How To Make A Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats?

How To Make A Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats?

Google’s internal data states that in the last year the search for ‘food delivery services’ surged by 300%. Yes, it is one of the rippling effects of COVID-19. But even before the pandemic hit the world, approximately 44% of the US consumers, alone, used food delivery services regularly.

Well, pandemic or not, looks like it is the best time for online food startups to come and dominate the food industry.

When one thinks about online food delivery app development, isn’t UberEATS what we look up to?

With amazing features and business strategies, UberEATS have set a benchmark for upcoming entrepreneurs in this field.

Here is how it is capturing the food market

  • UberEATS became the most powerful food delivery application with a gross booking of $4.68 billion. It is 52% off the entire industry
  • It witnesses the 53% hike with GAAP revenue up to $819 million
  • UberEATS have captured the France market by laying the hold of 55% food delivery market
  • As the pandemic hit, 20% of new restaurants partnered with UberEATS

This dramatic magnification in the online food delivery industry has encouraged many entrepreneurs to start their venture even if it means a small or medium-sized business.

But here is the hard truth, having an idea is one thing but executing it is a whole other story. Apart from a business plan, we have to take care of the development, finances and build an app that includes all the features.

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It is a common belief that apps like UberEATS are a single platform with an integration of multiple features. Unfortunately, this fact falls under the ‘myth’ label.

The actual reality is deeper with added complexities. Online food delivery application comprises of;

  • One application for users
  • One for couriers
  • And an admin panel for restaurant

We know it looks like a lot and difficult. This is why we are here to help you! By the end of this blog, you will know all the important aspects of food delivery app development.

How to Make a Food delivery app like UberEATS?

The process of food delivery app development like UberEATS can be described in one word – ‘Arduous’. But with a clear roadmap, you can take a plunge into the sea of opportunities and even succeed.

In this blog, we intend to offer you a clear roadmap and future action plans that will help you play along with the marketplace and hire a top-notch food delivery app development company.

  1. Do your research on current trends of the Food industry

Observing the market trends is one of the crucial steps. Hence, to stay ahead in the game one needs to start market and competitor analysis. Here are some of the aspects you can take care of,

  • Discover the technological trends that are adopted by your competitors and have used them to their advantage.
  • Use various modes to allow your audience to order from. For example, Domino’s pizza takes orders from Twitter accounts too. This interesting feature lures the audience and offers them convenience.
  • Adding chatbots to order through messenger is another innovative way.
  • People are embracing smartwatches and are using equally to their phones. It is a smart move to integrate such high-end technical features too.
  • Incorporate the technological suits into your app.
  1. Analyze the Market

A keen study of the market will clear out a lot of your doubts. Whether you are new or old to the food industry market analysis will prep and polish your mind.

For starters, ask yourself the following questions;

  • How will you target your demographics?
  • What will be the age group of your potential customers?
  • Who will you compete with?
  • What are the distinct strategies followed by competitors
  • What features you need to add to gain a competitive edge?
  • How can you relate to your customer's problems and offer them a real-world solution?

Finding real answers to these questions will help you spot the pain points of your customers and build a great food delivery app.

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  1. Select a food delivery model suiting to your business needs

The food delivery model decides the nature of your business. It will set up a business flow and help you meet your business goals.

Basically, there are two business models you can choose from,

  • Order only model

The meaning of this model is synonym to its name. Order the only model that will allow you to only accept and process the order. It does not deal with the delivery process or offer any support in that department. The deliveries are handled by restaurants. This model makes the money by partnering with the restaurants. It is a less complex way to build your business.

How does it work?

  • The user chooses the restaurant, food and places the order
  • The payment is authorized within the system
  • Restaurants take the order
  • The food is prepared and handed to their courier
  • The courier delivers the food to the customer
  • Order and delivery model

This model allows you to take the responsibility for order acceptance, processing, and delivering food orders. Just like UberEATS! This model offers full-logistic support and is great for small to medium-sized restaurants. It is because the new ventures or minor restaurants do not have their delivery app so they rely on other partners. 

How does it work?

  • The user chooses the food, places the order
  • The payment gets authorized simultaneously
  • The restaurant receives the order
  • When the food is prepared the restaurant assigns the courier
  • The order is picked and delivered by the courier
  • Payment is deducted after delivery confirmation

You can compare both models, check the sources at your disposal, your investment level, and go ahead with the best-suited model.

  1. Go for all the prominent and distinguished app features

This is one way to garner great success. Today’s users are smart and impatient. They enjoy the apps that offer easy yet prominent features. Well, if you feel it's hard to make out what it means, we have got your back. Consider the following features for every department of the app.


Your customer panel must have the features like:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple process for account creation
  • Easy search options for their favorite and nearby restaurants
  • Coherent order cancellation
  • Easy reorder from the history
  • Various payment options
  • Great offers and discounts

Your delivery panel must have the features like:

  • Easy signup
  • Order notification with a delivery address
  • Feature to set availability status
  • In-built navigation to track delivery address
  • Summary of work done

Your restaurant panel must-have features like;

  • Easy signup
  • Menu with reference images
  • Easy menu edits
  • Order received notifications
  • Update the status of the order
  • Manage deliver
  • Manage Payouts               

Your admin panel must-have features like;

  • Restaurant management
  • Delivery Management
  • Offers and discounts
  • Push Notifications
  • Monetary tracking
  • Map location
  • Statistical report

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  1. Build your apps with the right technology

When you are building an application like UberEATS, one technology is not enough. To ensure a flawless experience for your customers stacks up to your app with amazing technologies.


Some of the most essential technologies are,

  • iPhone, Android, React Native App
  • Node JS, Mongo DB for Backend
  • ReactJs for front end

One can also opt to go for cross-platform app development and choose the technologies like React Native, Ionic, etc. These technologies are best for build an efficient application with minimum cost. Besides they allow you to visualize the app same on-screen and mobile.


People also go for Native app development. It is where experts in Java or Kotlin will build a foundation for your Android app. This is a great way to build an efficient app but it requires more human, financial, and time resources.

  1. Choose the right food delivery app development company

Here enters the most crucial requirement to for your food delivery app development. A reliable company powered by agile team, industry experience and unique approach will get the work done in seamless manner. The firm of your choice must have; Android and iOS developers, project managers, testers, etc.

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To sum up, food delivery app development is too valuable a business option to ignore. As the world is thriving with strategies of digital transformation and expansion the value of food deliver app development is bound to soar even higher. 

If you are looking for a food delivery app development company that offers tailored solutions, we are here to help you.


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