Why SMB Owners Firmly Believe that Right Workforce is Crucial in Implementing Digital Transformation?

Why SMB Owners Firmly Believe that Right Workforce is Crucial in Implementing Digital Transformation?

When we look at some iconic duos like Batman and Robin, or Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson, can we imagine one without the other?


It’s just that they both combinedly deliver greater value than their single selves.


The same applies to digital transformation and the right workforce. The digital literacy of the people involved in implementing digital transformation decides the destiny of the organization.


According to Forbes and as our title proclaim, 71% of the small to medium-sized business owners firmly believe that the role of the right workforce is crucial in implementing digital transformation.


While maximum of you might agree with the statement, we are sure you still have that nagging question at the back of your mind - WHY?


And we are here with this blog to unleash that answer and a lot more for you!


The value of digital transformation is unlocked by two important entities; the right technologies and the Right Workforce or digital transformation partner. One way to maximize the value is by leveraging proven approaches, best practices, research, etc.


And how can this be attained? The answer lies in the kind of team of workforce you hire.

Hire Developers for Digital Transformation Needs

Why Right Workforce or Digital Transformation Partner is Crucial in Implementing Digital Transformation?


Every right team or workforce has six habits in common that make the implementation of digital transformation a true success. With keen observation, we have found strong links that prove these habits not only promise better financial performance but creates real value for businesses in this transformative age.

  • Human-Centric

The right workforce will always be up for a radical commitment to enhancing customer-centricity. This helps them to build digital solutions that are not only businesses oriented but satisfactory to their clients.

  • Rapid Technology

An elite digital transformation partner understands the importance of early technology deployment. It helps them to meet customer needs and employee expectations much faster.

  • Promotes innovation

Digital transformation companies use their expertise and experience to implement humongous changes to present business models. It applies to both, small to medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises.

  • Nurture strategies regularly

They constantly strive to unlock human ingenuity. Always remember, the right team uses diversity, resourcefulness, new ideas, and business models to make organizations ready for tomorrow's business world.

Digital Transformation Companies
  • Good Governance

Without good governance, there cannot be human-centric, innovative, and nurturing solutions. In the dimension of value creation, good governance is the one thing that brings a major shift within the companies that are implementing digital transformation.

  • Leverages data and stays agile

Staying Agile has been in trend for quite a time now and it will always be a necessity. It helps the team to tap into their full potential and deliver better productivity.


What important parameters must you look for while choosing the Digital Transformation partner?

1. Proven technology expertise in Digital Transformation for SMBs

Tying allies with the newly launched firm is not a wrong thing. But choosing a partner with a proven record and expertise in crafting digital transformation solutions for SMBs is an ensured pathway to success.

It is a crucial parameter to look for because an experienced firm will put together the latest trends and the highest caliber of expertise to deliver a top-tier digital solution.

How to verify the expertise of your chosen digital transformation partner?

A firm’s website has all the essential factors that give a glimpse of its proven track record. So, one must look for their accolades and awards, case studies, and the kind of partnerships and certifications they have.

2. Delivery Model that is tailored specifically for SMBs


Just like the five fingers of our hand, not all businesses are similar. The requirements of large businesses will be entirely different from the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.


This is open and known to everybody. Hence, digital transformation companies also craft customizable models for different business sizes that can justify the fluctuating needs of businesses.

Our experts say, your best option will be the firm that offers unique services or delivery models that are tailored specifically for SMBs and even large organizations.


If you are looking for a reference, here is one; Clarion Technologies vEmployee model.


3. Cost advantage combined with Code Quality, Agile development & Control

Implementing digital transformation is vague, broad, and covers so many things. Hence there is a huge cost involved. Fortunately, it is not always expensive. The only thing that can save you from unnecessary costs and expenses is a system that understands the in and out of the business market and DX.


And no brownies points for guesses, that system is your digital transformation partner. A lot of organizations have proved their mettle by following the best practices like agile development and control, tools like SonarQube to ensure code quality, etc. It save the businesses from possible error and reworks.

Successful Digital Transformation

4. Flexibility to Ramp up/Ramp down


A digital transformation goes through a lot of phases. And your need for resources might fluctuate based on your solution, requirements, etc. No two days are similar. And hiring a large team for a longer period might burn a hole in your pocket.


The best way to deal with this is to partner with a digital transformation partner that will allow you to easily ramp up and ramp down the resources.

If you are wondering if anyone even does that, then let us tell you, Clarion does!


5. Highly process-driven delivery


A firm that offers process-driven delivery will always be able to offer top-quality work persistently. They can identify the

  • scope and timeline dependencies
  • delivery gaps and work on them quickly
  • measure quality assurance

    This is achieved by having smooth communication and keeping everything transparent with the clients.

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If you are a business that has a digital transformation on its agenda then it's time you must think beyond embracing the latest technologies. Hiring a digital transformation partner will bring your operation on a common platform and make the organization seamless. Besides, it offers you the right workforce that delivers sustainable value for your organization.


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