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Facebook initiated its journey with PHP and is still on PHP! So has Wikipedia. Both are scaling just perfect.

PHP Framework was initially known as Personal Home Page and later got its professional name as Hypertext Preprocessor. It is the most popular language on the globe for web designing. Almost 78.9% of websites use PHP and some of the best PHP frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, Zend Framework, Phalcon, FuelPHP, etc.

PHP is easy to learn and systematic to work in. In addition, this scripting language has comfortable compatibility with MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle database. Considering it as one of the most popular web development frameworks, it is interesting to know where the PHP development is heading in this ever-changing technology world which is springing up like mushrooms.

These latest PHP trends will help web developers to stay ahead in the industry.

The Best option for Small & Medium Businesses and Startups

The first and the most interesting PHP trend is its increasing popularity among the SMBs’.

The PHP framework is the best option for SMBs’ and startups owing to its feature; it can easily manage a large amount of data. The startups can develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with PHP easily and initiate their journey at a low cost.

With ready-to-use libraries, PHP is a less vulnerable language to the changes happening in the web development field. Also, the cost of hiring PHP Development Company is quite less and startups & SMBs’ can leverage on this fact.

Hire PHP Developers

Essential for Website Security

Cyber attacks are rising each day by an alarming rate. These are the worst attacks that can lead to the loss of millions of dollars to the organizations across the globe. If we look at the statistics, the average cost of data breach around the world is 3.86 million USD. Well, as scary as it sounds, we suggest you to take whatever possible measures to secure your site from any cyber threat.

You can get full-proof protection of your website with PHP development tools. These tools will help you to integrate robust security solutions. One can easily harness the power of security features by choosing a PHP framework like Laravel. To make things easy, we can help you get the best PHP development services, you can get a glimpse of our work here.

Java & PHP

The combination of these two giant frameworks is one of the intriguing PHP trends to notice this year. Being the most secured framework, Java offers optimum safety while PHP gives you an unbelievable speed. Nowadays, companies are using both technologies to decrease cost. In addition, this magical combo is helping in application upgrade within a short period of time.

User Interface Trends

Have you ever heard about the Receptive Web? Well, the receptive web is one of the most-discussed PHP trends so far. Not just a buzzword, it refers to responsive web designs that adopt any environment to offer an optimized web experience for the end users.  The core idea behind the receptive web is that space should not influence user behavior. Thus, it caters to different users from various devices including desktop, cell phone, and tablet users.

In short, receptive web reinforces the idea of using HTML & CSS for web development and it automatically hides, resizes, enlarges, and shrinks any website that looks decent on any device.

Intense Cloud Integration

Cloud is the most breathtaking technology designed so far with a low infrastructure cost and high level of security as well as flexibility in terms of omnipresent accessibility. With the massive popularity of the cloud, 2022 is going to see more merging of PHP sites into the cloud. PHP framework directly beats Ruby with better scalability in connecting to the web. This proactive cloud approach is attracting more PHP built websites to their infrastructure.

Therefore, intense cloud integration is a prominent PHP trend to analyze today.

Clubbing IoT with PHP

IoT or Internet of Things is a groundbreaking technology with three separate layers of virtual infrastructure. Being a dynamic and popular language, PHP framework is adopting this infrastructure at a fast pace. PHP 7 which is the latest version of the technology offers easy synchronization programming thread that can perform multiple tasks with a single script.

Growing Outsourcing

The outsourcing business is growing day by day in the PHP development industry. It’s an interesting development trend to look at this year. Outsourcing is increasing with the day passing and it is one of the biggest reasons for such tremendous industry growth. It’s noticed that most of the European and American countries appoint PHP development companies in various regions of the globe for cost-effective PHP development services.

Smart Chatbot Streamlining

Chatbots are the best things to happen to the web in recent times. Artificial intelligence was the beginning of this journey. However lately, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and the deep learning chatbot are rapidly changing the scenario in the field of ‘Conversation Agent’ by answering to the queries of the website visitors like a human. Thus, PHP development is streamlining the chatbot in a rapid manner to make the web more responsive. The deep learning chatbot is evolving its communication in such a manner that the user can hardly differentiate between human and a chatbot.

Better Language Version

The year 2022 sees the best version of the language as PHP 7 with improved security features. In addition, it is interoperable and has faster code implementation characteristics.  Also, usage optimization is better than the other versions. It handles errors smarter with various hints and declarations.

VR & AR Empowered WordPress Sites

One of the interesting PHP trends to notice is the adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality by the WordPress sites. It is revamping the way we communicate and connect to the technology world. A large number of e-commerce WordPress sites are using both technologies to give visitors a user experience like never before. The Ozisti AR is the first ever WordPress-AR enabled theme available in the market now. 

The End Game:

PHP is easier to learn and cheaper to deploy in the compatible servers. In addition, it’s a server indifferent scripting language and runs on any kind of Linux & Windows server without any hassles. Being a simple and flexible scripting language, PHP framework has embraced all the avant-garde technological developments to date. If PHP development continues to grow at this speed, it is going to rule the web development world with its dominant presence. Trends will come and go! However, the latest PHP trends will always open new windows to the web developers and help them stay ahead with newbie technologies.

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