Top Digital Transformation Companies in 2024

Top Digital Transformation Companies in 2024

Digital transformation is nothing but embracing the latest technologies and promoting digitization.



Digital Transformation is a topic that’s deeper than we think and broader than we know. Digital transformation strategy planning is highly transformative, and choosing a reliable partner can go a long way. And the best part is that the market is forecasted to reach $3294 billion by 2025, which means plenty of opportunities to grow and steal. Read on to learn more.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a process of adopting and implementing advanced technologies to bring about change and innovation. It modifies existing business models and processes and identifies areas of improvement for success. Such companies focus on delivering personalized customer experiences and fostering cultural changes that constantly challenge the status quo. Every organization is different, and not every company's digital transformation journey will resemble a similar path. In short, it's about putting practice into motion and being centered on technology leadership, data analytics, and software automation.

List of Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies in 2024

If you've been having difficulty finding the right players for your business and want to turbocharge your digital transformation journey, you’ve come to the right place. 

Join us as we explore a list of the top digital transformation companies below.

1. Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies - Digital Transformation Company


Founded: 2000
Work: Delivered Thousands of projects for varied services across the globe
Experience: 23 years

Clarion Technologies is recognized as one of the most promising digital transformation companies across the globe. It has a team of top-grade professionals with at least 4 years of industry experience, Clarion ensures to stays up to date with the latest technologies and delivers solutions that are inspired by innovation, brilliance, and perfection. check digital transformation success stories here.

Clarion Technologies offers a wide range of services that include, Web Development, Analytics and BI, Cloud strategy and development, Application testing, etc. The firm believes in working with honesty, integrity, and a customer-centric approach. It is also one of India's top digital transformation companies and has branches in Ahmedabad, New York, and Pune.

It has a very unique take on the digital transformation journey, and you can get a sneak peek here.

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2. Hakuna Matata Solutions

Hakuna Matata Solutions

Image Source: Crunchbase


Founded in: 2006
Work: 300+ projects delivered
Experience: 17+ years

Hakuna Matata takes a holistic approach to transforming digital projects from concept to completion. The company believes in doing work with passion and delights its customers. Hakuna Matata has helped enterprises design advanced solutions in IoT, mobile app development, web services, and automated code design workflows. The company has developed many mission-critical applications and transformed conventional processes, impacting organizations' efficiency and productivity and ensuring rapid growth.

The firm is powered by a talented team of experts with top-grade capabilities and delivers solutions that are simple, fast, and future-proof.

3. Info Vision Labs

Info Vision Labs - Quickcompany

Image Source: QuickCompany


Founded: 2014
Work: 100+ project delivered
Experience: 8+ years

Info Vision Labs has helped more than 70+ global companies achieve excellence and deliver outstanding client services. It accelerates testing with automation and is a company famous for transforming multiple industry verticals. Info Vision Lab's domain expertise lies in banking and financial services, supply chain, retail, logistics, telecommunications, healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing.

The company started with 5 team members and now has around 800+ members, increasing since its inception. It offers services in enterprise mobility, legacy systems modernization, cloud migration, predictive analytics, IoT, AI, and ML.

4. Rapid Acceleration Partners

Rapid Acceleration Partners - Linkedin

Image Source: LinkedIn


Founded: 2017
Work: 7+ million content pieces processed
Experience: 5+ years

Rapid Acceleration Partners created a buzz and stood out when it first started. It continues its legacy and is fueled by a team of talented professionals. The organization aims to transform businesses and achieve excellent operational efficiency and streamlined processes in the technology industries. It delivers high-performing predictable outcomes and helps businesses achieve over 30-70% cost savings long-term. Rapid Acceleration Partners provides AI automation services and makes hyper-automation accessible for businesses of all sizes. The company’s mission is improving customer experiences and democratizing AI worldwide.

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5. Mphasis

Image Source: Mphasis


Founded: 2000
Experience: 22+ years

Mphasis is a digital transformation partner that uses the Front2Back TM approach. The firm uses a combination of many technologically advanced concepts to deliver its clients perfect innovation. The company has designed applications with exciting use cases in domains such as mobile-enabled apps, DevOps, micro-services architectures, and Agile services. This firm believes in fostering superior engagement coupled with unparalleled digital experiences.

Mphasis applies next-gen tech design principles to engineer its services and drive customer-centric digital growth. Its new business models focus on unlocking the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and empowering businesses globally to sharpen their competitive edge. Mphasis produces patented AI solutions and is best known for reducing time to market with its innovative offerings and integrated service transformation solutions.

6. Genpact

Genpact - Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia


Founded: 1997
Work: Revenue of US$ 3.53 billion with 90,000+ employees
Experience: 23 years

Genpact ensures consumer trust and safety, paving the road to global carbon neutrality. The company has recently published its third-quarter results and is considered one of the most promising upcoming players in the global market. The company's core focus areas are consumer goods and retail, high-tech, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, insurance, and banking and capital markets. Genpact has partnered with Mondelez International to use Artificial Intelligence to transform digital functions. Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO of Genpact, firmly believes the team is a group of global changemakers. The company applies deep expertise and collaborative innovation to enable businesses to become successful and help them fulfill their aspirations.

7. Kellton Tech
Kellton Tech - Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia


Founded: 2009
Workforce: 1500+
Experience: 11 years

Kellton Tech is a natural, born-digital tech company that delivers innovative business solutions, bringing exceptional value to organizations. It is working on reducing cyber security risks and designing scalable and future-ready solutions for businesses. Kellton offers infinite possibilities with its technology consulting services and is well-recognized as a pioneer in digital engineering, consumer solutions, and enterprise software development. The company has been globally recognized as the Webbys 2023 Honore for apps, d’Apps, & data management by the Oscars of the internet. Kellton is an AI & ML pioneer and emerging ‘product challenger’ leader in the midmarket segment.

It helps businesses stay ahead of the curve with its innovative cloud engineering and product engineering services, SAP, and legacy modernization. It is known to make business operations future-proof and more resilient. The company has completed several digital transformation projects in energy and utilities, insurance, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, retail & e-commerce, education, chemicals, and healthcare.

8. Cognizant

Cognizant - Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest


Founded: 1994
Workforce: 292000+ over all the world
Experience: 26 years

Cognizant is a digital transformation agency that needs no introduction. They describe their digital transformation services as ‘cohesive’; and we can’t agree more. Cognizant majorly help its clients to re-engineer, digitize, enhance customer experience, achieve high efficiency, minimize expenses, and much more. Its line of work involves system integrations, analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, CRM, and testing solutions.

With its presence in maximum regions of the world, Cognizant is believed to be one of the digital transformation companies that offer true business value to its clients.

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9. Cisco Systems
Cisco systems - Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia


Founded: 1984
Experience: 37 years

Cisco has been working on a wide range of digital transformation initiatives since its founding. It has been serving as a secure and intelligent platform for its clients. Cisco works in 4 different consumer segments: infrastructure platforms, services, applications, and technology security.
The firm stays connected to the future by focusing on digital technologies that strengthen the internet. Cisco is a global conglomerate and the official networking hardware provider of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. It provides robust multi-cloud protection suites from anywhere worldwide and protects apps, data, and businesses. The firm simplifies experiences and focuses on building a digitally inclusive future for all, emphasizing sustainability and security resilience.

It has helped organizations realize business outcomes faster with its AI-driven CX services. Cisco has delivered many innovative products in hybrid networking, mobility and wireless segments, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration solutions, and data centers. It made the dreams of the University of the South Pacific students come true and has fostered change transformation across 12 countries and 2000 islands.  

10. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains - Seekvectorlogo
Image Source: Seekvectorlogo


Founded: 2003
Work: Delivered digital transformation services and solutions to 33 domains worldwide
Experience: 20+ years

Hidden Brains is recognized as a technology innovation leader that helps clients accelerate growth and embrace the latest technologies. It is a CMMI 3 certified, leading offshore software development company and an IT consulting firm that empowers clients from dynamic VC-funded startups to large-scale enterprises. Hidden Brains focuses on achieving project flexibility, versatility, and transparency in all its digital transformation initiatives. It is Agile-driven and has multiple offices in the USA, Norway, UK, and Africa. Its core service offerings are – testing and quality assurance, front-end and backend development (web and mobile), prototyping and MVP development, etc.

Hidden Brains has catered to various industries such as Fintech, logistics and distribution, retail & eCommerce, manufacturing, real estate, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, oil and gas, and utilities. It is the winner of the CES Innovation Awards (Las Vegas, USA), Aegis Graham Bell Award (New Delhi, India), World Quality Commitment Award (Paris, France), and Business Excellent Award (Texas, USA). Hidden Brains was recently awarded as the 'Best Digital Transformation Company of the Year 2023' in New Delhi, India.

How to Choose a Digital Transformation Company?

Choosing the best digital transformation company for your next project will start with identifying and defining your requirements. A PwC study has revealed that over 60% of executives worldwide believe that accelerating transformation across enterprises will contribute to being a significant driver for business growth.

It's essential to look beyond mere buzzwords and identify what business processes require improvement in the first place. You can start by hiring a consultant who can ask you the right questions and help you formulate a business strategy plan that is more personalized to your needs.

Your digital transformation partner should have a proven success track record and have competency, adaptiveness, and leadership skills. An ideal partner is open to change and understands that software and technology requirements evolve with emerging trends. Ensure that your selected partner can integrate new technologies without disrupting your existing processes and has an eye for detail. Measuring project progress and guaranteeing quality outcomes without affecting delivery timelines is also essential.

Finally, your digital transformation partner should have an open line of communication and be transparent. It ensures alignment and understanding and that all parties remain on the same page regarding working on joint project goals and objectives.


Ask yourself if you are taking enough risks and adopt a portfolio view, not a project view when managing your digital transformation investments. It's crucial to build the necessary tolerance to achieve fundamental digital transformation and map out micro-metrics for continued, measured, and intelligent progress.

Although there are many options for digital transformation companies, your choice will depend on your custom requirements, delivery timelines, and budget. We have rounded up some of the best companies for you on our list. You can get started by contacting them and sending your summarized objectives for a quick response.


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