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How to Hire the Best Front-End Developers for your Organization

How to Hire the Best Front-End Developers for your Organization

A user interface is similar to a wisecrack. If you have to interpret it, it’s not that great. You need a very skillful front-end developer to create a great user interface for your applications. Finding such front-end developers is not an easy job and when you find one, it’s always hard to retain them for a long time. Various studies reveal that the companies concentrate on improving UI/UX can earn ROI up to USD 10-100 per dollar.

This blog gives you an idea of how to hire the best front-end developers for your organizations by citing various must-have technical & soft skills.

Fresher front-end developer

If you are hiring a fresher front-end developer for your organization, the candidate must have the following skills:

  • HTML/CSS: Knowing HTML and CSS is the basic requirement of a front-end developer. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it used to create web pages. It is the most basic block which is required for web development.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a basic coding language of front-end development. Developers use CSS to stylize the fonts, colors, and layouts of the HTML pages. 

  • JavaScript/jQuery: JavaScript helps you define the functionality of a webpage. If you need to add interactive features including games, audio & video, page animation, scrolling, etc. knowing JavaScript is a must for a front-end developer.

Along with JavaScript, knowing jQuery is an essential skill of a front-end developer. jQuery is a library comprises various plugins and extensions. It makes the webpage development with JavaScript easy in many ways. jQuery can compress multiple JavaScript code lines into a single coding line.

  • CSS Preprocessors: If you want to start your career as a front-end developer, you must have knowledge of CSS preprocessors. Without the preprocessors, CSS is incomplete. The CSS preprocessors like Sass, LESS, or Stylus make CSS more viable and advanced with upcoming functionalities.
  • Version Control/Git: Any front-end developer must know version controlling which allows recording the changes done to files. It helps to recall specific versions upon requirements.
  • Responsive Design: Do you remember the days when we used only desktops to look at the web pages? Today we access web pages in multiple devices like cellphones, tablets, and computers with different-size-monitors. Have you ever noticed how web pages adjust themselves as per various devices? This is where responsive design comes to the scene. Therefore, any front-end developer must understand the principles of responsive designs and how to apply them practically.


Nowadays, the industry is focusing on a mobile-first approach with the rapid increase of mobile phone users across the globe.

  • Debugging & Testing: In simple words, a bug is a coding error. Today every IT company has a different team for software testing. However, programming basic error-free code is a crucial skill of a front-end developer. They must know functional and unit testing.
  • Browser Development Tools: We use different browsers and each has a separate web page rendering process. If your web page is not rendered correctly, it’s a failure. This is where the browser development tools come into play. Such tool comprises an inspector and JavaScript console which allows you to edit the HTML & CSS code and change them in real-time.

Experienced Front-end developer

If you are hiring an experienced front-end web developer, he/she must know the version 6 of ECMA Script Programming Language (ES6). This is nothing but standard and an enhanced name of JavaScript. With more features than JavaScript, ES6 eases large-scale software development.

Highly Skilled Front-end developer

If you are hiring a front-end developer for a senior position at your organization, he/she must know Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD is a programming and agile design technique. In TDD, a developer first writes a test before creating code. And if the code fails in the test, the developers rectifies production code until it passes the test.

Soft Skills

Besides having these technical skills, a good front-end web developer must have some basic soft skills. An enthusiast should love web development and they should have communication and teamwork skills to collaborate within a team.

In service-based IT companies, the developers get the opportunity to interact with the customers directly. Hence, having good communication skills are like icing on the cake.  

To sum up, we can say that a good web developer must have these basic skills to contribute to a great user interface. The front-end development industry is crowded with a large number of technologies. And the hiring process varies from project to project and technology to technology. A front-end web developer having these basic skills, would be easy to train and make him/her ready to work on new frontend technologies.

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