Power BI Developer: Roles and Responsibilities, Skills, Scope and More

Power BI Developer: Roles and Responsibilities, Skills, Scope and More

According to the recent research, the global business intelligence market is expected to grow from 23.1 billion to 33.3 billion by the end of 2025. This statistic reflects the speed with which the business intelligence market is thriving. Eventually it leads to the growth in demand of Power BI Developers.

Well, we often talk about Power BI and its fantabulous perks. However, not a lot is known about the driving force behind IT ‘Power BI Developer’. Therefore, we decided to curate a blog that can serve you as a one-stop guide and inform you about all aspects of Power BI Developer. This blog will cover the power BI developer roles and responsibilities, tools and certifications and also power bi developer skills.

Besides, we aim to enlighten you with the impacts and necessity to hire Power BI developers since it can decide whether your business will rise or roll.

Let’s get starter!

What is Power BI developer?

Power BI Developer is an expert that understands the Power BI platform and its tools very well. A Power BI Developer takes complete responsibility of the development and administration of BI tools. Power BI Developers roles and responsibility includes transforming raw data to valuable and meaningful insights in the form of appealing dashboards and reports. 

What are Power BI Developer’s roles and responsibilities?

Power BI Developers roles and responsibilities vary from firm to firm. Some organization might hire Power BI Developers to design and develop Power BI reports. While other may hire them to enhance the decision making. Some of the other Power BI Developer skills required are deep knowledge and expertise in business intelligence, database, BI tools, etc.

Power BI Developers roles and responsibilities:

  • Study, analyze and understand business requirements in context to business intelligence.
  • Design and map data models to shift raw data into meaningful insights.
  • Utilize Power BI to build interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports.
  • Spot key performance indicators with apt objectives
  • Analyze pervious and present data for better decision making
  • Transform business requirements into technical publications
  • Build multi-dimensional data models
  • Develop strong data documentation about algorithms, parameters, models
  • Perform detailed analysis on tested and deployed Power BI scripts
  • Run DAX queries and functions in Power BI
  • Define and design new systems
  • Take care of data warehouse development
  • Make essential technical and strategic changes to improvise present business intelligence systems
  • Identify the requirements and develop custom charts accordingly
  • SQL querying for better results

In a nut shell, Power BI Developer is responsible for everything related to Power BI.

Now moving on, lets discuss the essential Power BI Developer skills.

Power BI Developer Skills

For the starters, one of the most important skills that a Power BI Developer must have is proficiency or familiarity with data science, business intelligence, and data analytics. Power BI Developer must also be aware of data integration, data warehousing, modeling, along with presentation tactics and concepts.

Essential Power BI Developer skills

  • Experience with BI tools

Experience is something that cannot be bought it can only be gained. And no matter how much knowledge one has, nothing can replace the power of experience. Same goes with Power BI developer. In the list of essential skills, Power BI developer must possess experience of working with BI tools and BI systems. In addition, they must be able to build rich dashboards, write DAX expressions, and also implement security.

It will be an additional perk if a Power BI Developer knows scripting and programming language such as Python.

  • Experience in data specific roles

For any data specific roles as Power BI Developer one must have minimum 2-3 years of experience of working with BI tools. They are also expected to know about database management, SQL querying, data modeling, Online Analytical Processing.

  • Well-informed about Microsoft BI Stack

It will be an added advantage if the Power BI Developer has in depth knowledge of Microsoft Business Intelligence stack like Power Pivot, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS. A lot of organizations rely on Microsoft services and products. Therefore, a well-informed Power BI Developer is definitely a cherry on the top.

Essential non-technical skills to become Power BI Developer


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