The untold benefits of React Native for Cross Platform App Development

The untold benefits of React Native for Cross Platform App Development

Every time someone mentions React Native for cross-platform app development, it is undoubtedly for some appreciation. And why not? I mean, currently React Native is one of the many powerful technologies that offers a plethora of advantages. What made a buzz around react native is its competency to allow app developers to build a mobile application by just using JavaScript. Now isn’t that amazingly advanced?

If we look at StackOverflow's 2020 Developer survey, React Native is way ahead of other popular cross-platform technologies like Google’s Flutter, Microsoft’s Xamarin, and Adobe’s Cordova. Reason? Well, that is what we are here for today! In this blog, we will see the ‘not so common benefits of React Native for Cross Platform app development and everything around it.

Learn about the most amazing advantages of React Native for cross-platform app development

Advantage #1:

Speedy Development and Maintenance

It is quite obvious that one can develop cross-platform applications faster than the native ones. Since you can develop two or more applications with a single codebase, a lot of effort is automatically eliminated. Android and iOS applications can share up to 99% of the code. This is bliss for startups and organizations that are running on a tight budget.

React Native app developers can develop any one app and then release the second within a matter of a few weeks. React Natives OTA (Over-The-Air) updates support is the cherry on the top. This update helps you to make the changes in the application without any need to prompt the current users to download or update the application. This happens because the update is instilled at the backend and gets updates the next time user opens the application.

Advantage #2:

Greater Reach

Mobile applications have become an ensured way for a business or organization to enhance sales. React Native for cross-platform app development has and is proving very beneficial for business owners of all sizes. Such kinds of apps help you to reach a wider audience since they can reach Android and iOS users with one app. Whether your application is easy or complex, React Native has the power to resolve any issue.

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Advantage #3:

Allows third-party plugins

Due to security concerns, most of the frameworks refrain from third-party plugins. However, it is not the case with Reach Native and its native cross-platform apps. To put it in simple words, React Native is quite flexible when it comes to customization. With these third-party and add-on plugins React Native developers can enjoy the ease and User-friendly interfaces. They can tailor the themes and templates any time they want. Interestingly, React Native was developed for personal use. However, Facebook made it open later.

Advantage #4:

Hot Reload

Speaking of amazing stand-out features, React Native’s hot reload is one of the most popular and valuable features. It is because it permits the react native developers to refresh the app while refreshing. Every time the code changes, it reloads the application automatically. This feature also boosts the development time. In addition, one can live track the recent changes. Hot reload also fetches the real-time data for its users by refreshing the app automatically.

Advantage #5

Community Driven

Having a strong developer community is very essential. It is the most reliable way to get easy and quick solutions to one’s problems while working with a certain technology. For instance, a React Native developer is working on a project and facing some issues in React Native Development; in this case, they can approach the community experts for help. By building the work briefcases, React Developers can share their unique experiences amongst the communities. This eases the work and helps developers write better code.

React Native for cross-platform development is perfect, and here is why

We have already seen a bunch of benefits React Native for cross-platforms offers its developers. In addition to that, they also make applications more stable and robust. Helping to achieve optimal performance and delivering cost-effective solutions are some of the other perks. One of the head-turning features of React Native is that it uses native components from API. This means it gives the look and feel of an individual app even on different platforms. Here are some other reasons why we say React Native for cross-platform development is perfect.

  • More stable app
  • Modular Architecture
  • Cost effective solution
  • Optimal Performance
  • Better Code
  • Pre-loaded elements
  • Flexible development

Some famous tech giants that opted for React Native development

Despite being a newcomer, React Native has gained a lot of popularity. No wonder a lot of big names chose React Native for their application need. Here is the list,

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Bloomberg
  • Walmart


We have tried to put together why React Native for cross-platform development is perfect. Like everything, React Nat8ive has some demerits; fortunately, the advantages overcome them. If you too are looking for React Native developers or React Native app development, we are here for you. You can check out our services here.


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