Why Must You Upgrade to Flutter 3.0?

Why Must You Upgrade to Flutter 3.0?

Since its launch for the first time in 2017, Flutter has opened up many avenues for cross-platform developers. As per Tim Sneath, the Director of Product and UX for Flutter, there are over 7,000,000 apps built with the Flutter framework.

Data.ai analyst study also showed that global giants like WeChat, Betterment, Shein, and MyBMW leverage Flutter in their web and mobile apps.

According to another survey, developers agreed that Flutter reduced development time, making their apps more beautiful.

Now, with the launch of Flutter 3, Google is adding more to the package. Let's see how it will benefit the developers and business community.

What is Flutter 3?

Finally, on May 11, 2022, Google released its first Flutter 3 version. In 2023, Google released the Flutter Forward edition Flutter 3.7 in January 2023. It's a much-awaited release as Flutter 3 has support for all the platforms, including Apple Silicon, which was unavailable before.

Flutter 3 will make things much more transparent and better for cross-platform developers. So, let's see how it will be a much smoother ride.

What's New in Flutter 3: Improvements and Features

New and Upgraded Material Widgets

Source: 9to5Google

Flutter 3 version comes with Material 3, which brings many widgets. There's also support for creating custom menus, including native support for macOS menus and cascading new widgets.

Another interesting widget was Selection Area Widget. It adds a new possibility for developers, i.e., selecting the text from multiple widgets. So, now developers can save time as they can copy numerous texts from multiple widgets simultaneously.

Metal Support for iOS

Flutter 3 is now fully native to Apple's silicon technology. Although, before Flutter 3, Flutter supported M1 Powered Apple devices, now it maximizes the use of Dart support for Apple devices, enabling faster compilation.

Firebase + Flutter Duo

Over 62% of Flutter developers use Firebase as their mobile app backend. But why? With incredible features like built-in analytics, audience segmentation, and authentication, Firebase is unbeatable for most developers.

However, not having native Flutter/Firebase integration made it challenging to integrate Firebase with Flutter apps. The Flutter 3 release addressed this issue. In the Flutter Forward conference, Google announced that Flutter and Firebase integration will now be a core part of Firebase.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Flutter has been primarily used for app building. However, seeing that casual game building is rapidly growing, Flutter 3 now includes a casual games toolkit that helps developers leverage the hardware-accelerated graphics and support from open-source engines like Flame.

Other exciting features with Flutter 3 are iOS app validation to see if the app is ready for the App store, custom content menus, improved memory management, and so much more.

Why Should You Upgrade to Flutter 3?

Reason #1: There Is Now A Faster Response Time

The Flutter team addressed the previous version's performance issues. In Flutter 3, developers can find a method that predicts the rendering picture complexity based on the drawing operation costs that it contains.

Reason #2: It Is Easier to Make

Ease of use is one of the prime advantages that allows new developers to get familiar with it. Flutter 3 offers multiple pre-designed widgets and tools to make beautiful and functional applications.

Dart, the base language, is another element that adds to the ease of use. Thanks to its easy syntax and low learning curve, developers can quickly build applications without spending hours learning a new language.

Reason #3: It Has Improved the Picture Format

Developers can now use high-quality graphics in their apps without sacrificing performance. This was only possible after, as cross-platform frameworks often compromise on visuals because of the absence of an abstraction layer.

However, Flutter 3’s rendering engine, Impeller, offers hardware-accelerated graphics and a consistent visual experience on all devices.

Flutter 3 uses SkSL (Skia Shader Language), a new image format that lets developers write custom shaders that run on GPUs, enhancing performance and rendering quality.

In addition, Flutter 3 provides a broader range of image formats, including WebP, which offers smaller, high-quality images.

Reason #4: It Has Improved the Development of Widgets

The latest version of Flutter includes new widgets, such as the Sound Null Safety widget, which offers improved performance and safety, and the New Scrollable and Nested Scrollable widgets, which make it easier to build scrolling experiences.  

Reason #5: It Has Enhanced Flutter Desktop Experience

By enhancing the desktop experience with Flutter 3, the framework provides a more seamless and consistent experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop platforms. In addition, flutter 3 will work well with web platforms, so developers can build web apps that run smoothly and provide excellent user experiences.

Flutter 2 Vs. Flutter 3: What's the Difference

  Flutter 2 Flutter 3
Platform Focus Mobile Centric Multi-platform Centric
Refresh Rates 60Hz Refresh Rates 120hz Refresh Rates
Support Stable web and Windows support for iOS and Android apps Regular support was added for Linux and macOS.


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Shift to Flutter 3 Now with Clarion Technologies

Google's Flutter has been revolutionary since the start. But the Flutter 3.0 version is something many cross-platform developers have been waiting for. From fast loading and support for six platforms to the Firebase plugin, Flutter 3 does a beautiful job. So, make an intelligent choice, and switch to Flutter 3 if you want to transform your user experience.

But to take advantage, you will need expert Flutter 3 developers who can leverage the technology to its full potential. Fortunately, Clarion Technologies is here for you.


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