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Build a Car Rental App like Turo with Clarion: How to Create One & Costs Involved

Build a Car Rental App like Turo with Clarion: How to Create One & Costs Involved

Are you the one with the ultimate idea to build a small or medium-sized business in the car rental industry?

Maybe car rental apps like Turo?

If that’s the case then you are on the path of being a part of the market that is estimated to reach the value of $214.04 billion by 2027.


Do you smell cash? Well, being a mobile app development service provider that aims to empower small to medium-sized businesses or ideas like yours, we smell; exponential growth, humongous potential, and a thriving business.


If someone had predicted this a few years ago, we would have laughed it off. But you cannot argue with the numbers. So, for all those who are skeptical, here is the hard data,


  • Car rental mobile app development’s market revenue is expected to grow annually by 18.5% by 2024.
  • The market value of car rental services is expected to reach $105, 285 million by 2024
  • The average revenue generated by car rental apps like Turo is $76.1 million per year. And its total funding is $467.4 million.
  • The number of users to use car rental apps by the year 2024 is expected to be 549.2 million

Car rental mobile app development is catching the wind with lightning speed. But building an entire business and a car rental app like Turo out of it is not a cakewalk. You cannot just slap a few ideas and features together and call it a day. Needless to say, you need a way-finder. A tech partner to assist you in building the business with a safe and sure development plan. But we have kept this best part for the end!


So, Talking about the elephant in the room! Our aim to write this blog is to enlighten you with the answers you are desperately seeking. Hence by the end of this blog, you will know,

  • How to build a car rental app like Turo?
  • How much will the car rental app development cost? 
  • And how to find the right tech partner for this?

Car Rental Mobile App DevelopmentHow to build car rental apps like Turo?


Here we come to the most awaited part of the blog.

  1. Audience analysis

Someone wise said, “If you don’t know your audience, then you don’t know your business” Any venture can reach success if it understands its customer’s perspective. After all, you are building this business for their needs, right? For the car rental apps like Turo or like yours, you must be able to provide the right vehicle easily to your customers so they can have a happy experience.


Well, your audience is not just one thing that needs analysis. Competitor’s study is equally important. Find out what your competition lacks, and learn from their mistakes.

  1. Choose the right technology

The market is full of the car rental apps like Turo. One of the many things that will make you stand out in the crowd is the technology you choose. And fortunately, we live in an era with a zillion of them. The right way to settle for technology is to discuss it with your development partner, since, only the expert knows the right ones.

  1. The right platform is essential

Once you settle on the right technology. The next step is to finalize the right platform.  It is important to know which platform will be feasible, will take you to a larger clientele, and can promise faster time to market.


Fortunately, we now also have the concept of cross-platform. It can use a single code and make your application competent with all the platforms.

  1. Hire a dedicated development team

This is what decides the fate of your car rental application. Having all the great ideas and not an efficient partner to execute, is just like being a king without having a wizard.


Hiring a dedicated development team is not just about the development process. But, they also ensure to inform you about the right technologies, correct approach, and essential changes.


And to do better than your competitors, you need to hire a dedicated development team that is experienced, has top-grade experts, and is promising.

Car Rental Mobile App Development ServicesHow much does it cost for on-demand car rental app development?

The cost of any application is influenced by a lot of factors. It might also differ as per the industries. But since we are talking about the on-demand car rental app development, here are the crucial factors that decide the cost of the application.


  • Managerial Cost
  • Development Cost
  • Testing Cost
  • Cost of Platform
  • Customization Cost

To get a rough estimation of car rental app development, contact us.


How to hire a right tech partner to build a car rental app like Turo?

Everything rises and falls on the right tech-tech partner. When you begin such a massive undertaking like building a car rental app like Turo, an adept and vetted tech partner is unquestionably a key to success.


Wouldn’t it be easy, if we could just google it and get the accurate answer? Jokes apart, we mean to unfurl a structured process behind finding the right technical partner for your endeavor.


Firstly, don’t underestimate the difficulty of developing a good piece of software. So, hand it to someone with no experience and your business will go for a toss. You can save yourself from the chaos and discover the potential of your tech partner with these questions.


#1 Ask your tech partner if they have experience in car rental mobile app development

This is the time to slow down and analyze your potential partner's portfolio. Check if they have relevant industry experience and have developed apps similar to yours. Besides, take a close look at their customer reviews and feedback. This will provide you a clear picture.


#2 Ask if they offer any consultation or guidance on car rental app development

You might have come with a great business idea, but not everyone is a tech genius. Hence, ensure that your app development partner gives you inputs and suggestions. Remember, this is a great sign which means, your tech partner knows the field.

Car Rental App Development#3 Confirm if they offer support post app launch

 Launching is not where mobile app development stops. It needs updates and patches even after going live. Hence confirm at the beginning that your partner will support your app post launching too.


#4 Check How do they do the testing

Always check the testing methods applied by your app development partner. Also, ask them for the added recommendations.


#5 See if they have top-grade professionals

The tech partner needs to have specialized knowledge to beat the harsh competition. Hence, we suggest you do your research and see if the tech partner you have chosen has a smart and experienced team of professionals.


If you get satisfactory and positive answers, then rest assured, your car rental mobile app development is in safe hands.


To summarize,

Building a car rental app is a brilliant idea. And with the right team of developers, the chances of achieving your vision rise multi-fold. It is a tricky business but nothing a great team of professionals cannot achieve.

All you have to do is think about your mission and remember it’s not about what you make, it’s how you make it.

If you are planning to get a car rental app like Turo, we are here to turn that idea into life. Feel free to reach out for any queries.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember, every minute you wait, you will crowd yourself with more competitors!


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