Best Agile Project Management Tools

Best Agile Project Management Tools

How can you use agile project management to define your business goals? Why has it radically changed software development? As businesses have embraced agile project management, new tools have become available that help improve operational efficiency, offer flexibility, and save time and cost.

Since developers know and understand what agile is and its capabilities, they want to leverage its potential to boost your business. But how can they successfully implement and accomplish this? With the help of agile project management tools, developers can offer quick delivery, frequent evaluation, adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and adaptability.  

In software development, agile project management tools help them split an enormous task into more minor tasks. Developers can pair these tasks with sprints as brief and incremental work stages. Agile project management tools allow teams to finish projects on schedule without compromising quality.

So, when you hire developers for your team, how does agile project management improve your projects? Here are some facts & figures about why businesses need agile methodology.

Did You Know?

  • 71% of firms use agile methodologies frequently - Project Management Institute.
  • Agile projects have a 28% higher success rate than conventional programs – PwC.
  • According to a study, 89%of organizations now have at least one project management office (PMO), and 50% have more than one – Willington.

Many businesses and functions want an agile approach. It helps them to transform their traditional management. Here is a McKinsey & Company study on how firms implement new values, principles, practices, and benefits with agile.

bar-chartSo how can you adopt the best agile project management practices with suitable tools for your business? We have compiled a list of project management tools. But, before you can check the main features, costs, and unique aspects, here is something else you should check.

1. What are the Most Common Features Of Best Agile Project Management Tools?

These features below are standard in most basic packages of all available project management tools.

agileIs the Solution On-Premise or Cloud-Based?

While most project management tools include cloud-based, several also provide on-premise choices. Jira and Icescrum are two examples that you can use in that field.

The hosting location and the pricing model are the two distinctions between cloud-based and on-premise software. Cloud project management software typically has monthly pricing based on how many people you require. However, if you choose to purchase the on-premise program, you'll probably have to pay a one-time price, more expensive than the monthly rates.

2. List of Agile Project Management Tools with Unique Features, Rating, and Pricing

In this list, we have mentioned some unique features in basic packages, while some do not include any special features apart from all the standard features mentioned above.

1. Jira (Web-based, online, and Cloud-based)

JIRA is a well-liked project management solution for software professionals and institutional designers using shared environments. Customizable Scrum boards and adaptable Kanban boards are crucial components of JIRA. It provides full compatibility with popular settings like Eclipse. Additionally, you can use customized.

JIRA also offers configurable developer tool connectors, cumulative flow diagrams, reporting, issues, bug tracking, and other vital capabilities.

Unique Feature in Jira

Milestones - Milestones (ML) are significant advancement points that aid in maintaining focus during specific periods within a project timeline. As a result, they are essential to the project's success.

jiraUse Case

The team of technologists at Walmart Lab relies on Jira to help them stay focused on the current projects. Creating technology to continuously innovate Walmart's in-store and online shopping experience is no easy undertaking.

Companies currently using Jira - Walmart, Toyota, Samsung, etc.

Why should you use #Jira? 

  • JIRA Confluence is a tool that may be added to the rest of the JIRA software to assist work teams in communicating and exchanging helpful information.
  • JIRA Portfolio is an additional tool that can be used with JIRA and is made to assist in creating plans, give users a clearer understanding of the entire process, and share project parties.

Rating – 4.4


  • Free - $0 Always free
  • Standard - $7.50 monthly per user (average), $75 a month (10 users)
  • Premium - $14.50 per user (average), $145 a month (10 users)
  • Enterprise - Billed annually.

For more info on Jira, check our blog on Jira software.

2. Active Collab (Online and Cloud-based)

Active Collab, a commercial agile project management software application, enables tasks like task management, filtering, and email integration through a workflow. This application fosters practical team cooperation and offers various benefits, such as an intuitive, dependable, and beautiful user interface.

Unique Feature

Workflow Management - It is a tool that enables the team as a whole to get organized, make the workflow clear, and consistently fulfill deadlines.

Companies currently using Active Collab – Allianz, DHL, Cisco, etc.

Why use #Active Collab?

You receive precisely what the firm describes as a "Powerful yet simple project management solution."

Rating – 4.5


  • Free - $0 for three members with yearly billing
  • Plus - $7.5 - annually billed for three members
  • Pro - For larger teams and businesses that require a centralized view of the entire business and workflow. Per-member billing. - $6.25

3. Agilo for Scrum (Platform-based Project Management Tool)

Agilo for Scrum, also known as Agilo for Trac, works best for distributed teams for communication. This product provides a real-time workflow, a real-time scrum board, premium themes, customization, and email integration.

Additionally, it is possible to get an overview of the ongoing processes for your product. It also allows first- and second-sprint planning, as well as a sprint estimating.

Unique Feature

Gantt charts - In Agile environments, Gantt charts can be significantly helpful when modifying project plans. Teams, clients, and stakeholders can all benefit from using Gantt charts.

Why use #Agilo for scrum?

Agilo for Scrum has similar standard and essential features for providing an intuitive workflow, which provides an advantage of agile for project management.

Rating – 3.5

Pricing –

A free trial is available.

4. SpiraTeam by Inflectra (Platform and online-based Project Management Tool)

SpiraTeam is a powerful tool that handles tasks, requirements, versions, iterations, and bug-related issues for projects. This tool supports software development methodologies like Scrum, Agile UP, and Extreme programming.

Some Unique Features –

Resource Management - You may load balance task resource allocations and schedule team members with SpiraTeam. Team members can update their actual and remaining effort progress as they complete their allocated duties. This gives project managers real-time insight into the iteration's progress and early warning signs of timetable overrun.

Workspace  - You can utilize workspaces with up to three levels to arrange all of your data in Spira. Your tests, requirements, and issues live in your products. These are organized within Programs.

Why use #SpiraTeam?

The tool's user interface offers a unique homepage for each project, making it easy to track the entire situation quickly.

Rating – 4.5

Pricing –

  • SpiraPlan - 10 concurrent users - $5,702.29

Check out for more yearly plans ($47.52 per concurrent user per month).

5. Pivotal Tracker (Online-based Project Management Tool)

A pivotal tracker is a valuable tool for web and mobile software developers. It supports the development and keeps track of all stories until execution. This tool's key features include estimation and prioritizing, multi-project report spaces, burn-up, cycle time reports, and released reports. Other significant features of this application include search, file sharing, task management, maintaining project histories, story associations, bulletins, etc.

Unique Feature –

Workspaces to organize your tasks - Create your ideal workstation using multi-project workspaces to view the project and manage many tasks on a single screen.

Why use #Pivotal Tracker?

It also offers guidance for breaking a project into digestible chunks. Additionally, it provides a transparent glimpse of team preferences for coordination.

Rating – 4.3

Pricing –

  • Monthly

$10 / month*, $1.00 / collaborator

  • Yearly (2 months free)

$100 / year*, $0.83 / collaborator

6. VSTS (Azure DevOps Services – Online-based Project Management Tool)

VSTS has newly released Azure DevOps Services that provides practically all the features needed to support scrum teams as one of the most effective tools for managing agile projects. It includes extensible Kanban boards, outstanding inventory tracking, dashboards for customized, built-in scrum boards, extended integration, and Git client support. Other crucial aspects include backlog management, capacity management, and an intuitive and appealing interface.

Unique Feature

Azure Pipelines - Azure Pipelines feature helps create workflows for automating builds and tests, enabling continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD). Azure Pipelines offers to build agents and execute test tasks based on the project type and language, making working code accessible to others.

Why use #Azure DevOps Services?

With the help of this application, it is possible to automatically manage the code versions, test documents, and work items, including scenarios, test tasks, problems, and hazards.

Rating – 4.4

Pricing –

Individual Services Plan starts with a free trial

User Licenses Plan

  • Basic Plan starts with a free trial
  • Basic + Test Plan - $52 per user per month

7. Icescrum (Platform, Online, and Cloud-based Project Management Tool)

Icescrum is a free and open-source solution for managing agile projects. Icescrum offers a variety of helpful capabilities. It can track agile items like releases, sprints, defect stories, and acceptance tests. Other noteworthy features include the ability to collaborate via a virtual task board, the extensibility of instant messaging, the provision of an API for web services, embedded HTML widgets, and Slack integration. The professional edition will offer more features, including cloud storage and feedback choices.

Some Unique Features

Integrations - Icecream’s basic functionality includes all the necessary tools to support an agile team. Teams, however, may benefit from more sophisticated and specialized capabilities depending on their projects' context, tooling, and restrictions. IceScrum offers these functionalities as Apps. The "Apps & Integrations" menu of the project allows scrum masters and product owners to enable or disable Apps at any moment to modify IceScrum's capabilities as team procedures change.

Why use #Icescrum?

It helps to better plan, communicate, and deliver work using Scrum pillars. This tool supports version control, bug tracking, continuous integration, and IntelliJ IDEA.

Rating – 4.2


Monthly - On cloud

Small Team - 8.90€/month

Teams Popular - 39.90€/month

Business - 349.00€/month

Monthly On-premise

Starter - 990€/year

Enterprise Popular - 2990€/year

Corporate - 9990€/year

8. SprintGrounds (Online-based)

SprintGround is an excellent option for agile software developers since it offers efficient task management. It can organize, classify, schedule, refine, and investigate tasks. Some of the capabilities provided by the program include issue and bug tracking, track time, automatic estimates, and development progress.

Why use #SprintGrounds?

Along with supporting the Scrum and Kanban methodologies, this application collaborates with the team and task management in real-time. It organizes recommendations, inquiries, and feedback. It also enables the visual analysis of the stuff phenomena in the project.

Rating - 5


Free plan - 3 users, two projects, 50 MB storage limitation

Starter plan 45/month, eight users, 1 GB storage

Business plan - 180/month with 20 users and 2 GB space

Enterprise plan - 8.50/user/month with 5 GB storage

9. VersionOne (Online-based) 

Agile software development workers can benefit from VersionOne, especially working in dispersed environments and supporting the agile project management process framework, Kanban, and hybrid approach. This tool has a simple connection process with the software development environment.

Unique Feature

Complete visibility - Automate visibility into decision-making throughout the entire software lifetime.

Why use #VersionOne?

The most crucial features are end-to-end visibility, team integrity, customizations, user story management, sprint release and planning, storyboard, task board, test board, and test track.

Rating – 4.1


TEAM - Free

Catalyst: 20 User Pack $175 / Month

Enterprise: $29 /User / Month

Ultimate: $39 /User / Month

Free 30-Day Trial

10. Taiga (Platform and Web-based)

Taiga, which offers open-source, issue tracking, multiplatform importers, and easy customization, is the perfect solution for developers.

Unique Feature

Customization - Overview of activities' progress and delivered products.

Why use #Taiga?

Taiga supports Kanban and Scrum methodologies. Team members can also use it to make video calls.

Rating – 4.4


BASIC - Free


On-premise - SELF-MANAGED for free

Managed For You – chargeable

Agile Project Management Tools Comparison Chart

comparisionHere is a case study - Our developers helped streamline development strategies and DevOps practices to automate the Trading services for a client from the banking industry.

Some More Tools Worth Mentioning

11. #Wrike

Wrike offers flexibility to manage numerous projects and teams, which promotes customization and communication among team members. Developers will get the latest and correct information during the agile process. Additionally, the program offers email integration via project management.

Pro Tip: It's pretty simple, and the options are simple to comprehend and use. This is very helpful for agencies that may have team members with less technical skill sets as well as web engineers who integrate agile DevOps into their operations.

Rating – 4.2

Pricing –

Free - $0, Unlimited users

Professional - $9.8 user/month

Business - $24.8 user/month

Enterprise - Contact us for pricing for 5+ users

12. #Trello

One of the well-liked project management tools is Trello, which is based on the Kanban method. The platforms for mobile use support it. Boards with lists, each with progressive cards, can define projects.

One can add checklists, use checklists, and the opportunity to add attachments and make comments to the list of positive aspects.

Pro Tip: Trello is also excellent for remote teams. Remote Agile teams can store their Scrum boards. Trello can manage a Kanban workflow if you're more into the Kanban technique.

Rating – 4.4

Pricing –

Free - $0.00

Standard - $5.00 Per Month

Premium - $10.00 100 Users Per Month

Enterprise - Contact Us Per Year

13. #Axosoft

This solution, in conjunction with Scrum, offers centralized project management with client communication and support for feedback. Additionally, it provides planning for development, outlining the steps of the process, effective developer communication, and early detection and resolution of problems before the delivery stage.

Rating – 4.0


Hosted By Us - $25 user/month

Installed by you - $250 per user

14. #Planbox

Agile project management software on the cloud, Planbox, supports the Scrum methodology. This tool is appropriate for small, medium, and large businesses. It enables collaboration among team members and the transition of software development to an agile life cycle. Version management, iteration, story monitoring, backlog tracking, preferences, roles, sprints, and estimation are some of the tool's essential features, including task lists, time tracking, file sharing, reporting, messaging, evaluation, etc.

Rating – 4.7


Not Provided

15. #Asana

One of the most effective task management programs is Asana, which enables groups to collaborate, plan, and monitor the progress of projects. Each assignment may come with a note, a comment, a note, and a mark. It is simple to use and appropriate for both minor and significant processes.

Pro Tip: Asana offers unlimited support for teams, projects, communications, activity logs, file storage, different project views, and more. You can utilize the free plan indefinitely if you manage simple tasks with fewer than 15 members. Even better, you may integrate for free with your preferred time tracking tools. Since most solutions charge extra for time tracking and forbid integrations on the free plan, this is a fantastic deal.

Rating – 4.3


Basic - member/ per month $ 0

Premium - per member/ per month starts at $ 10.99

Business - per member/ per month $ 24.99

Enterprise - Contact us

3. Conclusion

Most of these tools for developing agile software share capabilities, such as dashboards to manage your agile projects more effectively. Choose a tool that doesn't "get in the way" of you developing and releasing your product; it should have an ideal mix of processes and the level of customization that your team(s) needs.

Clarion has a unique vEmployee model, a blend of managed services and capacity models. With this model, we attract the top 5% of the talent hand-picked for your needs. Our CMMI Level 3 certification ensures that we follow mature practices.

Our agile project management techniques enable on-time deliverables, shorter development cycles, and testing. We ensure code developed has the highest quality, and our developers are fully responsible for taking ownership of every piece of code.

We involve our clients in sprint planning to guarantee development cycles match business needs and maintain delivery cycles. We also update our clients on all project-related developments and provide them with quantifiable and timely insights.

With our experienced software developers at Clarion, we can support you if you require help creating and managing a market-competitive agile software solution. Contact us at with your project requirements; we offer a 2-week risk-free trial. We guarantee a valuable partnership with all our clients to provide them with quality service and transparency, demonstrating our commitment.


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