5 Benefits Of Yii Framework For Small Businesses in 2024

5 Benefits Of Yii Framework For Small Businesses in 2024

Explore 5 Business Benefits of Yii Framework For Small Businesses

Blog Synopsis: Yii is an open-source PHP framework with numerous benefits for small businesses. With its MVC architecture, code generation tools, and support for RESTful API development, Yii empowers small enterprises to create dynamic web applications efficiently. Though not as popular as Laravel, Symphony, Yii wins in its simplicity. Explore how Yii's simplicity, performance, and active community support make it a strategic choice for small businesses.

Small businesses today have many tools at their disposal to make things cost-effective. Yii is one such tool that offers a plethora of benefits for small businesses.

From simplifying development to adding robust security, Yii framework empowers small businesses to develop dynamic web apps within budget.

In this blog we will explore the benefits of the Yii framework for small businesses.

What is Yii Framework?

Yii stands for 'Yes It Is'. It's one of the most in-demand PHP frameworks today. Yii is an object-oriented MVC framework that supports the rapid web development process.

But, what is the Yii framework used for? You can use the Yii framework for web apps, eCommerce, CMS, social network site, logistics and delivery, etc. Popular websites built with Yii are Skillshare, Wired.co.uk, Gucci Retail academy etc.

Features of Yii

1. MVC Architecture

MVC architecture forms the base of Yii. This architecture separates the app into three parts, namely Model (business logic and data), View (presentation layer), and Controller (user input handling and application flow). This architecture is useful for organizing and maintaining code..

2. Code Generation and Gii

The code generation feature of Yii is helpful for small businesses, as you don't have to start writing from scratch. Gii can auto-generate code for models, controllers, forms, modules, etc.

3. Active Record

Yii also simplifies database management using an Active record pattern. It allows PHP developers to interact with databases using a simplified and intuitive object-oriented interface. Thus, making database operations more straightforward and readable. A database migration feature also allows versioning and managing database schema changes over time. This is particularly useful for maintaining and evolving database structures as the application evolves.

4. RESTful API Development

Yii supports the creation of RESTful APIs, making it suitable for building web services. Developers can easily expose their application functionalities through RESTful endpoints, facilitating integration with other applications.

5. Caching Mechanisms

Yii includes a flexible caching system that supports various caching mechanisms, including file- and database-based. Caching helps improve application performance by reducing the need to regenerate data or execute expensive operations.

6. Error Handling and Logging

Yii provides robust error handling and logging mechanisms. Developers can configure error-handling behaviors, log messages, and debug information to aid in troubleshooting and maintaining applications.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the key features of Yii, let’s explore its benefits:

Top 5 Benefits of Yii Framework For Small Businesses:

1. Cost-Effective Development

Cost is the number one factor that keeps small businesses stagnant. But the good thing is that Yii has several benefits, especially regarding cost. For example, Yii is an open-source framework that is free to use. You don't have to pay license costs to use it commercially.

Moreover, PHP developers are in abundance. Meaning you can easily find affordable PHP developers to reduce development costs.

2. Security and Trust

Another advantage of Yii is robust security. Security is essential for businesses, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Most small businesses neither have the resources nor the time to focus on tight security.

That's where choosing Yii is beneficial.

Yii emphasizes security with input validation, output filtering, and protection against common web vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). It also includes tools for handling authentication and authorization. This helps build trust with users and partners, which is crucial for the reputation and success of a small business.

Yii includes a comprehensive form handling mechanism with built-in validation rules. This feature simplifies the creation and validation of forms, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the security of user input.

3. Community Support and Sustainability

Yii framework has an active and supportive community. This means access to a pool of experienced developers, readily available solutions to everyday challenges, and continuous updates and improvements for a small business. This community support ensures the sustainability of the framework, reducing the risk of dependency on a technology that might become obsolete.

4. Shorten Development Time

Long development times are one of the biggest concerns for small businesses. This is because, indirectly, long development times contribute to higher human resource costs. Yii’s usage of convention over configuration and its code generation tools contribute to faster development. This reduction in development time directly translates to cost savings.

5. Simplified development

Small businesses often lack tools required for complex development. Fortunately, Yii simplifies the development process. The learning curve is easy and proper documentation allows you to get started with development instantly. This reduces the lead time considerably.

Testing is another aspect that Yii simplifies. It comes with an automated testing tool called Codereception. Automation testing saves time and finds errors that human eyes may miss.

Lastly, Yii is naturally extensible and allows developers to integrate third-party libraries and components quickly. It also supports creating modular applications, promoting code re-usage and maintainability.

So, as a small business, you do not have to worry about not being able to develop complex features. Yii is naturally designed for it.

When to Use PHP Yii Framework and When To Avoid?

When To Use?

Yii is excellent at building small and medium-sized web apps that require MVC architecture.

When Not To Use?

Yii comes with few disadvantages. Primary downside is not supporting AR queries. This means any features depending on AR won't work with Yii.

Secondly, AJAX features are lacking, so developers usually rely on Javascript when the requirement arises.


As seen above, Yii is still going strong and offers many business benefits for SMBs. Yii's adherence to the MVC architectural pattern, code generation capabilities, and active record implementation streamlines the development process, allowing businesses to bring their products or services to market swiftly.

Ultimately, Yii offers a strategic advantage for small businesses by balancing simplicity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. If you wish to use the Yii to build apps for your small businesses, we’re here to assist you. Clarion Technologies has a pool of highly talented and experienced Yii developers, who have seamlessly enabled multiple small and mid-sized businesses to build projects from the ground. If you are looking for a team of dependable Yii developers who can work along with you to further your business goals, simple contact us at xxx


1. Is Yii still in use?

Yes. Many websites and small businesses still use Yii to make dynamic web apps.

2. Is Yii PHP framework suitable for small businesses?

Yes, the Yii php framework is particularly suitable for small businesses. Its open-source nature eliminates licensing costs. Its rapid development features and security measures make it an excellent choice for projects with limited resources.

3. Can Yii be used for building RESTful APIs?

Yes, Yii provides built-in support for developing RESTful APIs. This makes it a suitable choice for projects that require the creation of web services and APIs.


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