Why Tech Giants in America Prefer Indian Developers?

Why Tech Giants in America Prefer Indian Developers?

America! The land that epitomizes superpower, one of the well-developed nations, and a country that is a dream workplace of a zillion of talented professionals across the globe. When we look at the statistics, we can see how settled and capable America is. Every year millions of people try their luck to score a job in a decent company located in any part of America. While the work system of The United Nations of America may look rock-solid, it came as news to many of us that the tech giants in America are inclined to hire developers in India!


Yes, you heard that right. The country of highly educated, competent, and no short of brilliant geniuses is approaching technology companies in India or offshoring firms to help them hire developers in India.


I mean, why not? India has given some fantastic gems to this world; from Sundar Pichai to Satya Nadella to Shantanu Narayen, there are a lot more than what we can count. 


It is no secret that the tech industry is one of the most lucrative domains of all time. $3000+ billion is being spent annually to keep this industry going and growing. Fortunately, we have evolved to the level where the clicks at the tip of our fingers own the power to connect us. Therefore, to keep up with the requirement of talented professionals, the world is moving towards the east, and India is also reckoned as the ‘unofficial’ hub of developers. 


Since we all got a quick recap, let's get back to our OG question: Why do tech Giants in America want to hire Indian developers? ‘

And here begins its answer,


It’s cheaper for higher developers in India


Okay, tell us, as a CEO or entrepreneur, what’s the one thing that you constantly try to attain? Right resources at the most reasonable and comparatively lower price. Isn’t it? As it is to many business owners, this problem is quickly resolved when you approach technology companies in India or offshoring firms in India for developers. 


Developers in India are paid comparatively less than what an American developer would charge for the same job. The statistics say that the firms can save 50% (and we kid you not) on hiring costs. Doesn’t this difference make hiring developers in India an appealing solution?

Hire developers in IndiaIndia has a large Engineer crowd


Today, India makes approximately 18% of the world population. However, this is not why India has a vast talent pool of engineers, and it’s the number of individuals with a STEM degree.


Every year, millions of students apply to the top Indian institutes to make their science, technology, and engineering careers. This has resulted in around 2.6 million technology graduates every year in India. 


As per the survey, it is believed that India and China are riding the wave and leading the tech industry because many students across the globe believe that the technology stream is too difficult or time-consuming. Hence forcing the tech giants to look for intelligent and skilled developers in the other parts of the world with a vast talent pool. I guess this also justifies why the interest of the foreign countries in India is growing. 


Huge English-speaking population


The language barrier is one of the reasons why business collaboration in the tech industry fails. Although the tech industry is booming left, right, and center across the world, one thing that development tools, and programming language have in common is; English language. Yes, yes, there are ways to code in the language of their choice and then later translate it into English; the chances are this translation lead to the problems of compatibility. 


Besides, half of the work in the development cycle depends on communication. Imagine you have to go through the same thing again and again and still get a messed-up result. 

Fortunately, in India, English is one of the significant languages people use to communicate.

There are 129 million people that speak English in India. Well, that’s huge!

Even though this skill is not prioritized like technical skill, believe us it is of equal importance.

Hire developers The Tech industry is booming in India like nowhere else


Smooth internet and connectivity are the most common benefits that we enjoy in the 21st century. However, there are still a few parts of the world where Wi-Fi, internet, and connectivity are still a topic of concern. Many nations are in a questionable state of connectivity, which is why countries with poor connections make only 10% of the world’s developers. 

Coming back to India and how strong its connectivity is, here are a few statistics,

  • In 2021 India was amongst the two ranks to have the highest number of Internet users
  • It is also titled as a second-most connected nation in the world
  • According to the data of 2019, India was the nation with 500 million smartphones

A combination of good internet access and the young crowd's passion for programming is why India has so many developers. It is also the reason why the world leader prefers to hire developers from India. 


While we have given you enough reasons to choose technology companies in India or opt for something that can help you hire developers from India, here is our thorough blog that will help you set up an offshore team in India.




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