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How Much Does An Average App Development Cost In 2022?

How Much Does An Average App Development Cost In 2022?

Why has app development become so crucial for startups and companies? Why do more businesses want to develop mobile apps? It’s a simple solution - increase income and use technology to drive change.  

Mobile applications have ingrained themselves into our daily lives. We use Uber, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom, PayPal, Google Pay, and other apps daily. But developing an app isn’t a piece of cake. It comes with the need to focus on the project's budget.

So, the question arises, how much does it average cost to develop an app for my business?

What should my budget be? It seems like it fluctuates all the time. To put things in perspective, a recent study by Clutch of 12 top app developers found that the cost to create a mobile app ranged from $30,000 to $700,000.

Let us understand more about app development costs. It would help if you asked the right questions to fix your budget and start developing an app after you hire a developer!

Types of Apps You Can Develop and their Costs

The most critical decision for businesses while developing an app is creating a hybrid or a native app. iOS and Android, mobile development platforms, have the most apps. Usually, you will need to develop an app for one of these platforms or both.

Here is everything you need to know about hybrid and native apps

1. Native App Development Cost

Native apps are mobile applications that only function on one platform, such as iOS or Android. As these apps work on only one platform, either iOS or Android, they have a high level of performance. However, it is essential to note that native apps are a little tricky.

You’ll need two separate development teams to create an app for both iOS and Android. And the price will undoubtedly double. Therefore, it turns out that developing native apps is expensive. App developers use native platform-specific languages to build a native app.

Advantages of Native Apps

  • Quick and Trustworthy Apps
  • Highly Secure Data Full-featured Functionality for UX Design
  • Examples – Waze, Twitter, Pokemon GO
  • Cost - $10,000 to $100,000

2. Cross-Platform or Hybrid App Development Cost

These apps use a hybrid of two native technologies, as their name suggests. You can launch a cross-platform app if you have a broader user base. A hybrid app combines the features of a web application with a native app.

Hybrid Apps Advantages

  • Deployable with ease across a variety of platforms and operating systems
  • Simple use and affordable development
  • Integration with third parties is easy
  • Examples – Twitter, Instagram
  • Hybrid app development cost - $10,000 to $70,000 (Approx)

Native apps are helpful for experienced organizations who need to take care of the business's speed, performance, brand identification, and effectiveness with an exclusive native mobile app. Hybrid apps are appropriate for start-ups.

3. Cost of Developing Small Apps vs. Medium Apps vs. Enterprise Apps

Small Apps

Small apps have limited functions and a simple UI built for a single platform. These apps don’t need any API integration or back-end system. A simple text scanner app is an excellent example of a small application.

Medium Apps

Medium apps mean apps with more features and functions. Additional features could be in the form of a payment gateway or custom UI elements. Developers create medium apps for a single platform.

Examples – An expense tracking app and a music app.

  • Simple App Development Cost – $40,000 to $60,000 – duration: 2-3 months
  • Average App Development Cost – $60,000 to $150,000 – duration: 3-6 months
  • Complex App Development Cost – from $300,000 – duration: 9+ months

Enterprise Apps

These mobile apps have complex features, bespoke UI, and API integrations. The cost of building these enterprise mobility solutions can be significantly higher if compared to small or medium-sized apps.

When you employ a third-party development company to design your app, this cost will apply (strongly preferred). A business app must be highly secure as it serves a purpose inside a corporate setting. Additionally, it unifies many of the company’s data sources. Data about employees, clients, and customers should remain private and secure on the user's mobile devices.

  • Enterprise software for your company will typically cost between $30,000 and $55,000, with certain exceptions (up to $60,000).
  • Examples - Slack, Zoom, and Asana.

Prioritizing Features and the Function of MVPs

After determining your app's broad feature set, it's crucial to choose which specific features to include in the first iterations of your app. You should prioritize your app's most essential features by the process of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), especially in light of the budget and timeline constraints. This is a fantastic method for controlling the price and expectations for the release of your first app.

Companies that Outsource App Development

Your organization will benefit from remote service providers through the ups and downs of app development. The best mobile app development businesses have a team of committed app creators and developers. If you need to hire remote developers for your app development project, you need to be aware of when to do so. Outsourcing app development service providers deliver significantly superior results to freelancers because of their professional team.

Hourly rates of an app developer in different Demographics

The cost of developing a mobile application also depends on the demographic location of the company providing the service. The region's IT infrastructure and economic standing also influence the cost of app development.

  • UK - $70- $190
  • North America - $60-$200
  • Europe - $35 - $70
  • India - $20 - $70
  • Australia - $60 - $150
  • South America - $40 - $180


As you start planning on how you will create your app, you will know what kind of team you need to build your app, how features affect mobile app development costs, and how to account for the total cost of the app. You should be able to decrease complexity and boost app adoption. Guarantee a successful launch, and develop a technological plan for your digital product.

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