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How to Hire Skilled & Vetted Offshore Development Team in India

How to Hire Skilled & Vetted Offshore Development Team in India

Worried about hiring an offshore skilled development team? To find an amazing development team that can tick all the right boxes, there are three things that matter. These three words are the answer to your prayers - Talent, Quality, and Affordability.

As digital transformation changes the world, grab this opportunity of entering into a digital space. The first step is to shift from the traditional infrastructure to the latest technologies to shape a better future. So how can a business make this drastic change? It’s simple, this change is possible with a talented developer who can make user-friendly changes and breakout of the existing complex process.

Many businesses outsource to India, as there are a lot of Indian developers. Companies can hire Indian engineers for less than 10% of the cost of hiring in the US. India has high number of English speakers; Indian developers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. It is a perfect combination of quality and affordability. As an SME, it is a chance to explore virtual model, as so many SMEs have done during COVID-19.

For small businesses, going virtual is a big deal. It helps you to at least dodge the impact of any unforeseen event to some extent. Now imagine providing services to your customers online that are as fast as a vending machine. Well, it is that easy! Yes, you can turn your small business into a swift and resourceful experience.

Hire a software developer from India at a reasonable cost. The software developer services in the US, Canada, and Europe are expensive. There are ample of developers in India as it is expected to overtake the US as home to world's largest number of developers by 2024, as per the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI). So, instead of paying a hefty amount, you can afford to hire an offshore development team with the best pool of talent in India.

What Do You Look for While Hiring a Skilled & Vetted Team Offshore?

Set Your Eyes on the Expertise Level 

If you want to know the level of the developer before working with them, you see his portfolio to check his expertise. You can check his coding skills through projects. The portfolio also gives you an impression of his caliber. It will also help you develop your own set of questions and help you to understand his way of thinking.

  1. Watch Out for a Proven Track-Record

You should check the hands-on experience and customer retention before hiring. Developers have rankings on a website like Clutch or check their LinkedIn to view their previous clients. You may also get in touch with their previous clients and ask how was their experience working with the developer. You do not want to fumble with inexperience and drive away your customers and lose your money. 

  1. Look for a Good Cost-Advantage

You do not want to outsource and pay additionally for access to other resources. You do not have the resources to build a team. You want a direct source who already has ample resources. As an SME, you want well-trained talent in your company. Your goal is to boost Return on Investment (ROI). You can save costs while hiring world-class talent from an offshore technology partner like Clarion Technologies. You can also use our knowledge and leverage our premium service at a reasonable price.

  1. Ensure You Get a Quality Assurance

Quality assurance helps to identify mistakes and avoid delivering a faulty product. Making mistakes is only human; it is natural to make unintentional or silly errors. But, it can have an impact even on big companies. You cannot take such chances in SMEs.

Remember when Starbucks lost millions of dollars in sales in 2015 with an issue in their daily system refresh? They had to close point-of-sale registers in many locations across the United States and Canada. They had to give away free drinks until the systems they were using were corrected.

How do you ensure quality assurance? Getting a CMMI level 3 company as your offshore partner will help you as they have defined, mature processes, and quality management systems.

  1. Collaborate for Agile Development Methodology

Agile methodology means continuous planning, improvement, learning, team collaboration, and early delivery. It increases adaptability in times of challenge. Many big corporations like Philips, Adobe, and Accenture have shifted to agile methodologies. It will help you to set purpose and vision, develop a flexible approach, design purpose fulfilling roles for employees, encourage transparency and learning, and provide user-friendly technology. 

  1. You Want Flexibility

Flexibility motivates the developers you hire to be creative. DevOps and continuous deployment are valuable for your SME. The developer you work with should have the ability to upgrade or alter necessary portions to simplify and streamline deployment processes and save time and effort. You can smoothly make extensions and upgrades by adopting a flexible approach.

  1. Transparency is the Best Policy

You want to ensure smooth sailing. It will happen when you are a part of the software development team. You get to know vital information about the stage of development. The more you are involved, the fewer questions you have as a client. The project can be smooth since you and the development team work amicably. You will not be sitting on edge waiting for any shock or surprise. You know if the project is going on the right track, you know the people working on it, and you can easily breathe a sigh of relief when the project heads to its conclusion. You know the efforts put in by the developers are entirely worthy of every penny you pay.

How Does the Right Talent Help Your Company Achieve Business Goals?

  • Problem Solving Ability

As the saying goes, "a problem well stated is a problem half solved." You want developers who value participation to brainstorm and validate ideas. Collaborative team activities, pair programming, and feedback will help you and the developer tackle problems effectively.

  • Adaptability

"Adaptability is the simple secret of survival" - You want to work with techies who evolve with ever-changing technology. You want developers to adapt and hone their skills, as their initial learning may become obsolete in a few years. You expect them to be well acquainted and trained about the latest additions.

Customer requirements can shift as incase of COVID-19. You want developers to adjust and satisfy the needs of your customers. You want to address the increasing use of smartphones instead of desktops. Adaptability is necessary for you as it provides efficient service as priorities and usage habits of your customers shift. Your need for adaptive communication becomes even more when you work on a project with a tight delivery timetable.

  • Achieve MVP

Knowing MVP (minimum viable product) and validating an MVP is crucial for you. You can use it to measure whether or not the project can be lucrative and serviceable. You can go for custom software development. It will help you in the long run as demands and customer needs change. The agile approach will help you build adaptable and scalable user needs as they evolve.


Since India has emerged as an IT hub, you want to hire talented developers from this part of the world in your SME. When you gain a knowledgeable developer, you can build a strong foundation for supporting growth, increasing productivity, and revenue generation. You want a successful and experienced offshore partner who understands your requirements.

You can use our developer or hire a team with vast experience in this field. We at Clarion Technologies guarantee best practices with premium services to suit your requirements. Reach out to us, and we will resolve all your queries with an offer of 2 weeks risk-free trial.

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