Clarion Transforms Manufacturing Efficiency with Java Programming

Clarion Transforms Manufacturing Efficiency with Java Programming

Driving Operational Excellence with AI-based Advanced Solutions 

Before Clarion’s Engagement: 

Challenges faced by the manufacturing company: 
  1. Defect detection: Defect identification in manufacturing process was slow and maximized costs. 
  1. Inventory management: Supply chain disruption with regular stock outs and over stocking. 
  1. Maintenance: Reactive maintenance approach led to delays, outages, and disruptions. 


After Clarion’s Engagement: 

Clarion’s solution helped address clients' pain points and made remarkable improvements. 
Quicker defect detection:  
  • Developed faster and more accurate detection of defects with AI and deep learning
  • Achieved 70% reduction in defect related cost
Accurate Forecasting
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy by 30% and also replenishment accuracy
  • 60% reduction in inventory mismanagement
Predictive Maintenance
  • Reduced downtime and delays with proactive strategies
  • Achieved 50% decrease in outages
  • Decreased 50% maintenance cost