Why is React Native for Startups in 2024?

Why is React Native for Startups in 2024?

Do all the startups prefer react native for mobile apps?

Why do developers choose to react native apps for startups?

What is all this hype around React Native apps?

Do React native apps for the startup really work? 

If you are constantly being nagged by these questions then you have landed at the right place!

A huge lot of people are finding the noble ways to choose the right option for their start-up, so we thought why not help you out here, with this blog.

Every time someone mentions the word ‘Startup’, all we could imagine is a brilliant mind that came up with some driven idea, a passionate team with a zest to achieve, employees with their hands full working effortlessly to make their start-up a hyper-growth company.

One thing is for sure, Startups move fast, real fast. Every delay, every missed opportunity, and every mistake can prove detrimental.

Statistics say that approximately 20% of the startups fail miserably within the first year.

And only 25% touch the 15-year mark. However, there is a way that can help you secure a spot in the 25% crowd. And that is 1. By choosing React native for startups and 2. By hiring React Native developers.

Read this blog till the end to get a complete idea.

What is React Native?

Launched in 2015 by Facebook, React Native is an open source, cross-platform framework. Known as an engine for the apps, React Native builds mobile applications using React. What sets him apart is his competency to accelerate the time of development for various operating systems like Android and iOS.

Some Amazing Facts about React Native

  • With React Native, developers can code once and then use and run it anywhere. It allows you to share 90% of the code between various platforms
  • Written in JavaScript, React Native apps are easily switchable for web developers
  • Can ship the latest app versions without going through the App Store review process.

Famous organizations that prefer React native for mobile apps

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the benefits of React Native are plenty and it is chosen by organizations of all sizes. Here is a list of some famous firms and startup that prefers React Native for mobile apps.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Salesforce
  • UberEATS
  • Pinterest

So, if they can rely on React native, then why not anyone else?

Here are a few top React Native app development firms

Hire React Native Developers

Why do developers choose React Native for startups?

When we look at the list of the most successful apps, we see names like Myntra, Adidas, Tesla, Walmart, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, Whym, Shine, Glitch, Airbnb, etc. Do you know what they are built on? Yes, you guessed it right! On React Native. And we understand why. React Native offers tight tools, documentation, and thankfully a lot of professionals to deliver a startup their desired result. React Native for Startups facilitates a racy platform, top-tier quality of apps, a vivacious ecosystem, and a lot more. 

Benefits of choosing React Native for Startups

  • Top-notch user experience

User experience is one of the things that decide the rise and role of any digital product. React Native apps for startups can prove bliss because they are very responsive and eye-pleasing.

  • Stability

Ever since its inception, React Native has been a very stable framework. It is backed by a huge community that helps React Native developers solve new and unique issues quickly. React Native evolves quickly and fortunately, there is no risk.

  • Extensive availability of developers

React Native is a valued and trusted framework. Its user-friendliness has attracted developers largely. Therefore, you can easily hire React Native developers from many offshoring and outsourcing organizations out there.

  • Faster Time to market

Not just for startups but for every organization, time is money. There is no way a mobile app will work if it is taking too long to reach the market and its potential customers. Fortunately, React Native shortens the development time by 50%. In addition, it can craft MVP twice as fast.

  • Cost Effective

With React Native you can easily create one single app for two different operating systems. Therefore, you automatically save a lot on development expenses.

Technical Benefits of Choosing React Native for Startups

  • Highly compatible with backend technologies

Unlike other frameworks, React Native works wonders with back-end frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails. 

  • Declarative Style

React Native is more about what you want rather than how you want it. When you need to explain to someone how you want it, it is called imperative style, and when you say what you want, it's more of a declarative style. For instance, if you ask your chef for the dish you want to eat, you don’t go around telling them how to make it. 

  • Dynamic Evolvement

Right from its launch in 2015, we have seen React Native only growing in both development and community. Therefore, we can assure you that when startups prefer React Native for mobile apps they will be choosing a future-proof technology and easily available React Native developers.

  • Hot Reload

It is one of the best features of React Native that permits you to update changes in the existing and running application. 

  • Large Open Source Community

Every React Native developer goes to GitHub and Reddit for an issue that they alone cannot solve. The large React Native community is likely to help anyone with a React Native issue.

  • Reusable Components

It’s a time-consuming job when you have to write the same code over and over again. With React Native one can re-use already built-in elements. It works for different operating systems.

  • Third-Party extensions

React Native allows you to use third-party plugins and frameworks such as Galio and Native base.

  • Readymade solutions and Libraries

The reason why React Native can facilitate fast development is that it has a lot of ready-made tools and libraries. Apart from speedy development React Native tools and libraries also help you achieve the look of your choice. For example, if you want the feel and look of Native you can use Nativebase.

What are the signs that you must opt for React Native?

We have already seen a bunch of benefits of React Native, However, we have some well-searched stuff to help you realize that you need React Native.

  • You want top-notch performance
  • You cannot compromise on security and it’s your priority
  • You wish to make your app full of graphics. For instance, with React Native you get advanced interactions, custom animations, screen transitions, etc.

If everything mentioned above matters to you, then we suggest you natively build the application with React Native.


React Native makes a direct call to the Native platform widgets which brings a seamless native experience to the apps. Another great thing about React Native is that it renders the code fast without any dependency on the browser response. React Native can flawlessly reuse the components with component-based architecture, community-powered innovation, third-party plugins, declarative style, open-source community, and minimized cost. Developers can craft mobile apps with a more agile approach in comparison to other hybrid apps.

Likely, the competitors of React Native may not catch up to its offerings since it matures with every release.

If you too are a startup that is looking to hire React Native developers then you can contact us. We with our experts will get back to you at the earliest and assist you with all of your queries.


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