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How Clarion Provides Affordable Web App Development Solutions for SMBs?

How Clarion Provides Affordable Web App Development Solutions for SMBs?

Every business fancies a web application that is visually appealing and is designed to convert visitors into returning customers. Large enterprises are safe. They sustain a brand image, recognition, and sales flow that is independent of its web app visitors.

On the flip side, SMBs can rise or roll depending on their web app. In fact, the statistics say 79% of SMBs with a business web application is expected to grow at least 25% in the next three to five years. This screams the need for web app development solutions that is easy, smooth, and reflects a business credibly.

Small and medium-sized business owners have a preconceived notion that the supreme quality and high price are inextricably linked. Believe us, it is the best-kept secret of the business industry that yearns to capitalize on your cluelessness and overcharge you for services that can be easily affordable.

Fortunately, not all tech partners aim to cash on your business goals. There are many recognized and experienced firms that genuinely offer the best yet affordable web app development solutions. And no bonus point for guessing, Clarion Technologies is one of them!

Tell us, being an SMB has it ever happened to you?

You were approached by a firm promising a web app development solution at a lower price than the market. Your first thought was, ‘why look further, it’s a bargain and I am getting it all.

Soon enough you realize their ‘idea of creation’ was to change a few visuals and content and deliver a web app built on pre-set template under the label of brand new.

Finally, it occurred to you that you were taken for a ride. You fell for the most enchanting phrase, ‘affordable web development solutions. Blinded by hope, you ignored all the red flags and received a cheap solution instead.

If it was a flashback that made you cringe, don’t worry you are not the first one. Most of the SMBs have been there and done that.

But here is a silver lining! Being a web app development company, Clarion aims to save you from such distasteful experiences. In this blog, we will enlighten you about it.

Affordable Web App Development SolutionsBut before that let us see the statistics based on your fellow SMBs.

  • While 35% of small businesses feel they do not need a web app, around 64% of small to medium-sized businesses believe it is essential to have it for their business to grow
  • Slow-loading web apps cost online businesses US$ 2.6 billion in 2020
  • Website visitors only need half a second to form an opinion of the web app they are visiting.
  • Across small businesses from 1 to 500 employees, 48% had a website since before 2017
  • 53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. For every one second delay in site load time, conversions fall by 12% (Google, 2018) 

How Clarion provides affordable web app development solution for SMBs?

Aren’t money problems often the ones that give SMBs a nightmare? Being a startup, you may lack the resources that steer you clear of harsh competition. Or you might be unaware of new-age technology and the one that suits you the best. There are hundreds of problems and we have managed to find the solution for each one of them. Here is how Clarion offers affordable web development solutions to SMBs.

  • vEmployee

vEmployee is a unique delivery model that provides a complete development ecosystem at your service. This amalgamation of managed services and managed capacity model allows you to hire skilled developers, testing professionals for quality audit, in-house guidance, project manager all at the cost of the developer. No, we are not kidding! In addition, it also offers the benefits like,

    • Part-time supervisor and quality Auditor
    • Easy ramp up and ramp down of the team
    • Developers with at least 4 years of experience
    • Transparency and full control over a team 
  • Experienced Development team

An experienced development partner is unquestionably a crucial entity. A vetted and well-aware professional development team will build a realistic budget and timeframe. Besides, their experience will help you overcome any unexpected project hurdles. The timely diligence of your development team will help you achieve faster time to market offering you cost-effective advantages.

  • Agile Project Methodology

Agile methodology is not just a popular approach but a part of Clarion’s best practices. We ensure to make the best out of its flexible and evolutionary nature and offer an SMB everything they vouch for,

    • Manage change with high efficiency
    • Better customer engagement
    • Focus on highest priorities
    • A highly collaborative environment
    • Accuracy
    • Enhanced transparency

      And it is no secret, what these benefits deliver. Yes, a seamless process and cost-deduction.
Hire Team of Web Developers
  • Build with an Established Framework and Language

It is a no-brainer that SMBs cannot afford to experiment with uncertain frameworks and software languages. The best way is to choose an established framework and renowned software languages. Our professionals have experience working with a comprehensive range of domains. Hence, we can spot the frameworks that can satisfy the out-of-the-box needs of our customers, which dramatically reduces development costs and time.


  1. Does vEmployee come with any hidden charges?

    No, we have specifically mentioned everything that vEmployee comes with and we mean that. There are no hidden charges, you get what you are promised.
  1. Are Clarions other development services affordable too?

    The cost of a development project is influenced by multiple factors. Hence every development project will cost differently. However, we can ensure the services will still be affordable and worthy.
  1. Can we connect with the developers directly?

    Clarion Technologies believe in complete transparency. Also, our vEmployee offers you ownership of the development team. This means you will have complete control over your team. 


Best does not necessarily have to be expensive and our web app development solution along with other services are living proof. It is all about the right development partner that follows best practices and values your money.

Clarion has been fueling the growth of SMBs for a long time now. We not only understand the business but also what it takes to make it successful. Check Clarion's Web Development Success Stories here.

If you are someone looking for web development services, then an affordable web app development quote awaits at info@Clariontech.com

We are excited to make that paradigm shift in your business!

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