Meta created Threads straight within six months.

Can you build such a humongous app within a restricted timeline, like six months?

Yes, it's possible. Building an app like Threads is not a distant dream if you plan well as Meta did! In this blog, we will share comprehensive details to build an app like Threads, along with monetization options that you can leverage.

What is Threads App - The Meta App?

Threads app created by Meta Inc. on July 5, 2023. Threads broke all the records by attracting 100 million accounts in five days as an innovative social media platform.

It's similar to Twitter but closely integrated with Instagram. Like Twitter (now X), it allows you to post your views and pictures with your friends, but in threads format.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, “Threads is a public-friendly place to start conversations. It's about discussing things that have been on my mind.”

If you have doubts about whether creating an app like Threads is beneficial in the long term, here you can understand why an app like Threads is an excellent opportunity.

Why Should You Develop an App Like Threads?

#1. Higher Market Demand

As per Statista, in January 2023, two billion people were using WhatsApp every month. WeChat has 1.3 billion, and the good old Facebook Messenger has fewer than a million users worldwide. There is a constant demand for secure and feature-rich communication platforms.

#2. Better Revenue Potential Monetization Opportunities:

Messaging apps offer monetization models, including in-app advertising, subscriptions, and premium features, making it a potentially profitable endeavor.

Now that we have solid reasons for developing Threads apps, it is time to look at its features. Features are the integral attraction of any app like Instagram, which has reels.

What Features Would You Require?

User Profile

Allows users to set up a profile.

Real-Time Messaging

Users must be able to respond in real-time.

Multimedia Support

It should support text and media like photos, videos, and gifs.

Push Notification

App users must get notified about new updates and their other activities in real-time.

Search & Filters

Users can search through posts or accounts. There must be a filter for accurate results.

Reactions & Emojis

Reactions and emojis that allows users to react to post and express their emotions.

Message Edits or Deletion

This feature allows editing the sent message. Even users can delete messages, as we do on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Security & Privacy

This feature allows users the choice to keep their profile open or private.

Block & Report

For those who want to block or report the profile.

Analytics and User Insights

To analyze account information and gain insights.


Step-by-Step Process to Develop Apps Like Threads

Stage #1: Define the app idea, key features, audience, and budget

Meta planned the app for eight years before launching! Let's determine the three critical parts we must undertake in the planning stage.

  • Business analysis - This is a preliminary stage where you investigate the idea and analyze the competition. Other activities include SWOT analysis, ROI calculation, and app scope. 
  • Strategy - This stage includes conducting market research to gauge the demand, defining the user persona, developing a promotion strategy, etc. 
  • Technical documentation - Last but not least, you outline the app requirements and logic in the documentation 

2. Start Wireframing and Prototyping

Through wireframing, UI/UX designers build user flows and app screens to understand how the final app will look.

3. Decide on Tech Stack

Now, it's time to decide on the tech stack. You will have multiple options. For example, Java, Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, and React Native or cross-platform apps.

4. Start Code Development

After making a prototype, hire developers who will code the app as per the final prototype.

5. Testing and Making Sure of Quality

Testing allows us to find bugs and errors that can limit user experience. Remove errors before the app’s deployment. The QA team ensures everything works as intended in the starting phases.

6. Deployment and Post-Deployment Maintenance

Once the app passes the QA test, deploy it on Apple stores or Google Play Store. But the work doesn't end there. As users grow, you must maintain the app, update code, and resolve user queries.

How to Generate Revenue by Developing Threads App?

#1. In-app advertising

According to Statista, advertising was the top channel for app revenue, with more than USD 265 billion generated via this method. You can also leverage in-app marketing, such as banner and native ads, to earn revenue. Ad networks like Google AdMob are popular to manage and display mobile ads.

#2. Freemium Model

Here, you offer basic features in the free version. For the premium version, the best example is Twitter taking $8 to verify a Twitter account.

#3. E-commerce Integration

You can also use this method to enable brands and online stores to link their shop and help users buy products directly without leaving the app. You can either take a small commission fee on every purchase or charge a monthly subscription fee for e-commerce.

#4. Data Monetization

Use this method with precaution. Many social media apps provide user data and insights for valuable market research and analysis services to third parties. However, maintain strict adherence to privacy regulations. Always get user consent before you share data with third parties.

#5. Sponsored posts

Brands or individuals who need exposure can pay for sponsored posts. So, you can collaborate with them and collect revenue for special promotions or sponsored posts within the app.

How Can a Top App Development Company Help You?

Meta saw an opportunity to launch Threads. Meta created Threads in a record six months and launched what you can call MVP - Minimum Viable Product.

The app has enormous potential, and you can be a part of this, too. The right app development company will help you turn your idea into reality.

At Clarion Technologies, we do the proper planning, research, and execution to help build next-gen apps with our mobile app development services. Hire App Developers today and get started to build apps that are high on performance and experience!


Q1. Why is Threads a hot topic in the town today?

After massive changes to Twitter, including the limited post visibility, users started looking for alternatives. So, when Meta launched Threads, a similar app to Twitter, it instantly became a hot topic in the town, hitting 70 million sign-ups in just two days!

Q2. How Does the Threads App Work?

It's a text-based platform that allows anybody to write their opinions and interact with the public.

Q3. What is the Development Cost of an App Similar to Threads?

Factors like the number of developers, designers, and testers you hire; the company's location; the complexity; UI/UX design; app development platform (Native or Cross-platform), etc. can drive the cost of your app.


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