Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care with A US-based Healthcare Provider

Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care with A US-based Healthcare Provider
Discover how Clarion’s solution revolutionized healthcare efficiency for a leading provider, saving time and reducing cost. Our patient data management solution helped improve compliance, decision-making, and patient engagement.

Clarion Offers a Comprehensive Solution for Streamlining Operations & Enhanced patient care


The client faced many challenges that hindered their efficiency, impacting patient care. The major pain point was administrative tasks, which were a series of tedious manual processes that took nearly 2 hours. There was a lot of time spent of paper work gathering information from various systems. This resulted in inability to access entire patient record in one place as it was scattered, patient history also remains inaccessible or incomplete. This hampers in clinical decision making.  

Compliance and regulatory requirements were complex and needed manual efforts. The client required demand forecasting for workforce planning and inventory management. 


  • We enhanced decision making by 25% 
  • Our solution provided 15% cost savings 
  • 40% increase in patient engagement 

We offered a transformative experience to our client with our solution. We streamlined the administrative tasks saving 2 hrs of daily time, allowing them to focus on patient care. We provided 360 degree of patient records by integrating data across systems into one single dashboard.  

We improved compliance and regulatory requirements with data management with build in features. We optimized work force planning and inventory management with predictive real-time demand forecasting. This resulted in overall improvement in patient care and satisfaction.