Top 10 Trusted iOS App Development Companies

Top 10 Trusted iOS App Development Companies

With every passing day, technology brings on something or the other that adds to this digital evolution we are now enjoying. Such advancements, make it important for you to stay updated and be aware of the latest trends in the business market. Well, knowing the trends is one thing. But what can really benefit you is also knowing the masters of the market that can help you make the most of these technologies. We are talking about the development service providers.


In recent years, India has become a hotbed of most app development firms. It is the most significant growth market for mobile applications with 41% growth. The credit goes to the sudden escalation of smartphone use and hence the need for better-performing applications.


Didn't it irk you to explore this market and get your dream app built by one of the leading iOS app development companies? We know you are wondering where to find a trusted organization with experience and one that will understand your business goals.


List of the Top and Most Trusted iOS App Development Companies in India


1. Clarion Technologies


Established                                                    - 2000

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review        - 4.9

Employees                                                     - 400+

Location                                                         - Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru, India

Industries                                                       - Medical, eCommerce, Finance, Education


Clarion Technologies is one of the leading iOS app development companies and is a recognized organization that caters to a wide range of services to clients spread across the globe. With a team of 400+ employees and three development centers in India has proved its potential time and again. One of the most trusted and top app development companies also offers a unique employee engagement model called as vEmployee. It is a unique blend of the Managed Services and Managed Capacity Model. With this model you can hire iOS app developer and get the application that boosts your business growth.


 The organization lives by its core values, and they are as following,

  • Honesty, Integrity, Fairness.
  • Customer comes first
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Collaboration, Team spirit, and Sharing

Here is what one its client has to say about them,

"I just wanted to express my high level of satisfaction with the work to date. You are critical components of the dev team, and your service and expertise are much appreciated. Your ability to understand the complexities of pharmacy and nursing homes is unparalleled, and the quality of your code, as well as your work ethic, does not go without notice. I envision a long-standing relationship with each of you as our company is growing exponentially, and the quality demonstrated by the Clarion team is rare to find. Kudos to each of you for a job well done!"

 - John Hall, EVP of the company 


2. Space-o Technologies


Established                                                  - 2010

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review      - 4.8

Employees                                                   - 50-249

Location                                                      - Ahmedabad India

Industries                                                     - Education, Finance, Entertainment, Government


Space-O Technologies was founded in 2010 and catered to the services like mobile app development and enterprise-level modernization. Its team of 200+ employees works from its office in Ahmedabad, India. In addition, it also has offices in Russia, Canada, and the U.S.


The firm runs on the philosophy of 'get things done. Along with iOS app development, the company also offers the services like Android app development, mobile app development, web app development, UI/UX design.


Here is what one of its clients has to say about Space- o Technologies,

"I can't even explain how impressed I am now working with them. ... This service goes above and beyond."

 – Chief Information Officer, Healthcare Tech Firm


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3. Robosoft Technologies


Established                                                   - 1996

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review       - 4.7

Employees                                                    - 1000-9999

Location                                                        - Udupi India

Industries                                                       - Finance, Retail, Hospitality


Robosoft Technologies is one of the leading fully-fledged digital experience agencies and an iOS development company. Established in 1996 with Apple as its first customer, it has headquarters in San Francisco. At the same time, the team of 500+ employees works from offices based in Mumbai, Udupi, Bengaluru. Some of the most renowned clients it serves are McDonald's India, Disney, HP, NDTV.

 It offers the services like digital advisory, digital strategy, UI/US services, application development and maintenance, A.R., V.R., Blockchains, chatbot, and more.


Robosoft Technologies believes that its higher purpose is to simplify lives and enterprises.


Here is what one of its clients has to say about Robosoft Technologies,

'They never flinched when I was hard on them, and it seemed that they were a part of our team." 

– Senior Director of Product Management & Design, 


4. Quytech


Experience                                                - 2010

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review   - 4.8

Employees                                                - 50-249

Location                                                    - Gurugram India

Industries                                                  - Medical, Gaming, I.T., Education


With 10+ years of experience, Quytech is an organization that builds mobile applications for businesses of all sizes, including startups and enterprises. It has headquarters in India and a second office in the U.K. Its range of services includes iOS Mobile app development, Artificial intelligence development, Blockchain app development, virtual reality development, etc. The firm works with the vision to help businesses in fine-tuning the latest mobile strategies.


Here is what one of its clients has to say about Quytech,

"Quytech delivered what we asked them. The work is good, and we've received fewer complaints or requests for changes from the users." – Engineer, Large Power Equipment Company

5. Sparx I.T. solutions

Experience                                                    - 2007

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review       - 4.8

Employees                                                    - 250-999

Location                                                        - Noida India

Industries                                                       - Medical, eCommerce, Real Estate, Education


Established in 2007, Sparx I.T. Solutions is based in Noida, India. It also has an office in New York. The firm specializes in the services like mobile app development and web development. They majorly serve small and medium-sized businesses that are in the domains such as, Advertising and marketing, eCommerce, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Real Estate, and Supply chain.


Here is what one its client has to say about them,

"Sparx I.T. Solutions delivered on their commitments. I commend the way their project coordinators dealt with the project requirements. We appreciate their professional attitude and high-quality outputs." — Project Manager, Real Estate Firm

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6. Byteridge


Established                                                      - 2008

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review          - 4.9

Employees                                                       - 50-249

Location                                                          - Hyderabad, India

Industries                                                         - Finance, Education, Arts


Established in 2008, Byteridge is one of the leading firms that excel in delivering actual value to startups and enterprises. With a team of 50+ employees, the organization strives to provide robust and high-quality solutions in the most cost-effective way. With 100+ happy clients and 130+ innovative solutions, the firm holds an ever-improving track record.


Here is what one its client has to say about them,

"They have excellent experience in product development. Their code is of excellent quality. The top management is very approachable." – Founder, Real Estate Visualization Company


7. Mobisoft Infotech


Established                                                 - 2009

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review     - 4.9

Employees                                                  - 50-249

Location                                                      - Pune, India

Industries                                                     - I.T., Education, Medical


Established in 2009, Mobisoft Infotech is a certified global digital product development company. It offers services to businesses of all sizes and has offices in India, Australia, and the U.S. Besides iOS app development, Mobisoft also offers elite Cloud services, IoT, UI/UX, and digital marketing.

Here is what one of its clients has to say about them,

'Not only do they have the professionalism necessary to understand our requirements and ask the right questions, but also they have an extraordinary level of dedication." – CTO, Startup Medical Company.'


8. July Rapid


Established                                                     - 2009

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review         - 4.5

Employees                                                      - 50-249

Location                                                          - Bengaluru, India

Industries                                                        - I.T., Media, Retail


July Rapid is a renowned and trusted mobile app development and exclusively iOS app development company with offices in Bengaluru, San Francisco, CA. With its team of around 259 experts that has 15+ years of experience has crafted 1000+ excellent applications. They cater to the industries like Sports, Media, Entertainment, eCommerce, etc.


Here is what one of its clients has to say about them,

"[July Rapid] went a step ahead and made sure that everything that we wanted and needed to be done was incorporated very early on." – Co-Founder, Video Streaming Service

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9. Narola Infotech Solutions


Established                                                   - 2005

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review       - 4.8

Employees                                                    - 250-999

Location                                                        - Surat, India

Industries                                                       - eCommerce, Media, Education


Established in 2005, Narola Infotech is a renowned iOS app development company that has 100% project delivery success on its record. Its team of 250+ experts are well-seasoned and caters to need of startups and SMBs. Trusted by global enterprises, some of its clients include CGI, Larsen and Turbo, TweakTown.


The firms excel in leveraging the latest technologies and offer top-class web and mobile development. In addition, its range of services involves Cloud development, Machine Learning, etc.  


Here is what one of its clients has to say about them,

"The app is simple, which is the reason for our success. Users look at it and know what they're doing." — Co-Founder, Christian Ministry Group

10. Codewave Technologies

Established                                                     - 2015

Overall Rating Based on Clutch review         - 4.8

Employees                                                      - 50-249

Location                                                          - Bengaluru, India

Industries                                                        - eCommerce, Media, Education


Founded in 2015, Codewave Technologies is based in Bengaluru with approximately 52 mobile and iOS app development experts. They majorly serve small and medium-sized enterprises in education, financial services, health care, medical industries.


As evidence of their outstanding work, one of its clients said this about their services,

I think Codewave's approach resulted in a more successful product. They also came up with ideas, and they would propose options that I hadn't thought of, and I liked that." — Founder, B2B Startup.


The market is full of mobile and iOS app development companies, and it can be overwhelming to search and choose the right one! But this blog will sort a whole lot for you. So, if you are looking for an innovative mobile app development company, here is the analyzed list of the top-notch iOS app development companies. All you have to do is define your budget, timeline, specifications and choose the right one from the above list.