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How to Create a Website like Flipkart? – A Brief Overview

How to Create a Website like Flipkart? – A Brief Overview

For an eCommerce business, having a good website is a vital prerequisite for success. Once used to purchase things not available in the nearby shop, eCommerce websites in India are rampant, because of the surge in internet use. Flipkart is one such eCommerce company that promotes online sales in India. It is not only for accessories, but for a wide range of other daily use items as well, that Flipkart remains as the leading choice of online shoppers.

Are you longing to build an eCommerce website like Flipkart and create a niche in the industry? Undeniably, building Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay like websites is an optimal idea in this digital world. Constructing an eCommerce website will build up the reputation of the business; help to expand the brand nationally as well as internationally.

Before we jump to how to create an eCommerce website like Flipkart, let us first discuss what Flipkart is and how it stands out among the eCommerce websites in India!

What is Flipkart? - All you need to know

Flipkart, the most prominent eCommerce website in India and is empowering tons of Indian businesses to venture into the competitive online shopping industry. This multi-vendor website serves as the platform for vendors to display their product to the website’s visitors. It was initiated in 2007 and recently achieved a similarweb ranking of 133 globally and 9th  amongst the top Indian websites. Flipkart is the first eCommerce website in India that has reached the $1 billion mark.

Better product assortment, greater brand recall, and lower prices support this eCommerce giant score over its competitors Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal and Shopclues. A Flipkart spokesperson states Flipkart always focuses on the quality of traffic coming to its websites, mobile sites, and app instead of traffic volume. The traffic from higher quality comes with higher user intent to buy and it directly leads to higher sales. The following figure illustrates the traffic overview of the flipkart.com website.

Traffic overview of the flipkart.com website.

Image source: similarweb.com

Here is the business ideology behind the Flipkart:

  1. Portal lists merchants and their products to sell
  2. Create appealing deals & discounts
  3. Buyers search through the products and shop for their desired items
  4. Flipkart/Merchant ships the products to the consumer
  5. Vendors receive the agreed price of their product after deducting the Flipkart commission for delivering the product.

In addition to these working functionalities, let us go through some facts on which platform Flipkart is developed. Flipkart is the evidence of  efficient use of PHP development services for an eCommerce website design. Since it is built mainly on PHP, Flipkart site enables a contented purchasing experience as in a real store. It uses MySQL for data storage and all of its software functions on Linux.

Why do we need to build an eCommerce website like Flipkart?

On observing the progress of Flipkart, your next question will be how to start working on a website like Flipkart? However, before getting an answer to this question, it is worth understanding why Flipkart-type websites stand out. This is because eCommerce websites like Flipkart focus mainly on generating the experience of buying and selling an effective one for the vendors & customers.

Flipkart ensures the most robust payment system for customers. Further, it allows customers to rate and review the vendors. Easy return and refund facilities also add value to the Flipkart service. Here is a list of top features that make Flipkart stand out:


The complete features and functionalities discussed above prove why Flipkart is considered as the best eCommerce website in India. You should keep all these features in mind while building your eCommerce website.

How to make a website like Flipkart?

On understanding the important facts about the Flipkart business, it is time to shift our focus on how to start a website like Flipkart. We can build Flipkart type websites in three different ways. You can build the website from scratch, but it requires plenty of knowledge on the platform you choose to build the site. This method is very costly & time-consuming. Next method involves using dedicated Website Builders like Yokart to create the eCommerce website. Again, this method is quite costly. If you want to build a website like Flipkart instantly without spending too much of dollars, then you should opt for the third method that involves using a CMS (Content Management System) online.

Creating a website using this method saves a lot of money and time compared to coding from scratch. Here are the steps to create an eCommerce website like Flipkart:

1. Domain and Hosting

The first and foundational activity in building a live eCommerce website is securing your domain name as well as web hosting services. It is better to choose the domain name with familiar words that hook the customer to your site. Several hosting services are available in the market. DYN and GoDaddy are the most popular web-services used for eCommerce websites. The hosting service you choose should be secure, robust, simple to set-up, cost-effective and easily accessible.

2. Adopt the platform

For designing an effective website like Flipkart, you need to focus on a scalable, feature-rich and open-source platform that offers you with dominant and changeable features to handle as well as customize your front-end and back-end technologies. You can use WordPress or Magento as a platform to build your websites as they include a myriad of features that allows creating your eCommerce website.

3. Design your eCommerce Store

As like a real store, your eCommerce website should include details about your saleable services and products. It should include images, prices, descriptions, user’s ratings & comments for guiding your prospective customers. Since the website is the face of your business to customers online, your web pages and sites should be attractive.

The main strategy that ensure the sales objective in Flipkart type websites are

  • Group Products Together
  • Leverage Quality Photography
  • Design for Mobile
  • Give Website a Personality
  • Optimize the Purchase Process
  • Expect what your buyer is looking for

Most eCommerce websites are built with WordPress, a blogging platform. It includes plenty of services, plugins, and themes to allow you to design and customize how your website looks. Electro, Porto, and Aurum are few example themes in WordPress. Among them, Electro includes gorgeous designs similar to Flipkart, and it works well on mobile devices as well.

4. Select a Proper Payment Gateway

It is the most vital component to concentrate before launching your designed eCommerce website. A reliable Payment Gateway is required that allows your buyers to pay directly on your website using debit cards, credit cards, and other payment options. Customers will make a regular purchase only if they’re happy with the payment gateway.

5. Launch and Market your site

Once you customize your website design, you are ready to launch. Creating an eCommerce website similar to Flipkart does not end with its launch, you need to promote your site to reach the customers. You can brand your website either online or offline to increase the traffic as well as drive sales.

Creating an eCommerce website is the ideal way to keep your business competitive and to increase access to your products. Engaging users with innovative solutions and infusing technology to ensure discoverability, user experience and responsiveness adds success to an online store. Flipkart meets these requirements perfectly and becomes the prominent eCommerce website in India. Keep these things in mind while designing your eCommerce website.