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How Magento 2 Extensions Enhance the Sales Performance of eCommerce Store

How Magento 2 Extensions Enhance the Sales Performance of eCommerce Store

With best Magento 2 extensions, you can increase the exposure of your eCommerce store. Magento extensions, also known as Magento modules, expand Magento's functionality and provide new features. To boost your website, hire skilled Magento developers. The best thing about Magento 2 extensions is that you may use any technique to install them, for instance 34 can use composer or zip file.

To run an eCommerce business on Magento today, you'll need Magento extensions. There are so many extensions available, creators are in a gold rush to get new users. Users nowadays are looking for solutions that are built for scalability, justify utility pricing, and bring value to their product.

But Why do developers need these Magento 2 extensions?

Extensions are created by Magento's extensive network of partners to provide you the freedom and control you need to run your store the way you want.

Furthermore, the Magento community offers a wide range of free and commercial modules that can be downloaded and installed from the Magento Marketplace catalogue and third-party developer websites such as BSSCommerce, AheadWorks, Amasty, and others.

Magento extension, when used in conjunction with Magento's extensive default functionality, enables us to complete a wide range of operations without the need for programming knowledge.

Where can you find free Magento 2 extensions?

Magento Marketplace is the official download location for all Magento free extensions. If this is your first time downloading Magento extensions for your ecommerce store, you must do it via the official website. You may get most Magento 2 extensions via their official websites in addition to the Magento Marketplace.

Here is a list of some useful Magento 2 extensions along with its advantages and disadvantages:

1. Magento 2 POS System by Magestore – (for an omnichannel shopping experience)

Magento 2 POS is a highly customizable point-of-sale system created exclusively for Magento users. You may streamline your daily operations and provide customers with omnichannel purchasing experiences by using the best Magento Web POS.

Rating – 5.0


  • Real-time data synchronization: Magento's latest versions and updates are highly compatible. Integration with other Magento extensions is seamless.
  • Loyalty program: use Magento promotions, reward points, gift cards, and shop credits to increase customer loyalty.
  • Backorder: place an order for SKUs that are out of stock and send them to your customers later.



Extremely adaptable to your company's specific requirements. You can include whatever features you wish.

It can be difficult to understand with so many features and customization possibilities.

Connect flawlessly with Magento and its extensions, reducing the risk of issues and errors during integration.


Money-back guarantee for 365 days


Because the extension makes use of PWA technology, you can use it on any device (desktops, tablets, and phones).




Based on the number of stores, business requirements, and quality of support, custom pricing is available.

2. Smart One Step Checkout – (for Easy checkout process)

One-step checkout is a method of eCommerce website design in which the entire checkout process is performed on one-page utilizing a single form. Smart One-step checkout, as opposed to multi-step checkout, aims to make the procedure as simple and quick as feasible for the consumer.

Rating – 5.0


  • In the event of an unexpected page reload, filled-in fields are stored.
  • Customers can log in and make changes to their shopping basket without leaving the checkout process.
  • Autocomplete address fields based on Google Place suggestions and select countries autodetected by GeoIP.
  • Based on report results on revenue lost on checkouts and overall revenue values from orders placed, determine if checkout conversion is improving.
  • The 'Place Order' button is constantly visible and free of distractions.
  • Existing clients are identified by their email addresses, and their information is pre-filled.
  • Metrics for checkout conversion and abandonment are provided.



Registered users can login on the checkout page with prompt transactions. The goal of a user-friendly checkout experience is to get your consumers from Add to Cart to Place Order as quickly as possible.

There's still a chance customer will ditch the cart.

CMSMART's Geo IP Technology allows customers' data (country, city, state/province, and zip code) to be automatically detected and filled in. The option of automatic field updating, which is available for one-step checkout, further improves efficiency.

Customers must complete two key stages in the default one-page checkout.

A wide range of payment methods were offered for the convenience of your users. Paypal, Moneybookers, Checks, Credit Cards, and other options are now available.

Even if customers are aware of what they need to fill out ahead of time, the length of your checkout page might easily irritate them.

The number of steps required to complete a transaction has been reduced.

Some additional functions, such as order modification, gift wrapping, custom delivery date and comment, and others, are not available with the Magento 2 one-page checkout.

The majority of one-step checkout extensions work with all types of smart devices.


The installation procedure is pretty straightforward.




Monthly Subscription details

First payment - $237.00 license fee, Regular Payments - $13.99 / Month starting Jul 15, 2022, Cancel Anytime

Annual Subscription details

First payment - $237.00 license fee, Regular Payments - $139.99 / Year

Cancel Anytime

3. Omnisend (for email marketing)

Omnisend is a Magento email marketing addon with a lot of features. With so many new online stores popping up, reaching out to customers is more important than ever. It's simple to do with Omnisend.

Rating – 4.6


  • Campaigns and automations through email, SMS, and push alerts are accessible with pre-built automation processes for Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, Product Abandonment, Welcome Series, Order Confirmation, and more.
  • Visual automation editor with no coding for altering pre-built workflows or developing new ones.
  • Email and SMS signup forms, pop-ups (with exit intent), interactive wheel of fortune, and landing pages
  • Segmentation of contacts based on customer lifecycle stages, shopping history, profile data, interaction, and other aspects
  • Personalized Product Recommendations, as well as a Product Recommender
  • Comprehensive sales reporting and a sales dashboard
  • Email templates, as well as a slew of other useful tools



The 'Product Picker' function is fantastic. Simply select a product from your store to have it instantly added to your mailing. The days of manually adding product images and descriptions are long gone.

Omnisend's email design options are limited in contrast to its competitors.

When it comes to Omnisend upgrades, some customers have complained about a lack of communication. This has caused some customers to get perplexed, prompting them to contact Omnisend's customer service staff for more information on how to handle the current upgrades.

Omnisend is really easy to use. Signing up and getting started is simple. It also has a very clean and basic backend architecture.

Marketing themes cannot be customized.

Users can send 2,000 free messages every month with Omnisend.

You have to manually enter data when you create a social media campaign.

Omnisend integrates with a variety of popular eCommerce platforms natively.


Customer support at Omnisend is said to be great.




from $16/mo (Free tier available)

Monthly membership payments are included in the Omnisend license. There is a free plan available, however it only allows you to send 15,000 email blasts every month. Paid plans don't automatically raise that number; instead, they include a wider range of marketing channels to conquer.

4. M2 Social Login (for social media)

Social login clearly outperforms the traditional online registration approach in terms of registration speed. In most circumstances, failed login attempts are also a thing of the past.

With the Social Login plugin, you can easily add social media buttons to different store locations, making registration a pleasure. Furthermore, the new function not only enhances customers' buying and user experiences, but also captures consumer data with only one click.

Rating – 4.7


  • Support for six social login buttons, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and PayPal
  • Show AJAX-based login pop-up on shopping cart and checkout pages
  • Customizable reCAPTCHA to block bogus account registrations
  • Display reCAPTCHA during the login/register process or on the "Forgot Password" page
  • Import date of birth information from Facebook and PayPal: You can easily create special birthday bargains by combining Follow Up Email and Special Occasion Coupons.



50+ social networking networks and services are supported by Magento 2 Social Login. This module has more networks than all of the other third-party social login extensions put together.

Create a personalized experience for your customers from the minute they register to the time they make a purchase.

Display the customer's social media profile photo next to the "User Account" menu or elsewhere on your site.

Admins can utilize numerous popup designs with special effects, enable additional registration fields, display a lost password form, enable newsletter subscription and Google ReCaptcha, and much more.

On your Magento 2 store, provide a safe login option that eliminates the need to save user passwords.

Retrieve confirmed emails to avoid difficulties with wrongly inserted email addresses




Prices varies with different companies according to Community and Enterprise package.

5. Nosto (for multi-channel marketing campaigns)

Another Magento extension, Nosto, allows you to provide personalized online product recommendations. It accomplishes this by evaluating a vast number of data points in real-time across your web store. It allows marketers to create, deploy, and optimize effective multi-channel marketing campaigns without requiring committed IT staff.

Rating – 4.6


  • Nosto follows Magento's most recent code quality standards and provides ecommerce experts with a reliable, simple, and smooth solution.
  • Nosto is adaptable to any product catalogue size or traffic volume.
  • Nosto makes it easy for shops to get started in just a few minutes. This is accomplished through the use of patents, which avoid the need for back-end integration.
  • Nosto connects with Magento's other preferred technology partners and provides out-of-the-box support for multi-currency setups, numerous sites, and ratings and reviews, among other features.
  • Our ecommerce experts have worked with hundreds of Magento stores around the world, and our global partner network includes top Magento Solution Partners and Magento setup companies.



Its user-friendly design and extensive list of integrations make it simple to create personalized shopping experiences.

Nosto's elegant user interface and advanced tooling give you complete control over our platform's merchandising rules, allowing you to adjust algorithms to your individual business needs.

Nosto's influence is confined to content and marketing materials because it relies on basic transactional data based on trends and on-site behaviors.

It gives you the most opportunities to use personalization and merchandising in onsite encounters than any other platform.

Nosto provides recommendations based on broad segmentation.



Plans & pricing include incubator plan for smaller merchants (limitations apply)

6. Stripe payment (for easy payment)

Stripe Payment enables store owners to take a wide range of payment options right on their website. Customers can stay on the store during checkout instead of being sent to an external page with the Stripe Payment extension. The conversion rates of online retailers are significantly increased as a result of this.

Rating – 4.3


  • Real-time validation
  • Early catch misprints as your customer types and automatically provide real-time feedback.
  • Manage risk and be more confident about fighting fraud with our fully integrated solution. Even if a card is new to your business, there’s an 89% chance it’s been seen before on the Stripe network.
  • Use our API or Dashboard to easily get paid once a transaction has settled.
  • See all charges—across different payment types, countries, and currencies—in the Stripe Dashboard or extract the data directly from the API.
  • Share access to your Stripe account with other team members with confidence.



There are no setup, cancellation, or monthly fees with our flat-rate, clear pricing.

Without software development experience, open APIs and tools may be difficult to utilize.

A wide range of payment methods and currencies are supported.

In-person retail and restaurant enterprises have limited utility.

The checkout process is highly configurable.


Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, and live chat.


Setup is simple and quick.




For Mageplaza company


Crafted for a great webstore start, $ 149 first year, Support for Magento 2 Community Edition


Great for an enterprise solution, $349 first year, Support for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, Highest priority support

Here is a case study that you can check out to see how our Magento developers helped a leading ecommerce fashion retailer migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to provide technological advances and develop a feature rich website.

Conclusion :

Magento is fully customizable, with over 5,000 applications, plugins, themes, and extensions provided to assist businesses to fulfill their vision for creating beautiful websites and helping them boost their sales. Several of these extensions are available for free, while others cost around £35.

You can find the top extensions for Magento 2 stores that come with extra features. We're always adding these amazing extensions to help you create an e-store that meets current market demands. With the help of our Magento developers, you may get your best outcomes! Contact our team at Clarion!