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DevSecOps plays a vital role in software development as businesses align their practices with DevOps. Why is DevSecOps important? It helps create high-quality products that are compliant and improves security needs. According to a survey by Security Compass in around 250 U.S. and UK large enterprises, 96% of respondents said automating security and compliance operations was advantageous for their firm.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is an extension of the DevOps concept, which involves strong collaboration between development, security, and operations teams at all phases of software development. For instance, take PayPal; the company brought cultural change using development language instead of security language. They switched to DevSecOps in less than a year, enabling development teams to adapt.

As security needs an automated and integrated CI/CD pipeline in a fast-paced DevOps environment, using DevSecOps tools becomes crucial. Hire DevOps engineers to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities through testing without compromising speed.

Here are tools to help you make dynamic changes, automate development, and adopt the proper infrastructure.

A list of DevSecOps Tools

1. Aqua Security

With its comprehensive cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), Aqua Security offers prevention, detection, and response automation throughout the entire application lifecycle. It helps secure applications using containers and serverless functions on any platform, “on-prem” or public clouds, including Azure, AWS, and Google.


  • Integrates native image scanning for vulnerabilities, secrets, and malware in the CI/CD process
  • Policy-driven image deployment control, machine learning-based runtime behavioral policies
  • Detection and blocking suspicious activity, secrets management, container-level network firewall, and extensive compliance controls for hosts and Kubernetes environments.

 2. Checkmarx

A premium DevSecOps toolset consists of testing and vulnerability warning modules. The real DevSecOps benefit comes from bringing the functionality of SAST, SCA, and IAST into one seamless code analysis approach.


  • Source code scanning: Before you deploy your code, find, and fix more vulnerabilities.
  • Find and remove dangers in your open-source code by using open-source scanning.
  • Interactive code scanning: Check for runtime dangers and vulnerabilities.
  • Infrastructure security using open-source software.

 3. Contrast Security

Contrast Security protects the code that powers the global economy. It is the most advanced and complete application security platform available, eliminating security bottleneck inefficiencies and enabling businesses to build and distribute safe application code more quickly.


  • Automatically detects vulnerabilities while developers write code, eliminates false positives, and provides context-specific how-to-fix guidance.
  • Embeds code analysis and attack prevention directly into the software with instrumentation.
  • Safeguards cloud and on-premises apps as well as their development applications.

 4. Invicti Security

Offers a combination of DAST, IAST, and SCA on the web application security platform Invicti. It can inspect APIs and websites for security flaws. Developed from one of the most widely used DAST tools (Netsparker), more than 3,100 businesses globally use this tool.


  • It continuously searches and crawls all web assets.
  • It finds outdated and vulnerable components; the solution searches proprietary code, open-source components, JavaScript libraries, programming languages, and more.
  • Combining diverse testing techniques and providing proof-based results enhances the amount of information accessible for each vulnerability.

 5. Micro Focus

It offers application Modernization & Connectivity, Application Delivery Management (ADM), and IT Operations Management (ITOM). It gives businesses the tools to run and transform simultaneously and construct, operate, secure, and analyze the enterprise.


  • Fortify for DevSecOps Secures your apps, APIs, and IaC in a single-tenant, cloud-based environment.
  • Offers AppSec testing for each release, merge request, and even commit seamlessly integrated DevSecOps process.
  • Enterprise-grade AppSec platform offers a centralized view of risk and facilitates vulnerability remediation.

 6. Snyk

Powered by Snyk's market-leading security intelligence, the tool finds and automatically corrects vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code.


  • Snyk integrates security knowledge into the IDEs, repositories, and workflows you already use.
  • Utilizing market-leading security intelligence, Snyk keeps an eye out for vulnerabilities as you work on your project.
  • Snyk offers practical repair guidance in your tools. You can integrate auto PRs and continue with your work.

 7. SonarSource

SonarQube is a solution that enables central management and ongoing improvement of the code quality of all software development projects. SonarQube's primary role is the static analysis (SAST - Static Application Security Testing) of the code base to find errors, weaknesses, and sloppy code segments that are challenging to maintain and modify.


  • With SonarQube, you can fulfill two requirements of software: the creation of secure software and the overall quality of the code.
  • The tests also examine security needs, including risky techniques, out-of-date cryptographic libraries, ignored debug output, and more.

Here’s a case study – Our DevOps developers helped a leading financial company to resolve all application issues and speed up the time to market.


DevSecOps best practices help all organizations. The question is, how quickly? Small and medium businesses (SMBs) with increasing applications use DevSecOps best practices to guarantee that security and compliance are, at best, consistent. Larger firms are typically further in their adoption process since they have the resources to fund these efforts. However, the capacity to develop and deploy secure applications is unrelated to the firm’s size. After all, a smaller company might make up for resources by being more dedicated to DevSecOps best practices.

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