Today, AI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry. Artificial Intelligence technology is acritical prerequisite of the digital transformation as enterprises place themselves to make the most of it on the ever-enhancing amount of data being produced and collected. AI is transforming every area of business it touches from business operations to customer service. From smarter transportation systems, targeted advertising campaign and medical research breakthroughs, it is an inescapable reality of the world. Furthermore, when it comes to innovative customer experience, AI is the powerhouse. Business unwilling to incorporate AI solution will fall behind.

Before deploying AI, enterprises require to have a proper understanding of the underlying AI techniques, their market trends as well as benefits of the potential solutions. This white paper covers an overview of artificial intelligence technology, outline of its application in business and return on investment.

In this white paper, you will understand: -

  • State of Artificial Intelligence
  • Global Adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • ROI of Artificial Intelligence
  • Notable Landmarks in the Development of AI
  • What are the Benefits we can see for the use of AI?
  • Hottest Artificial Intelligence Techniques to look upon
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence across Various Industries
  • What is the Role of AI in Chatbot?
  • AI Software – At a Glance
  • What Clarion Technologies Take on AI Implementation