Top Signs That Show You Need to Hire a New QA Tester

Top Signs That Show You Need to Hire a New QA Tester

'TESTER.' This six-letter word is often heard when we talk about bugs and issues in the development process. Well, we are not here to scare you but to enlighten you with some knowledge that can come in handy and help you make the right decisions at the right time.  

Although a small word, the power it possesses can result in the rise or roll of your product. We are always ready to hire developers to spend more on designers while developing a software solution. And when it comes to testing, we mostly feel, 'oh, one QA tester is enough'!  

Well, we have reached a point where we need to burst this bubble! Did you know the World Quality Report said that the QA budget needs to be 25% of the development budget? This ratio is estimated based on an understanding of 'what's reasonable' to maintain the quality of the developing solution. You get the point, right? 

Although we all know the importance of hiring a QA Tester, we often fail to spot the signs and reasons that scream the 'need of hiring a new QA Tester.' But we are here to sort that for you.  

For a little recap you can check our blog where we gave a brief of testing.  This blog will unleash the top signs that show you need to hire a new QA Tester. 

Let's get started, 

Buggy Software 

First thing first, bugs are inevitable that can negatively affect customer experience. Unfortunately, the single bug can generate a more significant flaw invoking your client's dissatisfaction. And as we all know; a good customer experience is vital. After all, it's the key to stable growth.   

Now upsetting the client is the last thing we want! Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where the occurrences of the bugs are relatively frequent, its hints at the need to hire good QA testers. Hiring the testing experts will resolve your buggy situation and bring in the positive change and smoothen your software development process. 

Here is one thing you need to focus on. Hire a QA Tester who is competent to find bugs and other major or minor errors that the development team must have missed. So basically, the QA tester with an eagle eye! 

Often Backlogging of QA Team 

It is essential to note that your QA Tester must keep up with the developer's output. If, for any reason, this is not being achieved, here comes the most significant sign of hiring a new QA Tester. 

You may also have more developers; therefore, more code is being produced. This can be avoided at the earliest by hiring excellent QA testing staff. Here the QA tester team may drown in the sea of test cases. 

We recommend you hire a QA Tester with the patience of a saint. Because that’s is exactly what you need in the time of crunches. 

Overworked QA staff 

If there arises the need to call in your QA Team on weekends or holidays, or you need to ask them to work overtime, then it's clear that they are unfairly loaded and overworked. There is only one thing you can expect here; disaster! 

If your team is spending more time on testing than required, then get it, it is the right time to consider hiring a new QA Tester. 

We Recommend you hire a QA tester that understands he is being loaded with work and can share the same news with you at the right time. 

Added platforms to application 

At the beginning of the process, you will always have a QA team specializing in the particular platform. If you have a desktop application, you will most definitely go for the QA Team with similar expertise. But what happens when desktop users start accessing the application for smartphones? 

Your clientele is yet another reason to hire a new QA Tester. A few things that the QA team can take into consideration are, 

  • The kind of devices your customer base use 
  • The browser versions they are on 
  • If they prefer, tablet, desktop, or mobile 

 In this scenario, we recommend you hire someone without the box thinking. Besides, the hired QA Tester must be aware of the new devices and versions. 

When QA Team asks for the added help 

The project manager lays out the scope of work in the development phase. Looking at the things your QA team lead may tell you straight up that this work is beyond existing team's capacity. After hearing this, you must consider hiring a new QA team instantly. 

To know the limitation, competency, and bandwidth is a part of the skillset. Therefore, you being the person in charge, needs to ensure they get everything they want! 

Here our suggestion would be to hire a QA Tester that is well-aware of the requirement and is not afraid to raise it to you. 

For clientele's data security 

Yes, testing skillsets are about platforms, reliability, spotting the gap, etc. But it is also about software security. So, the question is, do you have anyone on your QA Team to identify application vulnerabilities while testing, or do you need to hire a new QA Tester for that? 

Most of the applications nowadays do have sensitive information about their customers. And one issue can prove costly, leading to the breach of trust and, not to mention, fines. Therefore, if your application is anything remotely associated with banking, or bank account details, we suggest you seal it with rock-solid integrity. 

Here, we suggest you hire a new QA tester with relevant expertise and understanding of the sensitivity. 

With growing business 

With a constantly growing business, one must keep up with the new trends and high customer expectations. Hence, adding new functionalities every now and then is essential. 

Here, the first thought that might come to mind is, 'let's hire new developers for a better product.' But in the twenty-first century, the right thing to do will be to hire new developers with new QA testers.   

So, these were a few of the multiple signs that hint towards the need for hiring a new QA Tester. 

Didn't you resonate with at least a few of them? 

What personal attributes need to be present in the QA Tester? 

  • Out of box approach 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Proactive 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Professionalism
  • Enthusiastic about learning new technologies 


Hiring a new QA tester or a professional QA testing team will help you spot the issues and solve them before any major disaster occurs. With the best strategyand custom-based device services, QA testers enhance the software quality. We are also looking forward to hiring new QA testers to help you. Contact us to know more.


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