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Front-End Frameworks JS, CSS & HTML for Design & Development

Front-End Frameworks JS, CSS & HTML for Design & Development

In today’s world of cutting edge technology and boundless possibilities in web development, websites are impractical without responsive design frameworks. Naturally, the demand for these web frameworks has grown substantially over the last few years. These frameworks enable the developers to focus on the development of user-centric applications that will in turn be well-received by the end users. 

JS frameworks, CSS frameworks, and HTML frameworks enable developers to extend the functionality of a number of applications. However, it is a daunting task to vote for the best one among these 3 best web frameworks.

This blog will give you a summarized view of the best front end frameworks individually and help you make the right decision for your project.


The JavaScript frameworks have taken the world of web development by storm. For developers, these frameworks are not just another scripting language but an amazing framework that allows them to exercise their skills efficiently.

1. Angular.js

Technically speaking, Angular.js is an extension to HTML that helps in the development of complex web pages. It is one of the highly revered JavaScript frameworks that makes it much easier for web developers to accomplish complex web development tasks. Moreover, the rich functionality of this JS framework has been used by renowned names such as PayPal, Google, iTunes and many more for their applications.


The framework Meteor.js permits developers to work in pure JavaScript. This JavaScript framework is intended to develop the end-to-end mobile as well as web applications at a remarkable speed. This framework has all the functionality requisites that are needed for flawless front-end rendering. Meteor.js also helps in handling the backend development and database management effortlessly.


Knockout.js, initially introduced as an open source 2JavaScript framework has enjoyed its popularity a few years back as well. Today, its rich functionalities have earned a top spot just after Angular.js. The framework is as good as similar other frameworks; however, a revision to its functionality is desirable to lift the popularity of Knockout.js among the users. 

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CSS frameworks are meant to make web designs easier, standard and more engaging with the use of cascading style sheet language. Additionally, specific grids in the framework help in responsive web design development.


Bootstrap, a sleek & intuitive CSS framework, designed to be mobile first is a robust framework that boasts of multiple CSS, JS and other front files that kick start the web and app development task. There are different components in Bootstrap that helps in the creation of drop down menu, alert boxes, and several such other features. Therefore, Bootstrap is a comprehensive solution for mobile application developers who need the entire solution.


Pure is a simple framework with a single stylesheet file. In spite of the file being lightweight, it has some of the most extraordinary designs for website development. Pure provides a set of small but responsive CSS modules that make it much easier to include a variety of options in web development projects. Pure is the perfect framework for users who wish to include specific features in their projects, rather than focusing on full-featured frameworks.


Skeleton is popular framework that works exceptionally well when utilized for responsive, mobile-friendly development. This framework includes a small cluster of CSS files that enable rapid site development. The recent update of this CSS framework has also introduced a set of new features for rapid application development.


HTML frameworks comprise standard codes that reduce the tedious job of coding for the developers. These frameworks help developers with predefined coding set that they can readily use instead of having to do the task from scratch.

1.Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a renowned cross-platform compatible remarkable web front-end framework. It is commonly exploited by developers to develop mobile-first applications for the users. Sencha Touch can be used by developers to include a number of user interfaces that make applications more attractive and engaging for the users.


Foundation is one of the most reliable and the best HTML frameworks that comes equipped with a list of exceptional in-built features. This HTML framework delivers high-quality development results. Moreover, this HTML framework is easy to use for web development, creation of email templates as well as developing dynamic applications.


Monaca allows the designers to develop the apps in the cloud, including back-end front-end and debugging features together in an application. This amazing framework also allows developers to include testing and app building features distinctly in any application. Monaca is also very easy to integrate into any existing workflow. The framework even adds more features to any app development environment.


The list of such exceptional front-end frameworks goes much beyond the ones listed here. However, in this blog we have listed some of the ones that are truly innovative in their features. Ultimately, your decision should depend on your requirement and how you can get the most out of your framework. If you need a few extra hands to help you with your development projects, please feel free to get in touch with us.