With the advent of technologies like big data, IoT and cloud computing, the traditional data warehouse are not competent enough to handle the inordinate variety and volume of data. They cannot blend various types of data, help with business forecasting and support ad-hoc reporting. The winners in this competitive world are those who can offer their partners, customers and employees access to the most appropriate information. However, winning demands more than answering complex questions, understanding the business and capturing opportunities before your competitors do.

Therefore, organizations today should have an analytics platform to receive a constant influx of both structured and unstructured data. In this white paper, we presented an outline of analytics platform, its market growth, evolution, trends, benefits, and applications in the businesses today.Here, you’ll learn:

This paper covers:

  • Analytics in Action: Big Data Analytics to Make Better Campaign

  • Overview of Analytics Market

  • Challenges Addressed with Analytics Software

  • 4 Main Domains Where Analytics is in Action

  • Application of Analytics

  • Analytics Trends – Then and Now

  • Analytics Tools

  • Clarion’s Take in Analytics Platform Implementation