Emerging Front-End Development Technologies In 2023

Emerging Front-End Development Technologies In 2023

Technologies come in different packages! Some are pure like pedigree and some are not. As user interface of a web portal is considered to be the foundation of your public image and business success, why won’t one adopt the best front-end technologies which will help to offer the best-in-class front-end services? Read further to know the latest front-end development technologies to look out for, in 2023.

Latest Frontend Development Technologies to Use in 2023

Top JavaScript Frameworks

React JS

React JS (GitHub Stars: 1, 21,137) was introduced by Facebook in 2013 and it is widely used as a development base for creating a single page as well as mobile applications. It also uses Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) that helps to arrange documents in HTML, XHTML, and XML formats. Combining React JS with ES6/7 (ECMA Script programming language), also lets you function seamlessly during high loads.

Key Features:

  • Easy to learn with basic HTML writing skill
  • Downward data binding enables a data flow where child data can’t affect the parent data
  • Easy migration between the versions with Facebook’s Codemods.
  • With the inclusion of Redux (a JavasScript library) it has one-way data binding. (Data binding refers to the process that creates a connection between the application’s user interface and business logic)

Some of the top applications developed with React JS are Facebook ads supervisor, Bloomberg, AirBnB, Gyroscope, Myntra, Instagram, UberEats, etc.


AngularJS (GitHub Stars: 59,371) was released in 2016 and the current stable version is Angular 7.2.0. It is powered by Google.  Being one of the top front-end development tools, it gives high performance with independent classes. It also helps to expand the HTML syntax for the applications. Angular JS uses a programming language called TypeScript, which helps in creating both client side and server side applications.

Key Features:

  • Code hybrid web applications
  • Allows using JavaScript with MVC to code client-side applications
  • Eliminates common errors and help to write error-free codes
  • Two-way data binding.

Some of the top applications developed with Angular are The Guardian, PayPal, JetBlue, Lego, iStock Photo, Upwork, Netflix, etc.


Vue.js (GitHub Stars: 126,726) is easy to learn JavaScript library introduced to the market in 2014. It is a popular web interface development tool. More than a technology Vue.js is a proud ecosystem which is easily adaptable as it is lightweight. It is also used to create single page applications. The runtime of Vue.js is 20KB min+gzip.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for small size projects
  • Use virtual DOM
  • Can develop large reusable templates
  • Offers both one and two-way data binding

Some of the top applications developed with Vue.js are 9gag, Behance, Nintendo, Chess, Gitlab, Wizzair, etc.

Top CSS Preprocessors


Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets. It’s an extension of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is as a coding language used to enhance the style and format of web pages.  Being a preprocessor of CSS, Sass modifies data so that it conforms to the input requirement of CSS.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with any CSS code
  • Supports language extensions
  • Controls directives for libraries
  • Offers customizable output

Some of the top companies using Sass are AirBnB, Asana, Square, Hubspot, Kickstarter, Pandora, etc.


Less stands for Leaner Style Sheets and gives support for CSS languages. It is a pre-processor that enables the developers to use various techniques which make CSS more viable and extendable. You require NodeJS to run Less and it can give you accurate error messages than any other pre-processors.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly documentation
  • Advanced CSS higher-level style syntax
  • More fragmented software support

The market is witnessing inception of various front-end technologies everyday with feature rich hybrid technical specifications to make your job easy. To get a marginal return on your investment, extensive and meticulous research on these cutting-edge front-end technologies is required, before going ahead.

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