously. This means you can reach your audience present on Android, or iOS, or windows, at the same time and faster.

3. One source code

Having one source code is the best practice for any application development. And it is a real bonus for developers as they can reuse this code.

Cross-Platform App Development

4. Easy Implementation

There are numerous technologies that offer cross-platform solutions and help developers to make the changes like it is a cakewalk. For example, one can write code in HTML and then convert it for different platforms. This means the developers can use the platforms they already know about and then convert them as per their convenience.

5. Easy product maintenance

The development cycle is not a straight road. There are inevitable bug fixes and a lot of other improvements. Imagine doing all this for multiple applications of one business. Neither it sounds feasible, nor it is.

But with cross-platform app development, we have one single code to focus on. Which means fewer tests and an easier way to deploy fixes.

Looked from a different perspective, this is what cross-platform development looks like,

Developer’s perspective - Faster development with single code and fewer errors!
Customers Perspective – Uniformity, and satisfaction
Business perspective – Fewer expenses more return on investment

Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

Multiple frameworks could be used for cross-platform app development. We try to mention the maximum of them here.

Each one of these comes with its unique feature and offerings.

We know there are a lot of questions popping in your head. Based on our research and personal experience, these are the most frequently asked questions about cross-platform application development.

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Is there a difference in the development time of cross-platform and native apps?

Yes, the time required to develop a cross-platform application is lesser than the native apps. Besides, it promotes a faster time to market as only one team is working on the application.

Is there a commercial risk of choosing cross-platform app development?

The answer is big fat No! Cross-platform is here since quite some time and it has been referred to as the future of application development. And the fact that around 42% of the developers prefer this platform proves it all.

Which famous tech giants are using cross-platform add development?

To name a few; Google ads, Stadia, Google Assistant, Alibaba Group, Tencent, eBay are all built using the cross-platform frameworks.

Is multi-platform app development or cross-platform application development cheaper?

Absolutely Yes! Cross-platform mobile app development saves your money on hiring more than one time for development and its competency to speed up the time-to-market.


We would say there is always a way to enhance and improve user engagement and customer satisfaction. Technologies evolve and leave us with a plethora of possibilities to deliver the best to our clients. In such a cutting-edge world, cross-platform mobile app development plays a crucial role.

It is a solid medium between the business and its success. After everything is said and done, we would also like to say that hiring the right multi-platform app development vendor is equally important. You can have the best goals, the best technology and if the creators lack the expertise, everything goes for the toss.

So, use your research skills, look out for some valued and recognized partners in the market. Or you can save that effort and find one here.