Top Power BI Mistakes to Avoid in BI Projects

Top Power BI Mistakes to Avoid in BI Projects

When we live in a world where it is pretty easy to fall in the loop of business intelligence patterns where the ultimate goal is not considered. However, Power BI projects are such concept where it becomes essential to pay equal attention to both the things,

  • The things we need to do
  • The things we need to avoid

Here is where we lose the game. While dealing with Power BI projects, even the most profound experts can fail. Reason? Well, the reason is quite strange. The Power BI mistakes are so common that we might not even notice them. We often think that we are intelligent enough or well-informed to spot the pitfalls and mistakes we might make.  

While tons of blogs talk about the former, we have absolutely no data that enlightens us about anything about the latter. And therefore, we thought, well, why not? Let's tell everyone what we know about the top Power BI mistakes to avoid BI projects. 

Single file for multiple Dashboards

It is one of the typical business intelligence mistakes to open several dashboards in one file. It causes difficulty and inconvenience for several departments such as sales, marketing, production, finance, and many more to understand because the file is overlapping.

Complex Dashboards

Power BI dashboards should not be so complex and challenging to understand with fancy visuals that drastically impact data management. The target users always prefer accessible, innovative, and interactive dashboards for a better and good understanding. One way to achieve this is to use crisp words, subtle color and take care of the spacing of your content on the dashboards, as this gives a pleasant visual and enhances the interest of the audience. 

Power BI DevelopmentGenerating dashboards without layout

Power Bi dashboards are not created without layouts for Power Bi projects. There should always be a dashboard layout for discussing with the business before starting the final and successful Power BI project.

Utilizing Uncertain data

One of the top business intelligence mistakes is using uncertain and pivoted data that will have an extreme effect on data visualization and data management that can suffer a huge loss for an organization. Data should be proper and structured from good sources to generate data visualization in the dashboards for meaningful insights.

BI Integration Mistake

BI Data Integration Mistake occurs when BI project weighs heavily towards ETL and data integration. Another reason is when it lacks explicit deliverables that could be used to solve end-user business problems. 

The focus of data integration will go a long way and engage your users most efficiently. The best part is avoiding this mistake by including specific business-oriented deliverables throughout your Power BI project. In addition, ensure that everyone in the process agrees to prioritize the data integration and cleansing. 


It's not a new concept; we have always known that consistency is the key! When you miss the minute details with the reports on data visualization, you open the path for inconsistencies which later turn into meaningless insights. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that the font sizes are similar, visuals are aligned, and there is no excess data.

Power BI Development ServicesPutting unreliable data

Utilizing and involving unreliable data in your Power BI projects can negatively affect your data visualization and management. Besides, it can be the reason your organization faces a massive loss. So, to avoid this, you can keep your data structured and build precise dashboards for valuable insights. 

Always hire Power BI Developers with experience

We are so engrossed in the process that we forget about the process makers and handlers. One way to ensure that your Power BI development or Power BI project can succeed is by hiring Power BI developers with high experience and Avant grade expertise. 


These were some of the most common mistakes that any business can make in their Power BI project. If you are looking to hire Power BI developers with excellent skills and expertise., contact us. We will be glad to assist you in finding the right Power BI developers for your Power BI development needs. 


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