What Are the Top Five Best Cross-Platform Productivity Apps in 2023?

What Are the Top Five Best Cross-Platform Productivity Apps in 2023?

We constantly seek to accomplish more work in less time. We always look for ways to make our work easier. With the assistance of different apps that work on cross-platform devices, we can make our work simple.

Using these particular apps makes managing multiple assignments much easier. These apps act simultaneously as a manager, organizer, Automator, and reminder, which helps to enhance productivity not only for firms but also for software developers who can face the problem of piling work.

To identify the applications that address their particular productivity problem and other pain points for firms. Organizations can use the best available productivity applications to eliminate these pain points. This allows them to concentrate on using a small number of specific specialized applications. 

We have identified the following issues with firms that are looking to use productivity apps. #Poor internal communication, time-consuming, tedious, and #repetitive manual tasks, ineffective collaboration, #operational errors, #stress, underproductive workers, scheduling mistakes, and #lack of employee training.

We've searched through mobile apps to find some fantastic options, including calendar apps, to-do lists, note-taking apps, and mobile office suites. Here is a list for you, which includes some top productivity applications available right now for iOS and Android, and the web.

1. Hive

Connects to all of your tools and puts an end to switching between six different tools to obtain the data you require. With Hive, you can make use of over 1,000 integrations to consolidate all of your data onto a single dashboard for optimum effectiveness.


  • SOLO - $0 Free forever
  • TEAMS - $12 Per user/Per month
  • ENTERPRISE - Get in touch with the Hive executive for this package


  • Hive is open-source. It is free.
  • Hive can handle and query enormous datasets kept in the Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • Hive Query Language allows several users to query the data concurrently.
  • Hive supports a wide range of file formats, including textFile, ORC, Avro Files, SequenceFile, Parquet, RCFile, and LZO Compression.
  • Hive employs a query language called Hive that is similar to SQL.

2. Doodle

Doodle is a fast and easy way to schedule meetings and collaborations. Instead of sharing a calendar, you can share your booking page or an invite. You can control who can book and when.


  • Pro - For professionals who want an automated scheduling solution - € 6.95 /user/month paid annually for 1 user
  • Team - For teams who need increased productivity and collaboration - € 8.95/user/ month paid annually for 5 users
  • Enterprise - For enterprises and large teams looking for enhanced customization, control, and support – Contact Doodle executives for exact pricing.


  • Calendar connection
  • As you choose a time, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, and iCal will display your availability.
  • Be discreet and safeguard the data of your participants.
  • Automatically add Zoom video links to all of your scheduled events.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Office Add-in
  • Calendar sync for events

3. Todoist

Using Todoist's strong natural language recognition and repeating dates, you can quickly add activities like "Read work emails every day at 10 am" to your to-do list. No matter where you are, you can evaluate your upcoming tasks and add new ones with the help of more than 10 apps and plugins. Every single one of your gadgets keeps everything in perfect sync.


  • Free - For starters – US $0
  • Pro - For power users – US $4 per month, billed annually, US$5 billed monthly
  • Business - For teams – US $6 per user per month, billed annually, US$8 billed monthly


  • Delegate tasks
  • Notifications
  • Labels
  • Filters
  • Themes
  • Add tasks via email
  • Calendar feeds
  • Productivity visualizations
  • Activity history
  • Completed tasks archive

4. Toggl

Whether you are a team of one or a thousand, everyone has a different way of being productive, and for that purpose, you can use Toggl. Toggl Track is integrated into every process in conjunction with your current tools. The Toggl Track browser extension lets you track time in more than 100 widely used programs.

Spreadsheets fail miserably when used to oversee numerous projects. We can easily manage ten or more tasks at once with Toggl Plan. It helps to plan, work with others, and complete projects without becoming overburdened.

Conduct discovery interviews, record an introduction to invite candidates, choose your questions, and then watch the responses come in. You can use toggle hire to watch videos in your comfort.


Toggl track

  • Free - Free for up to 5 users. $0/month
  • Starter - $9 per user per month
  • Premium per month $18 per user
  • Enterprise - Tailored solutions for your large or complex organization

Toggl Plan

  • Team - $ 8 per user per month
  • Business - $13.35Per user per month

Toggl Hire

  • Free - $0 per/month
  • Basic - $17/month Only billed annually at $199
  • Premium - $199/month
  • Business - $399/month


Toggl Track

Toggle Plan

Toggl Hire

Time Tracking: Use the Timeline feature to automatically track every program or website you use.

Jira Sync will make sure that your Toggl Track Workspace and your Jira data are synchronized, allowing you to begin tracking time straight away.

Project Planning:

Building visual roadmaps and project timetables are straightforward with drag-and-drop timelines in project planning. When something unexpected happens or a hurdle arises, adjust equally swiftly.

Concentrate only on quality candidates:

Your screening procedure will become a magical quality filter if you include a skills test. Automatic (yet kind) rejection of unfit candidates frees up your time to


Reporting: Create straightforward, client-ready visualizations and reports through CSV or PDF, and filter and arrange your data according to the degree of detail you wish to view.

Set up a regular delivery of your preferred reports to your mailbox.

Resource Planning:

Planning your resources will help you increase billable hours without overworking your team. View everyone's schedule clearly and balance tasks using drag and drop.


Concentrate On Strong Performers:

Discover the ideal skill match

Although there isn't a perfect applicant, there is a perfect skill fit. Watch the technical and interpersonal abilities of applicants in action, assess how well they fit into the culture, and hire with confidence.

Tracking projects and revenue: Budgets, timetables, and progress should all be anticipated. With simple-to-read visual data, you may identify issues early and stave off scope creep.

To easily see what actions are bringing in money, assign billable rates by workspace, team, project, or project member.

Task Management: Add as little or as much information as necessary, depending on where you are in the project's lifecycle. Assign or collaborate on assignments with checklists, file attachments, and feedback comments.

Reduce hiring time by prioritizing top candidates:

Automate candidate screening to eliminate busy work and concentrate on the most qualified individuals. Recognize top performers quickly and advance them through the employment process.

Scheduling and managing the team:

Check-in with your team to determine who is working above their limits and who might be able to assist.

Leave manual auditing behind! 


Simultaneously Interviewing Several Prospects:

Run discovery interviews, simply record an introduction to welcome prospects, choose your questions, and wait for the responses to come in. You can watch and evaluate videos whenever you like.

5. Google Docs

The free, web-based Google Docs Editors package, which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep, contains a free online word processor called Google Docs. Google Docs can also be used from a web browser as it is a web-based application. It is also accessible as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices and as a desktop program for Google's Chrome OS.


  • For Personal use – It’s free - Go to Drive
  • Business Standard - $12 USD/user/month
  • For more packages check more plans

Here’s a case study – our highly skilled and experienced developers helped a client in redeveloping an application to automate data processing, workflow, and inventory management.

6. Conclusion

We have provided information on five basic productivity apps that will help you find ways to work more quickly, collaboratively, and efficiently. Many companies have discovered productivity apps to be a godsend, especially now that remote/virtual work—once again has become the new standard.

For more information on automated integration platforms for a business to leverage the full power of its data, you can check our blog on Workato and its amazing features.

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