Clarion Helps Client Expediate Legacy Migration for Java

Clarion Helps Client Expediate Legacy Migration for Java
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Discover how Clarion’s Java based application and strategic approach help Client fast track their migration journey.


  • Client’s product was built on a specific legacy code that adhered to specific standards, complicating migration. The lack of understanding of these standards risked inconsistencies in the new code.
  • Inadequate documentation in the legacy code made it challenging for developers to understand its functionality, delaying a smooth transition to the new version.
  • Urgency for a faster time to market intensified the pressure on the migration process, demanding a solution that ensured both speed and accuracy.
  • Java-based application for automated generation of a detailed Readme.MD file, providing comprehensive documentation.
  • Legacy code was now more readable and helped developers enhance their migration efforts by 38%
  • Specific code sets based on the Readme.MD file and new version requirements, streamlining the migration process and significantly reducing time-to-market.