Commission Detail API for Advertisers v/s Publishers

Commission Detail API for Advertisers v/s Publishers

The Commission Detail API is an API available to both Advertisers and publishers to access real-time commission and item-detail data. Advertisers and publishers that desire to get commission reporting updates in near real-time or to demand new commission information consistently can utilize this API to create in-house tools that access real-time commission data from the CJ network. 

It provides many APIS for Publishers and Advertisers. Let's list APIs which CJ provides for Advertisers first. 

For Advertisers it provides following APIs

  • Publisher Lookup API
    Advertisers can use the Publisher Lookup API to easily and automatically look up information about the publishers in their programs. API provides many search criteria which helps Advertiser to search publishers.
  • Product Feeds API
    CJ advertisers are eligible to create and submit a product feed. This enables publishers to find and promote your products on their sites
  • Data Imports API
    Data imports are used to transfer three types of data to CJTransaction Data, Adjustment Data and Product Data. It supports delimited and XML file formats, and a variety of transfer methods.
  • CJ Tracking API
    There are two types of tracking, Basic and Advanced. Using this API Advertiser can track affiliates.

For Publishers following APIs are available

  • Affiliate Personalization API
    The Personalization Service is a REST API that enables publishers to place personalized ads on their websites.

  • Advertiser Lookup API
    The Advertiser Lookup API is a REST API that allows publishers to find advertisers based on cid, program name, or program URL. Publishers can use the Advertiser Lookup API to automatically look up advertisers and details about their programs in the CJ network

  • Product Search API
    The Product Search API is an API that enables publisher to access specific product information from an advertiser's product feed (catalog)

  • Link Search API
    Publishers can use the CJ Link Search API to find a variety of links matching a desired criterion across all advertisers using a single API call.

Integration with WordPress

Let's understand how to integrate Link search API with WordPress

API requests must be authenticated by passing a token in the Authorization HTTP request header that contains the authorization type Bearer. 
Few parameters API provides which can pass with URL to filter search results. Website id(pid), Advertiser id cid, link-type type of parameters we can pass as per requirement of search.

  1. Set define ('CJ_AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN', Bearer 6gyttdrdgjtvrdrvv4zm);
  2. Set define ('CJ_WEBSITE_ID', 5);
    Let's say we need banner in landing pages from API. We must have websites-id, advertiser-ids for that. We can get link-html-code if relationship of publisher is joined.
  3. In landing page set custom field of advertiser-ids where multiple ids can be pass in case we want multiple banners in landing page.
  4. Call wp remote post () function where we require banners like custom page template or page. php.
    From response we will get link-code-html key value.
  5. Set value of link-code-html place where we need banners from specific advertiser.

Link search API provides many more information of advertiser like total number of links, page-number, advertiser-id, advertiser-name, category, click-commission, link-code-html, link-code-JavaScript, description, link-name, link-type, coupon-code, relationship status etc. 

Advantages of Commission Junction

  • There are multiple affiliate links, banners text links and product links to choose from.
  • All commissions are paid directly through Commission Junction, not the merchant. This gives an added sense of security that you will receive payment.
  • You may request direct deposit or have a look mailed out.
  • Commission Junction or CJ for short is one of the largest affiliate marketing channels on the web. The merchants that sell their products on line are typically bigger and better developed companies.


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