In this technology driven world, how do you decide which is a suitable tech stack for building your business application online? All the tech stacks have different features and you need to select the one that fulfills your requirement. Among all the tech stacks MEAN, which includes MongoDB (NoSQL DB), Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js, remains the most popular web development stacks for mobile and web responsive in 2022.

What is a Tech Stack? 

A tech stack helps you to meet your needs, providing scalability, and assist you in achieving your business objectives. It’s a collection of frameworks, tools, and technologies that has a big impact on your product. The correct stack can help your business expand without consuming a lot of time and money.

Hire developer who will help you to build mobile and web applications with the right tech stack. It will be the perfect combination of tech components and developer skills that create your ideal business app!

List of some popular tech stacks for web development –

1. LAMP Vs Mean


Millions of businesses use LAMP as it has amazing support, it is essentially the dinosaur of web development. With countless modules, libraries, and add-ons available, you can customize it to meet the needs of your business.

  • There are no front-end components in the LAMP stack.
  • The Linux Foundation, Oracle, and Zend are the main sponsors.

Use of LAMP stack

You can create web-based applications using the LAMP stack. Smaller developers can compete with professional software development solutions with its flexibility and efficiency. Developers use LAMP framework's four elements as the best approaches to host, manage, and serve web-based content.

What are these four technologies?

Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, or Python


MEAN is primarily an end-to-end JavaScript stack. It’s an all-encompassing JavaScript stack. You can use MEAN for developing cloud-ready apps. It’s one of the most liked technology stacks.

  • The MEAN stack enables front-end developers to use Angular.JS.
  • The three major sponsors are Google, IBM, and Samsung.

Use of Mean stack

To create a Full Stack Web Application. The vast directory of Node.js modules libraries is one of MEAN Stack's key advantages. Developers can send a notification with the automatic testing feature. The function aids in the timely correction of any flaws by developers.

The MEAN Acronym

MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js



WAMP is a software installed independently, but bundled together, and for good reason. Knowing that WAMP comes from LAMP is helpful, the sole distinction between these two is that It’s for Windows-based operating systems.

  • It is lightweight and simple to download and install.
  • You can test dynamic webpages on this local server without publishing them to a live web server.

WAMP Specialty

On your computer, WAMP functions like a virtual server. Since you locally install it on your system without linking to the internet, you may test out all of WordPress' functions without worrying about any repercussions.

Technologies used in WAMP

Windows, PHP, Apache, MySQL


MAMP is a free program used to set up a server environment on a personal Mac or Windows PC, owned by appsolute GmbH.

  • The installation process is very simple. It only requires a few clicks and seconds.
  • With these local servers, you may test and update your website numerous times before making it live.

MAMP Uniqueness

Through its control panel, MAMP makes it simple to manage any part of its software stack. In just a few minutes, you can utilize MAMP to establish a WordPress website.

Technologies used in MAMP

For Mac OS, PHP, Pearl, Python, MySQL RDBMS, Apache Web server



A group of technologies known as the MERN stack make it possible to construct applications more quickly. Worldwide, developers use it. The fundamental goal of the MERN stack is to create apps that solely use JavaScript.

Benefits of MERN

The technologies that comprise the technology stack are JS-based. Therefore, the backend, frontend, and database operation is simple if one is familiar with JavaScript (and JSON).

Technologies in MERN

Mongo DB, Express, React JS, and Node.js.


The MEVN stack is a JavaScript software stack that is open-source and has emerged as a cutting-edge method for creating robust and dynamic online applications.

What’s different about MEVN?

MEVN helps in frontend and backend development of your website using its software components, which will also increase the usefulness of the latter.

Set of Technologies in MEVN

MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Nodejs.

4. Django

A high-level Python web framework called Django enables the quick creation of safe and dependable websites. Django handles a lot of the hassle associated with web development, allowing you to concentrate on developing your app without having to invent the wheel.

  • It is open source and free, has a strong community, excellent documentation, and a variety of free and paid support options.

Examples of global companies using Django:

Instagram, Mozilla, National Geographic, Spotify, Pinterest

5. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, also known as "Rails", uses Ruby, a computer language. It makes the process of building web apps simpler. It accomplishes this by generating default structures for your application's database, your code, and the web pages that the client will receive from your application.

  • It’s used for a server-side or backend application since it runs on a web server and provides data to client applications (web browsers).

Examples of global companies using Ruby on rails -

Etsy, Shopify, Airbnb, GitHub

6. Python

Python provides the most flexibility and rapid development. It offers a large variety of libraries by members of the public and businesses like Google, Microsoft, etc.

  • Python is open-source as well. Programmers can modify it for using Python-based tech stacks without affecting other projects running in the same environment.

Python's most notable characteristics:

  • Python is a high-level language, which developers can translate into bytecode and executed on any hardware platform.
  • It has a sizable standard library that offers all the fundamental features necessary for constructing applications.
  • It includes support for several operating systems. It supports both functional and object-oriented programming.

Examples of global companies using Python -

Google, Facebook, Quora, Paypal

7. Java

A developer that has in-depth knowledge of and proficiency with full stack Java tools and frameworks is known as a java full stack web developer.

  • Working with servlets, core Java, the REST API, and other tools in the Java suite of technologies make it simple to create online applications.

Examples of global companies using Java -

Uber, Netflix, Amazon

Here’s a comparison chart for the above-mentioned technology stacks -


Now that you are aware of the importance of tech stack, it is time for you to begin utilizing one. With the least amount of coding effort, these tech stacks are easy to understand and develop but powerful enough to create scalable and reliable web applications.

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