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3 DevOps trends that will lead SMBs to success

3 DevOps trends that will lead SMBs to success

DevOps, the combination of ‘development’ and ‘operations’, is constantly maturing. Every now and then we see DevOps trends that are becoming extensive.

If we believe the statistics, the DevOps market is expected to grow to 10.31 Billion by the year 2023.

And, And, And, 70% of SMB’s will adopt DevOps. Yes 70%! The reasons why SMBS are so drawn towards DevOps are many. However, there are a few trends that Clarions Tech pundits think will change the game for SMB’s that are investing in DevOps.

Here they are,

1. Customer-centric development

Customer-centric development is going to be the next powerful move of DevOps. This way of development will promote improved customer-feedback oriented loops. The results of this improvement will be,

  1. The developer’s role might get extended to other aspects
  2. Customers are going to be exposed to the best service a software firm can offer

2. The shift of engineering from reliable to resilience

Nobody can guarantee 100% success in the tech operations. However, organizations now, don’t focus on preventing the failure, but they aim to shorten the time bracket of recovery. Which means, organizations want to bounce back into the business quicker. DevOps promote resilience on another level. It can minimize the time spent on unplanned work by 20%. Rest, you are smart enough to know what benefits it will bring along.

3. DevSecOps

In the beginning of 2020, there were around 450 data breaches in USA alone. This implies how important data security is. In the coming year we will be seeing an upgrade in DevOps tools that will make the compliance-tasks automated. So, it’s quite clear, DevSecOps will give us the top-grade security we want.

This is just a drop in an ocean. DevOps market is going to be extensive. We would love to tell you more. Contact Us!


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