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Case Study - Robust Test Automation Empowered Education Portal for Adventure Enthusiasts, Across Multiple Platforms

An Education portal involves multiple utilities and provisions. The features on the website are dynamically changing and we need to adapt to its Read more

Case Study - One-Stop Networking Avenue for Wine Connoisseurs for Planning Events

A company of top wine connoisseurs came up with a requirement to have a one-stop shop for all their customers needs.Beyond providing their

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Case Study - Complex Loan Provisioning Practices Simplified with the Distributed Framework of MVC to Ease Flexibility and Scalability

Complex Loan Provisioning Practices Simplified with the Distributed Framework of MVC to Ease Flexibility and Scalability Loan provisioning firms Read more

Case Study- Expand Horizons of Healthcare Aspirants by Career and Learning Applications

The client is on the forefront of the Healthcare market. Beyond Healthcare administration they are actively involved in Healthcare training

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Case Study - Streamlined Development Strategies with Automation Testing for Delivering Blue-Chip Apps

Staying agile and updated is a mandate to be on the forefront of the Trading Business. The client hosts a trading platform to facilitate

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Case Study - Streamline Healthcare Data Management System for Scalability and Analytics by Migrating to Azure Cloud Solutions

Our client, a leading physician hospital organization (PHO), serving a large community faced problems with their data segregation. Transforming

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Case Study - Upgrading to a High Performance Desktop Application with Clarion's Electron.io Experts

The client, a leading Legal Management Software services company, provisioned legal advisors with applications to help them organize and

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Case Study - Connecting the Dots Between Strategy, Productivity & User Experience Strategy with .Net

The client, a leading product and services company in Inventory Optimization solutions, had a very complicated UI for their inventory management

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Case Study - Leading Brand in the Media Technology Partners with Clarion to Enhance Productivity 'Paperless-ly'

The client offered media services to a multitude of vendor radio stations. The client had a production management custom software hosted on

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Case Study - Enhanced Client Management Application for Scalability and Usability with PHP Zend Framework

The client, a leader in the Banking and Insurance sector, was equipped with an outdated Client Management Module. It had a weak Datastore and an

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