Top 5 Web Development Frameworks in 2024

Top 5 Web Development Frameworks in 2024

Every business, big or small, is paving its way to create a prominent online existence via expressive and well-built websites for their business. Hundreds and thousands of web developers and web development companies are being approached to craft intuitive and sophisticated websites to attract new visitors. In all of this hustle, one player that has a pivotal role to turn visions into existence is web development frameworks!

The market is full of web development frameworks (frontend and backend). Each of them offers unique features and functionalities. Besides it's not a size fits all scenario here. So, there is nothing best or worst, just something that suits you well.

It all boils down to one question! What are the top web development frameworks in 2024, and what should one go for! Well, we can surely answer the former part of the question while we keep the latter for you to find the answers.

What will you get from this blog?

It is a thoroughly curated blog where we have listed the in-demand web development frameworks in 2024. You will easily be able to find the framework that suits you the best by the end of this blog.

We bet you are excited to discover the answer, because we surely are!

What is a Web Development Framework?

A web development framework is a well-structured software platform used for developing web applications and websites. It offers a plethora of pre-written web components, code snippets, and application templates. Web Developers use these web development frameworks to build web services, web APIs, and other web resources.

Why are web development frameworks requisite?

  • A reliable source that enhances the traffic
  • Eases the development and maintenance process
  • It has standardized code practices along with conventions for code structures
  • Streamlined developer's programming process that avoids errors and bugs

List of Top 5 Web Development Frameworks in 2024

1. Laravel

Language: PHP

Framework Link:

Github Link:

Current Version: Laravel 10

Laravel is quite synonyms with the words like readable, simple, and elegant. Developed in 2011, Taylor Otwell is the mastermind behind this popular framework. Laravel work on MVC architectural model that uses PHP.

Since it is a mixture of Ruby on Rails and Django, Laravel has inherited many features from them. For instance, it’s as scalable and secure as Ruby On Rails, yet at the same time, it exceeds its parent platforms.

Another USP of Laravel is that it is quite easy to learn and understand. You can learn about the frontend technologies present in the Laravel ecosystem on the tutorial website called Laracasts.

Here are a few benefits of Laravel:

  • Its free and open source
  • Can be utilized with little coding
  • Secure and Scalable 

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2. Vue

Language: JavaScript

Framework Link:

Github Link:

Latest Version: 3.4.21

Vue is a JavaScript web development framework that is quite popular. Vue.js was not created by any tech giant but by independent developers. With its easy-to-use and learn capabilities, it has gathered a crowd of followers.

Vue is a platform that is usually picked up by professionals who are just getting used to the programming. It is also a great choice for building UIs for web applications.

One thing to notice here is that Vue.js is not supported by Google, Facebook, or Amazon hence it doesn’t integrate easily.

Here are a few Benefits of Vue.js

  • It's speedy
  • Easy in learning and implementation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lightweight

3. Angular

Language: JavaScript

Framework Link:

GitHub Link:

Latest Version: 17.0.0

Renowned as one of the best web development frameworks (front-end), Angular is an open web app framework that is managed by Google Angular Team. It can be your best option to build vast and high-functioning web applications.

Due to its easy-to-use attribute, a lot of web developers are inclined toward Angular. Since it is easy to maintain, huge websites like Netflix, Upwork, Lego, and PayPal use Angular.

Here are a few benefits of Angular,

  • Best choice for building web apps
  • Supports MVC architecture
  • Large community 

4. React.js

Language: Java Script

Framework Link:

GitHub Link:

Latest Version: 18.0.0

If you are aware of web development technologies, you might know that React.js is not a dedicated web development framework in 2024. But we are still including it in the list because it's so prevalent. React is created by Facebook and is a frontend library for JavaScript. It’s a well-suited choice for building single-page applications. Besides, it interacts very well with various web tools.

Here are some benefits of React.js

  • It's fast
  • Virtual DOM
  • Easily integrable
  • Great for mobile app development 

5. Ruby on Rails

Language: Ruby

Framework Link:

GitHub Link:

Latest Version:

Ruby on Rails is one of the most trusted and loved web development frameworks. Apart from being free and open-source, Ruby on Rails also has a widespread community. Just like its popularity, the framework has hundreds of resources that can fulfill your web development wish. Despite being free and open-source, it is quiet, secure, scalable, and reliable.

Here are a few benefits of Ruby on Rails:

  • Provides the developers with a localized code option
  • Top coding tools
  • Wide library resources
  • Vibrant community


So, these were some of the top web development frameworks of 2024. If you are looking for a firm that can offer you web development services or web developers for the above frameworks, Clarion Technologies is what you need. Contact us for more details.


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