How DevOps Consulting Services Can Help Your Business in 2023

How DevOps Consulting Services Can Help Your Business in 2023

Software development means coding all the way to develop the perfect solution. It’s easy for developers to write code, but it’s a hard bargain to ensure a smooth final delivery on time. How can businesses deal with this issue and shorten the development cycle? Here’s the trick of the trade - Implementing DevOps.

DevOps helps to enable consistency in coding and testing with continuous analysis and feedback throughout development. It also topped the charts with 47% of votes, followed by other ways like Agile, Kanban, etc., as per a study by Statista in 2022. Hence, implementing DevOps has become the preferred choice for businesses.

Here’s the reason why your business needs DevOps consulting services:

  • Ensure faster time to market
  • Enhance security
  • Better code quality
  • Improve communication and collaboration in teams

The most crucial concern of our time is how your software development team can best generate business value. The solution lies in implementing DevOps to motivate collaboration in teams instead of operating independently.

What are the Useful DevOps Practices for Businesses?

These DevOps best practices will help you to improve software deployment's speed and quality. It's a novel working method that significantly affects teams and companies.

1. Automating CD Pipeline

Although it may sound complex, it's not. Automating CD Pipeline is an executable specification of an action to release a new software product version. Without it, engineers would still have to carry out tasks manually, which would be much less efficient.

Case Study – For a leading financial firm, we created a solution that keeps track of the records, history, and a Microsoft map for precise location. The program supports every US Time zone. We helped eliminate all difficulties in application production with our identification and resolution in the staging environment. Download our Case Study Now!

What are the Advantages of Automating the CD Pipeline?

Automate Release Process​: Release days mean high tension for software developers as something could go wrong, or a bug may appear. Manual and ad hoc release techniques take too much time. With Continuous Delivery (CD), software engineers automate the release process with prompt feedback, deploying modification with a setting for many automated tests.

Enable A Timely Delivery Process​: Developers decrease the amount of rework that a staged approach requires with testing in their everyday work. Therefore, automating the build and deployment, environment provisioning, and regression testing processes improves team collaboration resulting in timely delivery.

Optimize the Rate of Deployment Frequency with Measurable Metrics: At a high level, deployment frequency, lead time for changes, and change failure rate all indicate rapidity, while time to restore service and deployment frequency indicate stability. A team produces better business results by measuring these values with continuous improvement.

DevOps Tools that Help Automate CD Pipeline

  • Jenkins
  • BitBucket
  • GitHub
  • Gitlab
  • Azure DevOps 

2. Automate Code Quality

To check for typical sources of error or security issues, an automated code review process compares source code to a predetermined set of criteria. It helps improve the software's resistance to security attacks and overall application performance despite this review's possibility of false positives and negatives.

What are the Advantages of Automating Code Quality

  • Efficiency: Informs management of priorities, allowing for more coding and less time for reviewing.
  • Standardization of Code Quality: Offers enforceable, pre-set, customizable standards.
  • Predictability of Code Quality: Measures duplication and complexity to identify potential issue areas before they arise.
  • Team Management and Reporting Suite: Offers conveniently available metrics for reports at both the technical and non-technical levels.

DevOps Tools/Processes that help Automate Code Quality

  • SonarQube​
  • BitBucket / GitHub / GitLab

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3. Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring is a DevOps practice that automates the process of using specialized software tools to provide DevOps teams with enhanced clarity into performance metrics, potential threats, and compliance issues through the DevOps pipeline.

What are the Advantages of Continuous Monitoring?

  • Creates a culture of alertness to detect software problems and flaws that may already exist or crop up from specific data. ​
  • Ensures a short development period and high ROI
  • Improves the Time to Detection rate and makes it a measurable development parameter.
  • With logs, metrics, and events, gather monitoring and operational data. Use CloudWatch to monitor logs, create alarms, and find unusual behavior in your settings.

DevOps Tools that help in Continuous Monitoring

  • AWS – CloudWatch​
  • Azure Monitor​
  • Prometheus

Final Thoughts:

We help implement quick development cycles with active code production and deployment systems with DevOps methodology. Continuous deployment keeps your program delivery and release-ready, ensuring faster time to market.

We ensure tracking of SLAs and important metrics influencing the development process. As a DevOps consulting company, we produce high business value by pitching all our resources. It’s easy to deploy high-quality apps through our numerous outcome-based measurements and monitoring procedures.

Hire DevOps engineers for expert assistance to ensure the best DevOps strategy. We have effectively implemented DevOps adoption across industries in the US, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia to facilitate business growth.

Please email us at or avail our 2-week risk-free trial to implement DevOps. Connect with us through the Contact us Page to ask experts about recent DevOps trends or any other info on software development!


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