Top 5 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into Wordpress

Top 5 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Website Into Wordpress

Back in the time when the web was just about dawning, all websites were made of nothing but text and some basic static HTML. Fast forward 20 years later and you will agree that the web is a much different place. Websites are nothing short of complex applications. Moreover, they are aesthetically brilliant and provide seamless experiences for website developers and visitors alike.

Much of this paradigm shift can be attributed to open source projects like WordPress that has succeeded in its core mission to democratize online publishing, so much so that anyone with a WordPress install and the right theme/plugins can have an up-to-date website with cutting-edge design and functionality. That too, without any coding–not even HTML!

Converting the static HTML website into dynamic WordPress platform has a number of benefits.  In this blog, we will explore 5 of the many benefits of switching to WordPress.

1. A Dynamic CMS

The archaic HTML websites are static with several pages and numerous lines of hard codes as well. Every one of these pages has one HTML file with the same layout and design. On the contrary, WordPress websites are easy to create, update and manage. No wonder it has got a preference over the static HTML website design service. Originally, WordPress websites were designed for publishing purposes with several functions embedded within the platform, which makes it dynamic and easy to use.

2. Simple to use

WordPress is a legitimately easy to use platform with the support of the energetic community available 24*7. The CMS also offers several additional plugins, themes and WordPress website templates that make the web development services job much easier. Themes provide a definitive appearance to the websites.  They are also used to add specific features to the websites. WordPress makes coding easy and almost non-technical. This makes WordPress a hot favorite among the beginners especially. 

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3. SEO-Friendly

WordPress is built to be compatible for search engines and such features make it SEO-friendly. Such features guide the search engine crawlers to crawl the site and collect the required information from the particular posts and pages. Additionally, it also offers a number of security features and helps users optimize their websites. This also helps is getting higher rankings on search engines which is the ultimate motive of business websites. Also, there are some remarkable plug-ins that make any WordPress websites more SEO friendly. 

4. Huge Community of Developers

Another major benefit of building websites on WordPress is their vibrant and supportive community of developers to guide beginners. Being an open source platform, there is a lot of interaction between the users and several contributions on new updates, current happenings, etc. This continuous support from the community helps the new users significantly in starting from scratch and provides an exceptional experience as well. Contributions and support from all across the globe has helped it to grow bigger and better every single day.

5. Customizable According to your Design

With WordPress, you get the freedom to customize your website with regards to the design by picking a related theme. Although theme customization may look like a complicated job at first, it is extremely easy to accomplish, especially with the support of the interactive WordPress community. Moreover, the WordPress websites can further be used in order to create websites based on the business preferences. The looks and the functions can also be modified for the benefit of the business. Businesses can also customize the websites by choosing from either the free or the premium WordPress themes for business.

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of WordPress, let’s talk about how you could go about converting your website. Even though HTML to WordPress converter tool may seem like the best option to go with, the results will be far from the ones achieved with manual coding. Instead a worthy option to choose the right web development service provider.

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