Learn How Workato Makes Slack as Your Issue Management Hub

Learn How Workato Makes Slack as Your Issue Management Hub

The challenge for every organization is that information is scattered across dozens of different applications. This scattered information is leading to an array of business problems including losing time as workers search for information across the applications. Individually, the applications perform effectively, but when combined together, there are serious productive issues with them. That is the challenge the Workato intends to solve.

Two such applications are Jira and Slack. Jira is widely used as issue tracking software in most businesses. When something goes wrong, it is important to get everyone who can support, on the same page. Whereas Slack is a communication tool and an exact fit for these kinds of incident response.

If you’re working in Slack and want to look up a certain issue in Jira, you can ask Workato’s Slack Workbot to find the issue without jumping out of your workflow. Integrating Slack with Jira allows you to find the issue details directly on your Slack channel. This blog addresses how effectively Workato supports Jira and Slack connectivity that other native connectors simply can’t.

Unlock the Reasons for Jira Slack Integration Using Workato

Most of the companies are using Jira for issue management and Slack for internal communication. Jira is used in several different use cases, including managing project requirements & tasks, tracking issues, and offering customer support. Since the information is fragmented across various systems, companies lose in revenues due to workflow inefficiencies. Fortunately, you can bridge the workflow gap between applications by integration that can streamline information as well as automate business processes. Especially iPaaS integration can decrease duplication of work.

Many connectors and bots can pull details from Jira into Slack, but still, you likely need to switch windows many times to accomplish the tasks. As mentioned, with Workato, you can integrate Slack and Jira to form a powerful workflow that in turn boosts productivity.

Say your team is using Slack and want to know the status of a certain issue! On typing the command on Slack, they can acquire the appropriate information like issue summary right in their conversation.

Hence, there is no need to copy and paste the links on separate applications or switch between apps. Instead, it gives the team more contexts on the issue and saves time. In addition, it allows you to access your cloud apps directly from the chat console and pull in details from cloud applications in an intelligent way. The integrated Slack hub boosts productivity and visibility across the development as well as operation lifecycles in your enterprise. The image below lists the workflows that can be created between Jira and Slack using Workato:workflows created between Jira and Slack using Workato

Workflow in Workato for Jira Slack Integration

With Workato, you can create the integrations without many efforts. Its automated bot-based workflow alleviates the burdens of enterprises. We have already highlighted how to create sample integration in Workato in one of our previous blogs. Now, let’s explore the three sample workflows that can be created with Slack and Jira integration:

Example 1: Creating an Issue in Jira from Slack

The automatic ticket information and easy-to-use UI of Workato help users to stay in Slack channel and complete frequent actions. The Workato recipe can move major activities of Jira into Slack. Creating a Jira issue from Slack is such an activity. Imagine an issue is urgent, but it is yet uncreated in Jira.  You can create a Workato recipe to address this problem.Image3-31

When a user entered a command in Slack to create an issue in Jira, the Workbot automatically triggers the action to create an issue and notifies that in Slack. The bot offers a lot of configuration to create Jira issue as shown below:Image4-18

Here is the workflow logic:New Issue in JIRA from SLACK

This powerful feature can minimize the effort, capture all work and evade dropping the ball.

Example 2: Send Jira Issue Notification to Slack

Effective customer service plays a vital role in business success. To implement this, the customer support team should be notified; as soon there is an issue in Jira. Otherwise, they will be slow to follow up the ticket. In addition, frequent shifting to Jira from other apps can affect productivity. However, you can create a recipe to show a notification to the customer service team whenever there is a new issue in Jira. The following screenshot depicts the notification on the Slack:notification on the Slack

Example 3: Make a Jira Query from Slack to Claim Issue Summary

In some cases, the customer service team wants to liaise with the technical team to solve a certain customer issue. Hence, both teams need to access the information in Jira.

To address this requirement, you can create a recipe that displays all the information about the requested Jira issue as a direct message. Instead of opening the Jira app, both teams can instantly retrieve the issue details they need. If a customer service agent types “Show me a Jira Ticket (ticket ID) please” in Slack, for example, a summary of Jira issue will display in a matter of seconds. The issue summary includes ticket status, assignee name, and issues summary.

The screenshot below portraits the same:Issue Summary

Explore the detailed recipe here.

The Workato and Workbot not only support a single interface across multiple applications but also enable you to design different interfaces for various user personas from novice to savvy. With integrating applications and automation, there is always a concern for security. It is vital to ensure that only authorized user can access the Jira directly from Slack. You can accomplish this with Verified User Access, a patented feature in Workato. The Workbot verifies the users in Slack before permitting them to take any actions in Jira or any other apps.


Workato continues addressing the rapidly enhancing automation market and supports enterprises to be responsive, agile, relevant and competitive.  It not only provides you the chance to easily connect with Jira but with all apps and communicate with them in Slack.