Top Magento Development Companies in India

Top Magento Development Companies in India

Why do developers need a platform like Magento? How does it benefit businesses? Businesses lack the mechanism to transform their websites into customizable ecommerce platform. Magento has fulfilled that need. Magento is an ecommerce platform and it benefits from its open source technology. It enables easy control of online stores and has a flexible shopping cart.

According to data from Magento itself, there are more than a quarter of a million merchants that rely on it. Magento is in a tussle with Shopify to retains mid-market eCommerce companies.

Big companies like Moschino, Coca-Cola, and Swatch are loyal clients of Magento. These companies enjoy its endless customization options and flexibility. Many major companies aren’t the only ones using Magento. Small companies also make use of Magento’s expert e-commerce platform.

Here are some companies that are top Magento Developing Companies in India

Top Magento Development Companies

1. Clarion Technologies

Clarion has expertise in Magento website development. Their developers have ample experience in providing solutions to niche markets. They have served more than 150+ Magento projects. Most of the clients are in US, Australia, Europe till date.

They have experience in migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2. Here is a magento migration case study about a firm that reached out to them for ecommerce fashion website.

Founded - 2000

Cost - $25 - $49 / hr

Employees - 250 - 999

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2. Emizentech

Emizentech is a Magento development company dedicated for eCommerce development. The company has an impeccable record of portfolio in varied industries. It has a huge clientele of 250+ clients from USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore. The company provides services in Magento Cloud Services to Magento Upgradation.

Founded 2013

Cost - < $25 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

3. Codilar Technologies:

It is an award-winning agile ecommerce development company. It has a design team that specializes in Magento (Adobe Commerce) and Progressive Web Apps. It provides high-performing enterprise-grade ecommerce solutions.

The company believes in understanding of the nuances in customer experience. It also provides IT services for performance, conversion, data analytics, SEO etc,. It has a strong technical expertise to build enterprise-grade features and integrations.

Founded - 2015

Cost - $25 - $49 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

4. Ceymox

The company has immense value for quality and offers advanced commerce solutions. Ceymox offers services in Magento development in eCommerce analytics, management and marketing.

Ceymox offers remote magento development team with option to hire them on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis.

Founded - 2019

Cost - $25 - $49 / hr

Employees - 10 - 49

5. Planet Web Solutions

Planet Web Solutions is a development company. The company is known for deploying world-class Web and Mobile Development solutions.

The company has expertise in web communication and uses it to counter the modern technology. The companies have clients in Start-ups, SME’s, etc. The company has helped clients solve any problem at any layer of development process. The company was listed as Top E-Commerce Developer 2017 by prestigious Clutch.

Founded - Dec - Jan. 2019

Cost - $25 - $49 / hr

Employees - 1-10

What Skills Do Developers Require for Using Magento?

Modular Development

For the Frontend part:

Developers should know MVC architecture


Learn Object-Oriented Programming

Expertise in PHP, Jquery, and Node.js

Data interaction requires knowledge of MySQL

Grunt, Gulp, and Bootstrap as a huge plus.

Configuring Modules requires knowledge of XML


Knowledge on CSS Pre-processors, such as SaSS and Stylus. Other skills needed are in Search Engines, and creating inovative responsive websites.



1. Certification

The Magento certified exam is a true test of a developer's abilities because it certifies them as a Magento web developer and reveals their true competence.

2. Testing and Development in a Clean Environment

When a large number of individuals are working on a single website, maintaining the system's security becomes a challenge. That particular problem can be easily and fully remedied through clean development. Furthermore, using GitHub to test the system might result in faster website development, which is why a professional Magento web developer is essential.

To pass this exam, a developer must have both practical experience and technical understanding of the platform, as well as demonstrate inventiveness in problem-solving. 

3. Programming Languages Expertise

Magento developers must have a working knowledge of at least a few basic programming languages in order to build websites and run businesses effectively. Frontend developers should be comfortable with languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, whereas backend developers should be comfortable with Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python.

Custom capabilities in the form of modules that may be easily integrated into your Magento store must be added using Javascript. Along with Javascript, Magento developers should be familiar with CMS and MVC frameworks.

A Magento developer should also be familiar with web development languages and query languages.


Since it is fast, optimized, and user-friendly, Magento is an ideal eCommerce platform. The rivalry is heating up between ecommerce platforms like Magento. You may use it to store and achieve a competitive advantage. You can also streamline all of your business procedures. So, before you lose out a good opportunity, use our highly trained Magento Expert services.


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