Flutter App Development Cost 2024: Complete Guide

Flutter App Development Cost 2024: Complete Guide

In the changing world of mobile app development, determining your project's budget can feel overwhelming. If you're considering using Flutter as your framework then you're not alone. The number of developers intending to use Flutter for cross-platform is over 42% according to Statista. Flutter has become incredibly popular in 2024. This is due to its features and impressive performance. However, a question that often arises is, "How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?" well, Flutter app development cost varies from $20,000 to $200,000, In this blog will explain it all.

Let’s explore the aspects and equip you with information to make well-informed project decisions.

Key Factors: Flutter App Development Costs

Even though Flutter has a low development cost as one of its primary advantages, there are several other factors to consider.

Several factors influence the cost of Flutter app development, including:

1. Features Complexity:

The inclusion of features, in your app can have a significant impact on the overall development cost. As the complexity of these features increases so does the duration of the development process.

Simple features typically require 4-5 days to develop. However, more intricate functionalities, like chat video calls, payment integrations, and others may take anywhere from a month to two months. The number of developers needed will vary depending on the features required which ultimately affects the cost of app development.

2. Developer’s Location:

The cost of developing a Flutter app as the overall cost of software programming can vary depending on the location. In general, Flutter App development cost in North America tend to charge $12000 to $150000. On the other hand, Eastern European countries have cheaper flutter developer hourly rates.

The type of hire you choose also affects the Flutter app development cost:

  • In-house teams: With this team, at your disposal, it is your responsibility to oversee the development of the project, find clients, and ensure they meet the qualifications. Working with an in-house team comes with expenses including buying hardware renting office space providing leave paying salaries and more. As a result, these conditions lead to a rise, in costs.
  • Freelancers: This choice is quite appealing, due to the cost savings in development. Consequently, when it comes to availing Flutter app development services it becomes crucial to ensure the quality and expertise of freelancers. Additionally, they pose challenges, for businesses involved in support, updates, and maintenance because they often switch projects making it hard to establish long-term partnerships.
  • Outsourcing Companies: When you outsource a project you entrust it to a team of professionals who are already equipped with the qualifications. Opting for this approach enables you to save on development costs while ensuring that your product's quality remains uncompromised.

3. Design Requirements:

The design of an app, the user experience (UX), and the user interface (UI) can significantly impact its success or failure. The cost of Flutter app development services is greatly influenced by UI/UX design. Designers play a role, in improving wireframes created during the phase by adding more details or screens. However, they continue to create mock-ups.

4. Flutter vs React Native:

Flutter vs React Native, When thinking about the expenses associated with developing a Flutter app it's important to consider how it compares to React Native. Flutter, which uses Dart programming language provides a range of widgets that can potentially lessen the need, for relying on third-party libraries.

On the other hand, React Native has been around in the market for a period of close to ten years and has built a strong community. This can have an impact on the availability of resources and overall cost.

Making an educated decision, between these two options can directly affect your development budget.

5. Testing, Quality Assurance, and App Maintenance Cost:

Neglecting testing can have consequences like underestimating the cost of maintaining the app in the long run. It is crucial to ensure that your app functions smoothly, across devices. This includes conducting unit tests, integration tests, and UI tests which all require time and resources.

However apart from testing, it's important to consider the expenses associated with maintaining the app. Quality assurance measures on devices and screen sizes may sometimes uncover design or functionality issues that need to be addressed. So as a best practice, it's vital to consider both testing and maintenance costs, to make sure your Flutter app development project is a success.

Flutter App Development Hourly Rates

Now let’s deep dive into the various factors that impact the Flutter app development hourly rates. The rates usually vary basis three key factors depending on the complexity of your project, the amount of experience of the developers, and the geographical area within each country.

1. Geographical Location:

The location of a developer has an impact on the hourly rate. For example, developers in North America generally charge higher hourly rates compared to those in countries like India or Ukraine. However, it's important to remember that lower costs in regions do not necessarily mean a compromise in quality.

2. Project Complexity:

Typically, simple applications that come with features are priced lower compared to applications that have advanced functionalities, third-party integrations, or intricate animations. The level of expertise needed for developing apps directly impacts the rates charged by developers.

3. Experience and Expertise:

The hourly rate of a Flutter developer is influenced by their level of experience. Rates may also increase for developers who have expertise in integrating features working on projects or have experience, with both Android and iOS platforms.

Furthermore, apart from the hiring decision the location of your development team can influence the expenses associated with Flutter app development. Different regions have developers with varying rates. Let's take a scenario for understanding- in North America, Flutter app developers typically charge between $100 and $200 per hour while in India, Flutter app developer hourly rate falls within the range of $25 to $50.

Here is a table that displays these rates for developers allowing you to make comparisons, between them.


Hourly rates ($/hr)

Western Europe


North America


Latin America









How to Calculate Flutter App Development Expenses

The cost of Flutter mobile app development is mostly influenced by the features that are included in the apps. If a project doesn't require extensive functionality, Flutter is an option for cost-effective mobile app development.

However, when integrating Maps, streaming, Augmented reality, and background processes into Flutter apps, which can significantly affect mobile app development costs, separate builds need to be created for iOS and Android platforms.

Therefore, it's crucial to carefully consider your project's feature requirements and budget constraints when planning your Flutter app development, particularly when evaluating the mobile app development cost for advanced functionalities.

Let's dive into how to calculate the Flutter app development cost. Here are 2 steps to calculate Flutter app estimation-

  • Analyzation- To ensure the success of the project it is important to improve the planning phase of the Analyze step. This will help in setting a vision for the project’s future, identifying any risks, and defining the business objectives and scope that need to be achieved. By analyzing this stage, you will also get an idea of the estimated cost involved in developing a Flutter app.
  • Estimation-The estimation typically occurs through collaboration, between the client and the software development team. The main objective is to give you an idea of the time and expenses required for developing apps using the Flutter Framework. Additionally, it aims to compare the cost-effectiveness of Flutter development to web apps vs. native apps. By doing you will gain insights, into the aspects of app development.

Additional Details to Consider

Just like other products, it's essential to keep your app updated and maintained as well so that it stays successful in the market. It implies that there are additional costs involved that will impact the pricing of your app.

1.Third-party Integration

Third-party integrations involve utilizing tools and APIs to incorporate features into our system. We have options such, as digital payment gateways, auto-fill forms, biometric verification, and two-factor authentication.

Typically, these integrations are subscription-based and require payment for each use. Therefore, the cost will depend on how you utilize them. As your target audience grows over time it's important to note that this may lead to expenses.

2. Post-launch Maintenance and Updates

In instances, developers usually offer a maintenance package for a specific duration following the completion of app development. Reputable development agencies typically provide this service. Nevertheless, it is advisable to engage the services of a full-stack developer for uninterrupted support.


Determining the cost for your Flutter application development project can be a task, but it is essential for the success of your project and to make informed decisions when you hire dedicated developers. Before reaching out to a developing partner for Flutter app development or when looking to hire Flutter app developers, it is advisable to plan your concept and identify your requirements.

Establishing a timeline with your hired Flutter app developers will help streamline the process. Evaluating your project, especially when considering the cost of hiring Flutter developers, will ensure that it stays within budget, allowing you to get maximum value out of your investment. This careful planning and assessment are crucial when seeking to hire dedicated developers for your Flutter app project.

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