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How will RPA improve the Productivity of Teams in Front Office and Back Office of an Organization?

How will RPA improve the Productivity of Teams in Front Office and Back Office of an Organization?

RPA has picked up exponential growth in the last 3-4 years in off-the-shelf customizable platforms. With low investment and considerably reduced timelines to automate repetitive processes, Robotic Process Automation has become a part of efficient processes across the front office and back office operations of organizations.

They initially focused on RPA benefits like process improvements, customer satisfaction, cost-saving potentials, and automating repetitive nature of business processes. However, today, productivity becomes something that everyone aims to improve on.

Productivity is important to gain a sustainable advantage over competitors and supports to boost a position in the market. Productivity will increase with the front end and back end automation, and this can benefit both employees and enterprises.

Whether you’re a decision maker, part of the sales team, manage customer service, or handle the IT infrastructure; you should understand the ways to increase the productivity of your team. This blog highlights how RPA improves the productivity of teams in front office and back office of an organization.

RPA Automation in the Front Office and Back Office

Do you know the actual costs of low productivity within your enterprise? Back office processes like loan processing, insurance claims processing, credit card application, and various other functions stand behind the scenes. Back office automation with RPA is a key factor to enhance efficiency while ensuring your team is allowed to continue its tasks in a more creative way, thus eliminating redundancy at every stage.

Most back office processes are perfect for RPA solutions, especially those processes, which have high-volume & low complexity, deal with structured data, and involve a limited number of exceptional circumstances. Data entry, reporting processes, maintaining inventory, and maintaining paperwork are such processes that can be highly efficient with RPA back office automation.

Along with back-office, most companies now begin to consider RPA for front office processes, which deal with customer-facing repetitive jobs. Front office automation aims to imitate human interaction. Chatbots in front office activities can automate less complex transactions as well as optimize the turnaround time for processes that are more complex.

It gives the customers an opportunity to get quick bills, the automated response by bots and AI suggested products. Front office RPA solution can offer a 360-degree customer view and empowers your customer relationship team. This deployment can result in rapid innovation, reduced call handling times & operational costs, simplified tasks, increased cross-sell & up-sell opportunities, and reduced turnaround times. This when combined with RPA back office automation like collating information for customer conversations, can contribute to the success of front office processes.

In addition, RPA doesn’t require you to replace the existing systems. Alternatively, you can add automation to your existing systems to imitate human behavior, thus it saves you from the expense of new infrastructure & systems. With RPA, a business can do the work of several workers, faster and efficiently, and achieve big cost-benefits, almost instantly.

How Does RPA increase the Productivity of your Front and Back Office Teams?

Boosting productivity is a huge challenge for organizations today. With all the above-mentioned benefits, RPA can take on this challenge and offer long-term results within a short time frame. For organizations who adopted RPA in their mundane business processes, automation is contributing greatly to enhance team productivity.Image1-58

Here are some of the ways that RPA can increase the productivity of your front and back office teams.

  1. Uninterrupted Resource Pool

RPA bots automate data processing 24/7 without any break. Moreover, if there is no flaw in the logic, it never makes any mistake. With the unlimited resource pool, which automates repetitive tasks, it hampers your teams’ productivity. Unlike the humanoid robots, the resource pool, which is made of software code, can be delivered from the cloud to any system across the globe. They perform tirelessly with the same level of accuracy and consistency every minute.

  1. Increases manual productivity – A happier & more Productive Workforce

Assigning staffs on tedious, repetitive tasks often lead to an interruption in production. However, repositioning them into a job that utilizes their skills can enhance their experience as well as productivity. This is exactly what robotic process automation can strategically do for your business. Assume your sales reps are spending most of their time in non-revenue generating repetitive activities. Automating these activities with RPA can allow you to get more value out of your sales team. Remember, the value out of a happier and more productive sales team is direct revenue.

  1. Ensures Your Support Team provides Faster Service

The RPA bots streamline your office environments and make it effortless for your customer support team to manage queries. Additionally, the RPA solution in the front and the back office allows the staffs to offer a higher quality of customer service. As enquiries can be attended more quickly and accurately, the teams can focus their attention on understanding the customer needs as well as expectations.

  1. Eliminates the Time Spent On Nurturing Unqualified Leads

A large portion of time and resources of the marketing team is spent on nurturing the leads they’ve acquired. Imagine if they are engaging with unqualified leads, then there will be a waste of effort. Automate nurturing leads with RPA is an ideal solution for this challenge as it allows you to segment the leads appropriately - thereby increases the throughput.

  1. Supports in Reconciliation

In a trade lifecycle, different types of reconciliations can be performed in various phases where an immense amount of data requires being reconciled. You can use RPA bots to reconcile your data between two systems and discover mismatches across datasets. This application will increase accuracy and productivity.

  1. Chatbots with RPA

Chatbots coupled with RPA can allow the executives to move away from repetitive tasks and focus on creative and deep thinking work. For example, tasks like accessing simple transactions like approving purchase orders or employee’s leave requests can be easily automated with RPA and chatbots. Additionally, with voice bots, your team can translate simply by talking - it takes productivity to the next level. They can offer you support as well as information when you need it most and boost performance & productivity. The front and back office team can spend the efforts and time saved by chatbots on solving complex issues, planning strategies and creating a vision.

  1. Prevents Costly Errors

Undoubtedly, RPA can drastically enhance accuracy, regardless of wherever they are deployed, including front office and back office. Once programmed and mapped, Software bots will execute and streamline a number of tasks without the potential for manual error. Accuracy in the business operation can maximize the enterprise’s revenue – allows to deliver more focused tone, which supports to enhance the close rates as well as the average deal size.


Automation in the front office and back office will not replace human employees but offers a critical support framework across the organization. Overall, the RPA bots and employees working hand in hand can dramatically transform team productivity, customer experience, accuracy, and efficiency.